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Went 1-0 down in the first leg, but two late Muniain goals saved me. Will leave the next leg for tomorrow, because sleep or something squad needs thinning as well, and I'm a little annoyed that there are one or two players in the B team that could possibly have done a job for the first team if I'd noticed them sooner. No big deal really though, they're not that good.

Are most FM players on here GMT+0, or is it just me who plays till 3AM? Atletico Madrid dumped Bilbao out 4-0 over two legs in the semis, so I'm not too mad. Seems to be an increasingly small pool of Basque talent, unfortunately, so as my game's gone on the weaker Bilbao get. Munian is still a monster though, and Arteta has been surprisingly good despite his age.
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Lose, because I did, and it would be polite. Went out on away goals after a 3-2 home defeat, thanks to a 90th minute penalty that wasn't. I'm used to getting in trouble with the FA, but I slated the decision and they didn't do anything. We woz wobbed.
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Enjoy your non-Basque players, traitor

Four Vasco derbies this year - just drawn you in the 5th round of the Copa del Rey.
Needed Anderlecht to draw with Schalke at home to give me a chance of qualifying from my Champions League group. They were 4-1 down after half an hour, equalised at 4-4 in the 85th, and lost 4-5 after a goal in the 87th. Sometimes this game just does not like you.
Quick question - my B side has played two games in the past four years. Can't I enter them for a B-League or something? Or do I have to arrange weekly friendlies across a whole damn season?
That embarrassing moment when you realise you don't know exactly how long your U19 side has had no coaches for.
Made £25 for Cancer Research in about an hour and a half.
Satriani, or Doug Aldrich.
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I might have been doing it wrong . I set individual instructions and then use touchline shouts during matches and wonder why there isn't much difference.

not sure if there is a wrong on this game, but you've probably been hindering yourself a little. Worth experimenting with to see if you get results, anyway.
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So if i set individual player instructions for my team i should not touch touchline shouts at all because they have no effect (or diminished effect)?

Don't think it works quite like that, for me it's just a personal preference to use Touchline Shouts over player instructions, as I can change the style of play quicker. It depends on what you're trying to do - if your assistant thinks you need more crosses into the box, for example, there's no shout for that (other than maybe 'Hit Early Crosses'), but you can go into Player Instructions and tell your wingers to cross Often and Dribble Sometimes/Never. To go the other way, there's no definitive Player Instruction to get your players to take regular shots more often, but 'Shoot on Sight' will mean they're more likely to have a pop if they get the chance.

Basically it all depends on what you're trying to tell your players to do.
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Do you guys set individual players instructions, even if it renders touchline shouts to be less effective?

Not other than Man-Marking someone who's going to tear my team to shreds if I don't stick someone on him.
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Star Wars might be one of the most lame things I have ever seen in my life

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I'd rather address the clear, obvious deficiency in the side (decent CB's) than going for what could almost be described as a luxury at this stage (in Jovetic)

Genuinely think he's more necessary than another CB. I could understand bringing in one on the same level who can compete, but I do think they're good enough. If we take Giroud off, we either push Walcott inside (not as effective as he'd like to think), or... what? Podolski? He's been awful at striker for us. A quality option that can provide depth through the middle would do us the world of good.

@ Lowton's goal,
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Vermaelen and Mertesacker are both not good enough. I think Koscielny is just about. We need to bring a top CB in above everything.

Lots and lots of disagree. Striker and holding midfielder should be prioritised over a covering CB, IMO. Jovetic and Lars Bender, please. [/pipedream]
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Take off Mertesacker for Vermaelen, Sagna for Jenkinson, and Ramsey for Oxlade.

I was about to criticise you for wanting to take off Mertesacker. My bad.
Wonder what odds you'd have got on a Rosicky brace before the game. Scored 1 in 65, then 2 in 1. Mental.
Aaron you cretin, that would have been glorious.
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No. Was nothing.

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Question: does winning a penalty count as an assist? I've seen a lot of contradictory sources. For example, the official PL site has awarded 13 assists to Hazard, while most other sites claim he has only 8.

Football Manager counts them as assists. I've no idea if that's enough to sway your opinion.
Redknapp is an urchin.
Had to highlight your post to read the names of the damn horses.

Might have a cheeky flutter, but if it's that or a £1 football accumulator that could win my thousands, I know what I'm attempting.

It got to the point where I building up the main stairs in my house, at 3 years old.
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I can't, they haven't sacked their manager!

I've just rejected the United job.

Sweet mother, that's loyalty. what year are you in, what's the squad looking like now?

In other news, I thought there was nothing more satisfying than beating Barcelona, and then I found out that I managed to break Dani Alves's foot in the process. Success.
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Triple post but **** it, this is worth posting.

AC Milan have been relegated from Serie A after finishing 20th.

There was a gap of 6 points between 20th and 9th

Bring them back up! Apply for the job, assuming the manager's been sacked - and I'd assume that getting AC Milan relegated bottom is a sackable offense.

