Liking the look of Januzaj. Not quite an athlete yet with that frame, and apparently his right foot doesn't exist, but he's got a nice style of play from what I've seen.

What's the latest working FirstRow proxy people are using?
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I captained my team until u15s

We were awful, I was shit and we all sucked. Our goalie was about 4ft tall. But I did play a couple games at CM where I was just munching lads twice my size and playing lovely balls but then I quit

Skimread and my brain heard "munching lads lovely balls."
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But I really want to get rid of our current coach and one step clsoer to that would be for him to fail to reach Brazil after failing massively in the EC12. (okay we didn't fail massively if you would've thunk beforehand but seeing as we got knocked out due to Andriy Shevchenko of age 78 scoring twice on us it was a massive failure.)


You scored the best goal of the tournament IMO, that's got to count for something.
Anything that I think only has one dick in it that then surprises me when I skip ahead. Ain't having no porksword fencing, man. I ain't into that.
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They aren't bad players. Benayoun in particular is actually really decent .

Well if the fax didn't go through in time, we can appeal. I REALLY hope we do get him, or this window has been really wank .

I agree, but I'm not sure any of them would've been on a Toon fan's list. Kinnear and Pardew are going to get roasted.
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Soooooooo.. anyone got a list of players on a free?

Benayoun, Carlton Cole, William Gallas, Hitzelsperger, Adriano, Craig Gordon, David Bentley, Mladen Petric.

Lookin' good, man.

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You sure? Everywhere i've seen said its confirmed.

"BBC Sport has learnt that Manchester United did submit their paperwork for their season-long loan deal for Fabio Coentrao before the 2300 BST deadline. But the move will only go ahead if both United and Real Madrid entered the correct details of the deal on Fifa's new transfer matching system. The deadline for that system closed at midnight."

Sounds up in the air to me.
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Did Herrera go to United?

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Chelsea haven't improved, at all. All they've done is added more cover for their attacking midfield and brought in Eto'o which is a baffling signing. Their central midfield options and defence is still bang average for a title challenging side.

I wouldn't consider Ramires and Lampard to be an average midfield. Their defence is nothing spectacular.
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Well post more

Coentrao deals off, wasn't completed in time.

David Ornstein's Tweeting it's a done deal.
Someone clear this up for me - did United fail to grab both Fellaini and Herrera?
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Try having 5 top class CBs

Bit premature including Ilori in that.
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King Emanuel Ebouee ?@TheRealEbouee 2h
Can someone please buy #bednter please! Even if its a Sunday league team .

Is that his official feed?
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Unlike Arsenal getting Özil


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omg is Bendtner finally off?

To where?
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Zimbabwean Dollar

Which is precisely £63.85k

Yen is ~£280k

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We've offered 36m in some currency worth naff all, I'll bet.

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has it been somewhat confirmed that Özil is going to Arsenal or is it still up in the air?

He's 1/20 to join, medicals have been reported by both Bild and SSN. It's essentially done.
Take a dump and then shave IN the shower. Isn't that the norm?
This is the worst.

[img]with great power comes great social ineptness

Posted it before. But its so bad.

Wasn't even made by a Newcastle fan either. ****ing spacker.
Is St. James's Park about to get nailed by an asteroid? Can't work out that sky.
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I've hated Woking ever since they beat Dover in the play-offs.

We lost in the final, if it's any consolation.
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this is the most york fans do

still better than 99% of the football league.

Woking fans at Brighton in 2010. We've got you nailed.
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EPLStuff ‏@EPLStuff 8m
BREAKING: Arsenal have agreed a €45m fee (plus €5m in bonuses) with Real Madrid for Mesut Özil. [cope]

EPLStuff ‏@EPLStuff 27m
BREAKING: Arsenal have reached an agreement in principle with Real Madrid for Mesut Özil. The fee is around €50m. [Carrusel Deportivo]

We will be once he's settled

if it turns out to be true
Mandela looks like he's been kidnapped. Though granted he's supernaturally pleased about it.
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Rumours are that Ozil is travelling to London right now.

