Rabiot and Ongenda weren't the subs I was expecting from PSG.
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So guys, Payday 2. Anyone gonna be getting it?

If I can get the damn Beta to work. Refuses to play despite reinstalling.
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I've realised why Hudson is hard to understand.. His tongue is lodged too far up Ibra's arsehole

I went to the Nou Camp when I was in Barcelona in June, and they let you into a bit of the press box up in the top tier. They've got clips from all the major countries in Europe reporting Barcelona's successes, and right in the middle of them you get the incomprehendable tones of Ray Hudson screaming "THE MAGNIFICENT NOSE DOES IT AGAIN! HOW D'YA LIKE THEM APPLES?!"
"The magnificent nose knows, alright, beautiful team goal"

Sign him up Sky.
"All those big beautiful lighthouses inside the six yard area"
"Drops a pint glass into a thimble shot"

You what mate?
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Anyone watching the bayern game? Decent stream plz

Just noticed firstrow is gone. Whats everyone using now? I used to use wiziwig but its usually really laggy
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Wait, how come Ray Hudson er.. gets on.. in America/on US TV?

I thought they got rid of Cheryl Cole cause they couldnt understand her, and that was when she even tried to tone down the geordie accent.

He doesnt at all

I have a feeling the bloke he's with doesn't actually understand anything he says.
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I put that bet on him scoring btw

What would you win?
Montpellier's kit is gorgeous.

I have a feeling I'm gonna get slated for saying that, but still.
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Are you using the new address?

I had it bookmarked and tried it the other week and it didnt work. Had to google it again

Site remains half-broken but usable despite refreshing, first link to PSG v Montpellier is saying 'Not currently available but will be up soon.' Someone confirm I'm not waiting for something that will never deliver?
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For ****'s sake. Firstrow's been blocked on virginmedia.

Apparently the same on BT. Any other streaming sites people use?
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yes, ty

really don't mean to hijack this into a music thread but any further links would be highly appreciated.

I'll spoiler them, so they don't take up too much of the thread. I suppose it's as valid as any question in here.

Some of the lyrics in some of the songs are maybe a little less direct than you'd like, but hopefully there's some stuff in here that'll help. If not, I'm sure someone can come into this thread and show me up.
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Miquel has officially been loaned to Leicester. This is a massive clearout

At least one defender by the end of the summer pls. pls pls pls
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I appreciate the suggestions but they're both pretty depressing, haha

something more along the lines of "I feel like shit I loved you but you're a bitch it's my fault this happened sad as piss but I'm gonna use it as fuel to rise like a mighty ****ing phoenix **** yeah >:')"

If only I had said this long ago
If only I had found a way to tell you all the things you should've known
But you were lost right from the start
How the hell are you the one to blame
You've done no wrong, you gave it all
So why the hell did you have to change
You broke your back, she broke your heart

From a cone, you ****ing philistine.

I'm going to smash my laptop if I play this game any more.
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Hey guys.. so me and my girlfriend have been together for 7 months now and she told me that she's starting to lose the spark and the butterflies in her stomach when she talks to me or when I'm around. She says that we're not the same.. She doesn't know what to do. I think we just need to do more exciting things when we're together but I don't know.. What do you guys think? If she doesn't get the spark back then she'll probably want to take a break or break up...

Depends. How old are you, and how old is she? And how do you feel you've been going recently?

I'd see if you can do something to surprise her. Take her out on a romantic meal she doesn't know about, or if she's got something specific to her that she loves to do set that up for her. At best you'll recover at least some of that spark, and at worst you know that the time on this particular relationship has run out, and while that sucks you can take it as a learning and maturing experience and eventually move on to pastures anew.
Paid £1.29 a few days ago for Krater 2, thanks to one of those 90% off coupons you get by crafting badges. It drops five cards, and one of those cards for me was a 'Regulator' foil - worth £2.08 on the Steam market. Happy bunny.
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Not a chance any of them can beat us over two legs. Not a chance. Over one game sure.
If we lost at home to Fenerbache or Sociedad I'd be worried.
Still can't pick a team. From what I can see literally all of the youngsters in Serie B are on loan from Serie A sides. I fact, I can't find a club in the league that doesn't have at least a third of their side on a loan basis. And that can eat shit.

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Go for York, only took me 3 seasons to get out of League 2 <.< Ended up going through the playoffs, beating Wimbledon 9-2 on aggregate in the semis. Felt good.

I just changed team when I was down there. Used Woking as a vehicle to get out of the BSS, and then jumped ship to AFC Wimbledon in my second season. Was a good laugh, that save. I should've stuck with it.

it's shit like this that pisses me off.

Am I missing something? It just looks like a great cup tie. It's getting beaten 2-1 when I have 14 shots and my opponent has 4 that does me. And it got me fired at Bochum, it didn't seem to matter what I did.
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Whichever team has that Halilovic kid, somewhere in Eastern Europe, could work well.

That or look at some of the Italian Serie B teams that have class youngsters

The Croatian league might be a bit of a walkover - plus I nabbed Halilovic in a previous save, so I'd want to try someone different rather than get depressed when I sell him to some mid-table European side. :P: I'll have a dig around Serie B and see if anyone takes my fancy.
I hate this game.

