Being more eloquent and a bit weirder than most of your class-mates doesn't mean you can lecture your teacher for a minute and a half on the pitfalls of the education system. Maybe she's a crap teacher, sure. But this kid comes across as a self-righteous douché who thinks charisma is reciting a book of clichés. Goon.

Came out of a 5 year relationship in December, because I couldn't hack Uni with the girl I was with, and because I was quite into the girl I'm seeing now. I've been in a state somewhere between friends and relationship with her since January, and although I care about her a lot I'm just not sure whether I want to start seriously seeing her. She's incredibly easy to get on with (and absolute filth in the sack, which is a revalation), but there's some stuff holding me back.

She'll be taking a year abroad in 14 months, which is stupidly far ahead for it to be off-putting but still is. My experiences in my previous relationship have made me scared of hurting people - and from what I can see the easiest way to do that would be to avoid the relationship altogether.

There's also a part of me hanging on for someone that is better, even though I know that that person is an ideal hypothetical; I'm not looking at any other girls atm. It would be nice to have the freedom to look around if I wanted, and if I was in a relationship I would feel morally obliged not to.

Tldr: If you're currently seeing someone and you're not sure whether or not you want a relationship with them, do you jump in with that person or tell them that you don't want to pursue a relationship and wait until you find someone that you're certain you want to get into something with?
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Ooooooh, Bradford winning 2-0, 4-3 on aggregate.

2-1/4-4. Burton just scored a pen.
I'd still sleep with the top one, I'd just feel a bit weird about it.
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Everytime I come in this thread it makes me want to go on the game >_< I have uni revision to do noooo.

Infinitely true. I'm 8 games from the first genuine possibility of a La Liga title, and I need to read more Virginia Woolf first.
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The concert dude. There'll always be another party.
Sometimes the transfer system is stupid just to spite you as a player. Just ended a transfer saga trying to sign Kondogbia from Sevilla. Bidding up to £20m + Lucas Digne, all rejected. Then LOSC Lille offer £14.75m and it's immediately accepted. I offer that, and the offer's suddenly accepted. Same happened for Casemiero, an offer of £15m rejected only for Juve to then sign him for £7m. Trolled.
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****in' Wombles, man.

*huge as f*ck picture*


Dude, spoiler that shit.

The old Guns N' Roses logos from the early 90s were pretty badass.
Does anyone do anything special in Europe tactically? Sick of falling below my expected stage.
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Just seen U21s highlights from last night.
Akpom with two, one great finish set up really well by Zelalem and Olsson.

Sanchez Watt actually looked really good when he came on >.>

If anyone's interested.
BBW is normally pretty damn good to browse, because a lot of people anyone above a size twelve as a BBW. Gianna Michaels is not fat. Curves ftw.
I've played for seven or eight years. Trust me. It doesn't.
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Ur fit but my gosh dont u kno it
Friends. Not funny, canned laughter.

How I Met Your Mother. Not funny, canned laughter.

Two and a Half Men. Not funny, canned laughter.

You get the idea.
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Givanildo Vieira de Souza

He's got a weird-ass torso.
I'm alright-looking, I guess. But then I think my perception is a bit knocked in that the only compliment my ex knew was "thanks, so are you" in response to whatever I said to her.
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As in defensive.

As soon as my midfielders get the ball, they pass it back to the defence or the keeper and the attack is ruined. I struggled to beat Queen's Park 2-0.

Change formation/mentality, or just shout at them louder?

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It died. Two 1-0 losses in the CL and a 2-1 loss in the FA Cup, ffs. Can't handle their forwards (pick 3 from Fierro, Rooney, Hazard, Neymar), always get caught on the counter.

Fierro. Best record transfer fee I've ever broken.

Currently debating whether or not to get rid of my Ass Man. There are better options available, but he's been with me since the beginning.

EDIT: What are the odds!

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Krul injured so Elliot comes on. Leaves us with one sub, it has to Ben Arfa in about 10 mins if we don't score.

Bandwaggoning - someone PM it me?
I've always rated Urbanear Plattans, and they're pretty cheap now too. Ones in plain white are £32 on Amazon, last I checked.
Anyone else having a cheeky punt on Wigan if they reach the final?
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My Rangers team are so fucking negative it's unreal.

As in defensive or as in pessimistic nob'eds?
Tony Gale can suck my hairy balls. Haven't heard such biased commentary in a long time. That third goal was karma to spite him.
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Unfortunately not. Jeff's better anyway.
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Matt Hardy: "If you want goals you should check out the Bundesliga. Dortmund winning 5-0 and Bayern winning 4-0 at the moment."

Clearly watching the wrong league atm.
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pointing out the obvious, but Gervinho is so bad

I love him. The novelty genuinely hasn't worn off yet.
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why would I play that shit game when I could play pokemmo?
1) Why download when you can stream?
2) Why a poll?
3) Why you?
I am utterly, UTTERLY sick of losing games that I dominate. Just fluffed the last Champions League spot, after losing four of my last five league games. Disgusted.
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The first Resistance was laughably bad as well.

Hilariously fun to co-op with a buddy though.

As in Resistance: Fall of Man? That was my favorite game released on the PS3's release. Second best graphics behind Motorstorm, and just a really good game graphically/gameplay/AI-wise.

Now Resistance 2? THAT was godawful.
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Won La Liga Barca were nearest at one stage but they bottled the last two months pretty hard and finished 4th (Valencia were 3rd, and would have finished 2nd had they won on the final day because Madrid lost (as did my Bilbao team but whatever, we'd already won the title)).
Nice one man, I'm finding the top of La Liga impossible to crack atm. Barca and Real are always a few points out of reach, they've got the funds and squad depth to take me the distance every season. Very frustrating.

To contribute, think I just managed my best comeback in my FM career to date:

Real v Barca and Dortmund v Munich semi-finals, please.
Pretty sure there was someone playing as Arsenal on FM12 who had a player sent off for a second yellow, and then a player complained about the sending off and recieved HIS second yellow, and then ANOTHER player complained about THAT dismissal and HE recieved a second yellow. Or something. Was that on here?
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one handed, two handed, archer. pfff you have to go unarmed like Robbaz.

"Punch the sh*t out of the wildlife"

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Mostly anyway, went 1-0 up in the second leg and lost 3-1 (conceded the third in the 92nd minute), going out on aggregate as a result. Arrizabalaga and Azpilicueta were each responsible for a goal. I am furious, fucking bottlers

You think you've got bottlers? You should see me in Europe. Just got dumped out of the Europa League by Basel after a 3-0 loss at their place despite being billed as major favorites. Sabia scored a 25 yard volley for them, he's got a Long Shots stat of 9.

I've been godawful in cup competitions this year, but somehow I'm unbeaten in the league. Top on goal difference. Confused but pleased.

EDIT: Never mind, just registered my first defeat for 28 league games. The opposition had 2 shots, neither on target, to my 21 - it took an unmarked defender of mine to bicycle kick it across my keeper and into the far corner, in about five square meters of clear space, to end up streak.
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GGet drunk yourself, nothing worse than being sober around drunks.

Incorrect, it's pretty funny viewing IMO.