The plot thickens.

Sauce? Knee-jerking from the North-London derby could very easily fuel that.
Nothing like beating Spurs to make a weekend.

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Not often I'm happy with a performance. Weren't great in possession, but that is the best I've seen us off the ball in a long time. Great work rate from all the players, that's all I want to see. The players giving their all.

Everyone was good. Especially Giroud, Ramsey and the CB's. Flamini was good when he came on as well.

You could've stopped after four words, I swear you haven't made an optimistic post since the beginning of July.
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Juve are with Real Madrid, Donetsk with Man Utd.


Moyes's first season in Europe, and I reckon Juve could do a number on Madrid. Worse teams have comfortably dealt with Madrid in Europe recently.
20/1 odds on Juventus, Donetsk and Chelsea to top their respective CL groups. That's worth a punt, surely?
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I actually can't believe Lineker just said that

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Don't Flop isn't actually a 'your mum' joke competition?

mark grist m8
Don't Flop is my regular battle-rap fix. Ranges from genuinely really talented guys to fifteen-minute 'your mum' joke marathons.
Does anyone know of any promo codes for SkyBet on atm? Tried BET, 3BET, 5BET, 10BET and nothing doing. There might not be any, just curious now they've stopped doing the £5 free bet thing and replaced it with a godawful 'Bet Club' system.
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Some guy just said that something I said sounds like something Shankly would say :3

Much obliged. I'm just in time to see how god-awful Ji is.
Anyone got the latest working proxy of FirstRow floating around?
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Crafted my first badge. Got basically unsellable stuff in return and a 90% off for krater

Krater's decent. Dialogue system gets irritating quickly and the combat's a little linear, but for like £1.29 you get a decent and pretty RPG. Plus with a 90% off voucher, you could get a foil that you could sell for more than you paid for the game.
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I don't like how the grass has been cut.

The curves around the center circle and the D's are pretty cool IMO.
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Unfortunately caught 5 minutes of Soccer AM.

Why does this awful, awful show still air on TV every week?

The last 20 minutes is pretty good. Goals of the week, showboat, and the fans shooting at the league target thing. Not worth braving the rest of it to find the Soccerettes though.
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Oh Dunno, that's the biggest game of the group for Arsenal so it'll be harder

It's not until October though so wait a bit. Call the box office and ask if they think they'll go on general sale

Will do, cheers. Struggling to find a box office number that isn't for bloody members, mind
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If Madrid brings in Suarez and Bale that's basically Benzema and Di Maria out of the current squad.

And Isco already replaced Özil
And Illaramendi is the to-be-replacement of Alonso when he's leaving.

Neither of the first two were that crucial last season. Benzema sort of was but he hasn't realy been as good as Madrid want him to/demand him to be.

And Özil is more or less always invisible when it's big games. Something you can't say about Isco.

On the othr hand. That's a lot of stuff happening in 2 days and I'll sceptical but it would be interesting and all of a sudden Arsenal would have a damn good team.

Wilshere - Arteta

Di Maria/Walcott Özil Di Maria/Cazorla


dat depth.

I'd be amazed if Madrid were comfortable selling Ozil now that Isco has arrived. Even with the new arrivals he's one of the best players at the club IMO. I can see Di Maria leaving, and maybe Benzema, but not Ozil, and certainly not all three. As much as I'd kill to see it.
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Just take note when they go on sale and get them early then

You don't have 75,000 season ticket holders, some will go on general sale, surely

The site doesn't say when they go on general sale. Gold members have season tickets, and tickets go on sale for silver members, then red. No information after that. I'm thinking of going to see Arsenal v Dortmund, to make it a little more specific.

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Futbol_Mercado ?@Futbol_Mercado 3m
El Arsenal ofrece 82 millones de euros al Real Madrid por los pases de Mesut Ozil, Angel Di María y Karim Benzema.

Here we go

Terrifying thought. Wenger could destroy 90% of his critics with that. Not that Madrid would ever take it.
How attainable are tickets to CL Group Stage home games for the big English sides?