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Oh ok, that's not too bad then.

He had good spells with us. There have been periods where he has looked a quality defender, but is too error prone and just not good enough for us. I wish him well, unlike some of the other deadwood, at least Djourou proved some use and gave it a good go.

There was a period I think two or three years back when he was the one of two undisputed choices in the backline with Sagna, and then after his shoulder injury it just got worse, and worse, and worse. I agree, good luck to him.
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Loan? Jesus

Apparently we had cash offers as well. Oh well.

£2.5m fixed fee, and they're paying his wages. Tbh £2.5m is a steal for him, he's a very solid defender, just had abysmal form for too long.
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How to do the spoilers?

Your text you want spoilered here

Do it without the spaces at the end of the square brackets.
Awww yeah. £2.98 of sheer gaming goodness.

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it should be soon, right? i thought it always started in late june or something

Somewhere between now and the end of August, I think. Was mid-July last year.
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i have $9.77 in my steam wallet

when the **** is the next steam sale? or can anyone recommend me a game i can buy with that

Maybe 80% of what people will recommend you buy for that will be 50%/25% of the price it is now in the Steam sale. Have patience, padawan.
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brb buying Neymar jersey

I visited the Nou Camp while I was on holiday this year, and we nipped into the club shop. Each line of hangers that sold a shirt had one players name on it - so like one clothes line for Iniesta, one for Xavi, one for Alba, etc. Messi had eight.

Neymar had twenty-four.
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I see you guys were talking about the steam trading cards.

Quick. Why am I getting them, and why should I care?

You get them for playing certain games (think the FAQ was posted on the last page), you care because you can sell them (for admittedly peanuts) or they can go towards your profile and give you 7331 hax0rz on your Steam Profile. If you care.
"It's a terrible penalty! A terrible penalty!"

...was it that bad?
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Had an offer from Birmingham but I wasn't convinced by their campus and accommodation being separate and all my family would be within 30 mins of me which would be annoying.

Been at Birmingham for a year now (back 'ome for the summer), and I've absolutely bloody loved it. That said, I've lost about a stone walking from my accommodation to that of the girl I'm seeing - mine was basically on campus, whereas hers was on the accommodation village on the other side - so I can sympathise.
How many dead hookers can I fit in my garage?

Two more if I move my bike.
Not a bad way to open your account for your country. Why the **** did he play for West Ham?
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I want steam sale plz.
+ lots.
^ so paranoid that that is a sneaky gif.
How're you going about selling them?
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Liverpool have Suarez and Sturridge

And just look at them.

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Please say those are real, I need a laugh.
The white outline round the badge makes it look really cheap IMO. Also, why does the blue bit down the right connect with the black stripe, but the bit on the left doesn't?
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Or you know, they're using Ronaldo as a striker, with Isco LW, with Benzema 2nd choice and Morata/Callejon as third choice?

Isco - Ronaldo - Di Maria


Sunderland have signed Mannone. Nice Mignolet replacement

Also, Gervinho might be going to Roma.

Arshavin, Squillaci, Denilson, Mannone gone. Bendtner and Djourou in advanced talks to go elsewhere. Gervinho, Santos and Chamakh probably going

I haven't heard Chamakh linked to a single club this summer. Nothing concrete with Gerv or Santos either, now Gremio have pulled out.
I use cleaning stuff that happens to be on the shelf in front of me. If it's Apricot Clean N' Cleanse Facial Scrub, it's that. If it's Poundland soap, it's that.
If anyone missed it:

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What do you mean? You're playing for probably 90% of it.

edit: Also, keep in mind about the writing... it's by Interplay/Black Isle. Same guys who brought us Fallout, Fallout 2, and Fallout New Vegas (which should've been 3..).

I meant as in hours-wise, probably should've made that clear. Fallout 2 is probably another one I should make a mental note to play - New Vegas was utterly brilliant, as was Fallout 3 (bar an ending that you can't continue after, which is pretty damn stupid in a world as big as the Wasteland.)
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Planescape: Torment has one of the richest and best stories of any game. Ever. Your actions have weight, the dialogue is wonderful, it's quite possibly the most well written game ever. I love BG and BG2, but Planescape destroys it and pretty much every other CRPG.