- Started a career with AS Monaco, determined to do the oligarch club the RIGHT way. Signed a few promising youngsters who could cut it in Ligue 2, no doubt. Sacked by the end of October sitting in 13th.

- Started a career with VFL Bochum, trying something a little different; base a team around starlet Leon Goretzka, and gradually assimilate youngsters in once promotion is achieved. Lose out on promotion via penalties in the playoffs, and sacked in the second season when four points off the top (and 17 games left) after promising to win the league.

Someone suggest us a decent game in a decent league? :P I've only ever played in Europe and Brazil, and I'm more comfortable in the former than anywhere else. Ideally looking for a team of a single nationality with a world-class starlet in Europe, though I don't know how realistic that is.
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Have we had pics of this woman yet?

Have we had requests?

Came in here to post this.
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"Viewer Description is advise!"

I couldn't go any further.
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Well if Rodgers wouldn't keep casting his eyes on other strikers maybe Suarez would stick around for more than just the bling. Instead he's all over that foreign bad boy Costa. There's only so bad Suarez can be before his head gets turned by an older, more experienced hand like Wenger's.

Rodgers being prepared to shell out more than £20m on a striker in a team that already has Suarez, Aspas and Sturridge and runs a one-striker system, to me, smacks of preparing for the obvious. Arsenal did it when RVP was on his way.
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Honestly that's exactly where I was hoping that metaphor would go. Sometimes I say silly things to see if people follow the same train of thought, just because I think it's a funny train of thought.

I don't like Suarez being the basis of the point here. Rodgers doesn't believe everybody when they say 'he's told me he's cheating on you' and now he's all upset and lashing out at all his mates 'cos they don't believe his love with Suarez is pure.



I've genuinely no idea where he'll end up. There's quite a chance he could move to the Emirates now, which surprises me.

^ why's he got a Napoli cap on?
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A transfer request is simply a formal declaration of your intention to leave a club. If he doesn't hand in a transfer request, then it's a lot like telling everybody you're cheating on your girlfriend, but never bothering to tell her.

But in this case, the girlfriend knew he was cheating long before he told her and is demanding that he stays because she hasn't said he could go. You can only take the metaphor so far.
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Aokigahara: the most popular place for suicides in Japan

Shitting me up right now.
Does anyone on here using Steam have anything they'd like to trade for a 90% off Serious Sam 3: BFE coupon? The game doesn't interest me much, so I figure I may as well get something useful out of it.
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Top 5 goalscorers this past season

RVP - United - 1st
Suarez - Liverpool - 7th
Bale - Spurs - 5th
Benteke - Villa - 15th
Michu - Swansea - 9th

So yeah

Hmeh. I suppose that if they lose Bale and get in Soldado, they could drop a long way and him still score a lot. But Spurs are much better than Villa/Swansea/Liverpool, I'd be surprised if they missed out on Europe.
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**** it, may as well.

Premier league
Winner : Man City
Champions league spots : City, Chelsea, United, Arsenal
Europa league spot : Liverpool
Top four goalscorers : Sturridge, RVP, Soldado, Carl Jenkinson

You think Soldado will be banging them in but Spurs won't even make top five?
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I made 30p the other day by buying a TF2 key, trading it for a foil card, and then selling that on the market.

The stuff that is easily available to everyone is barely worth anything. If you play a lot of TF2 you might be able to get enough metal to craft a hat, or trade for some keys then sell the key on the market. Don't think there's any sure fire way to make some cash though.

Thought as much. A little gutted when I pulled a foil FM13 card that was selling for £5 at the beginning of the month and at the time was worth 67p. A little late to the party on that one.

Badges are enough for me, it's been a while since something's appealed to my inner collector.
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I hope we sign this Ginter kid actually. Perfect choice for a 4th choice CB. Young, apparently incredibly talented, played a lot for Freiburg in the Bundesliga last season so not like he hasn't played much, and wouldn't demand to be a starter.

This, lots of this.

Although, two weeks ago, he said he didn't want to leave to sit on the bench.
I think I speak for every male in this forum when I say smash her back doors in.

Providing you are emotionally mature enough to understand the consequences of casual sex and would be comfortable in a sexual situation with said woman. P&P not included, limited refunds after 28 day period.
How much do you guys mess around with the Steam market? I've been doing a little buying and selling with cards to get me up to a level where I can get booster packs, but I'm only like £0.21p up. Can you make anything decent from playing DOTA/TF2 and selling the stuff freemium guys have available to them?
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That's just a little insulting to Animal Crossing

To be fair, my little sister had the standard DS one and I commandeered it for a good long while completing the shit out of that museum. but if you want a cynical view you earn money, to get a bigger house, so you can get an even bigger house, which you get by earning money, ad infinitum.
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What is the point of the game? I never played the first one, don't really know what it is.

That screen pretty much sums up the entirety of your aims, more or less.
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Creating lists is fun?

Are you Hermes Conrad?

Something about the phrased "alphabetized listing" provoked me. I wasn't really sure how to phrase it.
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I don't like fun