I've only just managed to turn around a ridiculous slide down the table myself. Targeted by the board to reach Champions League qualification again after qualifying by the skin of our teeth last year, my Sociedad side was 14th after 11 games. Dire. Now third after 24, and my first final - the Spanish Cup - is coming up to boot, against Sevilla.
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Enjoy your non-Basque players, traitor

Don't worry, I'm not so smug any more. We were drawn with Man City, PSG, and CSKA Moscow. What a waste of time.
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wtf? why? I'd do the opposite more likely.

Never even looked at languages spoken when at a player profile.

Football is a universal language yada yada...

In my experience, every player I've signed who doesn't speak the language has some sort of ridiculous flaw in his game. Ariel Borysiuk, the only player in my side who doesn't speak fluent Spanish (he speaks basic after 18 months) has been sent off four times in his time with me. No other player has been sent off more than once. *shrug* Just hate the "language barrier" pop-ups that mess with me, too.
Does anyone else refuse to sign players that speak a language shared by the majority of players at the club?
I've cost my arch-rivals Athletic Bilbao two managers now. First Roberto Martinez, after spanking them 4-1 last season, and now David Moyes, after I came from behind to beat them 2-1. I love Vasco derbies.

Sitting 2nd, behind Real Madrid on goal difference. 30 points from a possible 39.
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I turned off the Barcelona game after watching the second half for like 10 minutes. I got sick of watching the entire Barcelona team diving and rolling around on the floor. They are the worst team for it I've ever seen. Considering the fact that they are widely considered to be one of the best teams to have ever ever played the game, they have zero need to be so god damn theatrical. People complain about diving - which is an element of the game which also needs fixing, but feigning injury is just as bad. It cons the ref into wrongly giving a decision, not to mention is completely pathetic. How a grown man can roll around on the ground like he's been shot when he's been tackled is beyond me; do they not watch back later that night and cringe?

I hope PSG batter them in the next leg.

So much agree. If you look up the highlights, you'll see a point near the end of the game where Mascherano and Jordi Alba collide trying to defend a ball, and both go down in a heap. The ball breaks to Ibra, whose crappy shot is saved. The game then stops for three or four minutes, as EVERY Barcelona player who isn't on the ground surrounds the referee and goes mental. It's sad and frustrating that a team so gifted has to resort to such pathetic measures so often.
Just starting my third season with Real Sociedad. Came 6th in the first season with the same squad as the side starts with, and after selling Griezemann to Arsenal for his release clause (£21m) rebuilt the side a bit... to come 7th. Bottled the Champions League spot in the last three games. Made minimum signings for this year, trying to encourage the abundant youth at this club to reach its prime. Only player over 26 in the starting line up is Xabi Prieto, who's the old man of the side. He hasn't missed a penalty since I've been here.

To anyone playing in Spain, Argentina is an absolute goldmine. Argentinian players only need two years to gain Spanish citizenship, so you don't need to worry too much about the three non-European rule. Lisandro Lopez and Lucas Romero are the names I'd recommend.
Da naaa. Pillock.
Christ, he's made amends.
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Berbatov will find himself in goal scoring positions a lot more than Giroud, I guarantee it.. Giroud might be a better target man, but Berbatov is a far more intelligent striker. He'd get goals in Arsenal's team.

Not saying he wouldn't, or that I wouldn't have him. God knows he's no Chamakh.
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He has that killer touch that Arsenal are so desperately lacking and have been since RVP left last summer. He might not be a long-term prospect, but he'd have filled the gap for this season while they decided who else to go for. He'd have certainly reduced the pressure on the team and grabbed you some extra goals

He's clinical, certainly, but most of our play is based around quick movement. I think I'd rather have Giroud, whose movement fits in much better without our style of play, and has room to improve as he's adjusting to English football. Especially for less wages.

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Well he has been buying a lot of players nearly that old lately. Arteta was probably 29/30, Podolski is like 27ish, Mertesacker the same, Santi the same. Berba could play for years yet since he doesn't rely on pace.

Giroud has even less movement. Berba could drop off and play some passes through to Walcott/Podolski/Ox etc. and also provide technique, finishing and a somewhat physical presence in the box.

Arteta was indeed 29, and he's the oldest player I can remember us buying of any quality. I completely refuse to acknowledge Squillaci/Silvestre's existence. Wenger's had a thing for the over 30's - Pires left because he couldn't get an extension beyond one year.

I'm sure Giroud moves more than Berba! He's a little more aggressive too, a target man that the wide-men can aim for or use as a diversion. For me Berbatov isn't a target man - though he's a far better finisher IMO.
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Why didn't Wenger try and get Berba in the Van Persie deal? He's so good. Would fit perfectly at Arsenal.

Serious? When was the last time Wenger brought in a player who was over 30? Not entirely sure he'd fit in with Arsenal's brand of football, either. Far too little movement.
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What did Samba do?

brought down Dejagah for a pen for the first, then got caught on the ball for the second.