I suppose it's difficult to gauge story and dialogue without playing the game for some time. It does look very well made for its time. How much gameplay do you reckon is in it?
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Also can't go wrong with Planescape: Torment.

Another AD&D game. Looks bloody dark think I've gotta plug my way through BG as I've already bought that, but this'll go on the list.
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You should probably play FFX too.

Emulate it on PSX2 if you can, it looks great.

Also try out FFVI. A little older but still awesome (probably the second best FF actually).

I grabbed FFX from Ebay quite a while ago, and then it arrived and I found out all the text was French, and couldn't work out how to change it. Blitz Ball was a brilliant mini-game, though. Like I said, the series is deserving of far more of my attentions than it's actually got.

Just looked up gameplay of FFVI. You get a Moogle to join your party. That's me sold.
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Idk how many hours, I'm playing on an emulator. But I'm on disc 2 as well, just entered Clerya (I think that was the name of it...). I can't imagine that I've played more than 7 or 8 hours, but I may be wrong...I'm pretty bad with judging time. I guess there is probably a way to check on the save file but I don't have my laptop at the moment.

It should give you an hour clock when you save your game, or when you pause it. Ah I remember. I won't spoil it for you.
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Lunar is great, I have the remake called Silver Star Harmony for PSP and it's super.

The FF's are similar in essence but do not share world or characters, so it's perfectly fine to play them in sequence. Great, great games.

I'll make sure to look into it, put it on a post-it on my desktop or something. VII got so many plaudits, and I loved IX so much, that I never heard anything about FFVIII. I owe it to the series to play more of them - I've only ever played IX, XIII, and Tactics.
I'm playing through FF IX right now, as well

All that recent talk of it made me finally decide I need to give it a go. Loving it so far, I'm digging the character and plot development.
It's absolutely superb. Kind of wish I'd got an emulated version instead of paying on the PSN store for one that hasn't graphically ported very well, but I'm still absolutely engrossed. 20 hours in and I'm only on Disc 2. How far have you got?
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FFVII, FFVIII, Grandia, Final Fantasy Tactics and Lunar: Silver Star Story are some other good RPG's from the time.

The prior FF's and Grandia look too similar to FFIX for me to play them off the back of it IMO. Lunar and FFT look a lot of fun - I had a copy of FFT for the GameBoy and played the shit out of it, and despite the similarities they look like a lot of fun - love the style of graphics in particular. Cheers for that.
Hi guys,

Quick brain-teaser for you. I'm finding myself getting into what my brain considers 'retro-gaming' - not arcade/N64 classics, but games that I was exposed to when I was little (or was too young for at the time and missed out on). I'm currently blazing through Final Fantasy IX, which is possibly my favorite game of all time, and I've just won a copy of Baldur's Gate on Ebay. I'm also on the lookout for a copy of Homeworld 2.

Are there any other games of this ilk - say between the years '97 and '03, though no need to stick to that - that you guys would recommend? I tend to shy away from dated FPS's, but beyond that I'm all ears.
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Apparently the two bids that have been accepted are from Kiev and Al Jazeera, not Villa

Where'd you hear that?
Buffon is having a blinder.
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Even if Maisie Williams was fat she would still be adorable.... this is like Gollum style creepy

It reminds me of...

Scrolling down looking for funnies, unspoiler this without reading. Kill yourself.
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it was my family's annual bookshelf clean up. essentially, my mom made me get rid of any books that were yellowing or old-looking in other ways because apparently it's unhygienic. that by me again?

This is a Gomboc. No matter how you roll it, it will always self-right.
What justification do you have to dive against Tahiti? What a dick.
If he saves it...
Gus Poyet sacked.

2011 - 1st in League 1.
2012 - 10th in Championship.
2013 - 4th in Championship, lost to play-off winners.

Someone explain that to me?
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thinking of re-buying this. yay or nay?

It's discounted to £10 on Steam. I've put nearly 300 hours into it since February, when I got it. Do it, man.
You've got balls to play that sort of sh*t outside.