Anyone who doesn't buy Baldur's Gate for £3.74 and hasn't played it is a fool. GIT IT.
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should i snatch Payday: The Heist off the flash sale? It looks interesting and i think i played the demo a few times on PS3.
or should i just wait til the new sales are put up today?
i have $17.24 in my wallet and it's $4.99...

Does the DLC come with it? I think it's a great game, the only problem being the relative lack of maps - only 8 levels isn't quite as many as I'd have liked. That said, I've put 25 hours into it. The length of levels are good, it's decent looking graphically, and just a lot of fun; it doesn't take itself TOO seriously.

The next one's out in August, mind.
Reported for advertising, and because the sound of a Swift Goat makes me uneasy.
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Risen/Risen 2, worth it?

I really want this to be a good pirate game, but I've seen almost nothing on it.

From the looks of it the graphics are the only remotely redeeming feature. PS2 animations and god-awful voice acting.
Why did the community choose Risen 2? It looks hilariously bad.
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You flew over for totp? Dude, their set was laughable

It was less than an hour flight, I'm only just south of London. And if The Killers/Mumford/Stereophonics/Alt-J are considered laughable, I'll take it. I thought it was awesome.
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Infinite amount of wingers? Walcott wants to play striker, Oxlade CAM, and Gervinho is pissing off. We're currently playing everyone out of their position because Wenger wants 433.Which don't get me wrong, is a great technique if you're the best on the pitch, but we rarely are anymore.

Seeing as there's been no concrete interest in Gervinho other than him being suggested by a journalist at a Marseilles press conference, I don't think he'll leave. Ox will end up as a CM eventually but only currently has experience as a RW, and Walcott can play striker is a fair point. But then who do you want to play wide mids? Push Wilshere and Santi out wide to make space for Ox through the middle? Arteta and Ramsey as our only specified DMs? It would totally change the balance of the side we've got, with a manager who's never (as far as I'm aware) played 4-1-2-1-2 behind it. Not convinced.
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Dennis was originally a left midfielder. Where is your god now?

Podolski was CF for Köln. The guy has the exact technique you'd want from someone playing close near a striker. He's being wasted on that wing.

How long did he stay there before we moved him? And what happens to the infinite amount of wingers we seem to have if we switched formation? You can't just stick them a bit further back, that's not how it works.
Quote by Neo Evil11
In what world is Podolski not a creative forward with a cracking shot?

If you're talking that vaguely then he's Henry, too. He doesn't have the technical ability that Bergkamp did (and very, very few do), he's much faster than Bergkamp and so the dynamic as soon as he gets on the ball is very different, he's spent most of his time with us on the left wing so will have a lot more chance to create via crosses than Bergkamp did, who played off of Henry through the middle most of the time. Just because he can pass a bit as a forward, doesn't make him Dennis.
Quote by Neo Evil11
lolwut. he's been after Cazorla the player with most passes in the final third. Do you even watch the same games? Only one that can pass and score.

In what universe is Podolski a similar player to Bergkamp?
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To any of the Arsenal fans - how old is that Zelalem (?) guy? He looks a real talent. Him and Gnabry could have a great future. I haven't heard much about him until now.

He's 16.
Dragon Age - Origins, and everything to go with it, for £5.99. Worth it?
Shinedown x2,
Motorhead x2,
Halestorm x2,
Tommy Emmanuel,
Mumford and Sons,
The Courteeners x2,
Of Monsters and Men,
Imagine Dragons,
Snoop Dogg,
The Lumineers,
The Fratellis,
Beady Eye,
Dizzy Rascal,
The Killers,
Two Door Cinema Club,
Frank Turner,
Tom Odell,

Yes, I have just got back from T In The Park.
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#ThingsThatAngerAndConfuseWayneRooney is trending.

So good.

"Kai's homework" got me.
Whoever suggested Farenheit 451 to be on that list, thank you. Got it for the flights to/from T In The Park, and it was bloody magnificent. Love me some dystopia.
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Did anyone here ever go to Highbury?

Saw Fabregas's debut, in a 1-1 Carling Cup draw with Rotherham. Went to pens, Arsenal won 9-8 - both keepers scored. It went on forever.

Ten years ago, now. I was 8.
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Ghosts don't kill people. Guns do.

So do tha police, woo woo woo.
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Eintracht Frankfurt confirm Bendtner negotiations pls pls pls

pls pls pls pls pls pls
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My parents went to the Nou Camp earlier and bought me a present but won't tell me what it is.

They got you Jose 'Big Chief' Pinto from the club shop, he'll be of more use to you than to Barca.
It depends on the girl and circumstance from what I've found. Are you doing a lot of foreplay? I think that can happen if you focus on the clit too much as well. It can't go from slightly stimulated to orgasm immediately. It has to be slowly built up.

Quite a lot of foreplay, yeah. I'll try and divide my attentions a little more evenly - I spend quite a lot of time trying to find the damn thing.

Quote by AllJudasPriest
Imagination, creativity and exploration would serve you well.

If she is young as has no problems, then the problem might be youtechnique. Either that or she'd rather feel the hot beef.

Any imaginative/creative/explorative (... ) ideas to get me started? It may well be my technique, though I'm not entirely sure what I'd be doing wrong. I'm not going tumble-dryer on her straight away, I've got a decent rhythm... I dunno. Perfectly fine with her feeling that would be nice to be able to mix things up though.
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Yeah, the website is

register an account first and then buy it. I think the account registration from the buy page was broken and I don't know if it got fixed.

I'll think about it. Watched ten minutes of gameplay and I've fallen in love with how it looks, but the restricted multiplayer and early development stage of the game are holding me back atm. Plus, the Steam Sale is coming up soon - gotta make sure I'll play it first.
Quote by Dirge Humani
Yes, it is €15/~$20 right now. I think it is following the Minecraft scheme where you pay less now but get all future updates for free, and it will increase in price later.

Also realize that the servers are still really iffy and every update basically DDOSs the website. In case that bugs you.

s'why I was a bit sceptical. There's a site that supposedly lets you download it for free, but demands you take one of those "lifestyle surveys" that rape your personal information first ("Hi there saah, I'm calling from your bank", "which branch?", "...your branch saah") and I'm not prepared to take that risk.

Do I have to pay for the Cubeworld Alpha?
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that "too much" part is extremely close to the orgasm as after the climax girls generally become very sensitive hence the pain.

Then why doesn't it happen?
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I am so tempted to buy that pack. The thing is, I've never really played anything like those games before so I have no idea whether its 20 bucks well spent

Look up some gameplay videos and try and get a feel. If you like one, you'll like them all - they all play off derivatives of the same rule system, so all operate similarly. It's the brilliance of writing and the fantastic depth of setting that makes them individual.
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Got Dust: An Elysian Tail on midweek madness on Steam and it looks really pretty. The art style, environment and characters make it feel like I'm playing a Studio Ghibli game. I hope the story is also good. So impressed that only one person practically made this whole thing.

Doesn't look like the sort of game I'd play, but certainly very pretty. How much was it?

In other news, I don't even wanna think about how much you're paying per hour for all that gametime. Pennies.

My girlfriend says, when I'm going down on her, that she doesn't really know how to maintain and build up the feeling that leads to an orgasm. It feels nice enough to get her groaning and gently moving and stuff, but then apparently it gets "too much" and the feeling goes away, and she drags me up so we can do tha nastay. Staying down there after she tries to drag me apparently starts to hurt a bit. I'd quite like to make her come at some point any ideas?
I'm a little confused - is hoverhand a problem for the girl because the guy can't bring himself to touch her, or for the guy... because he can't bring himself to touch her?
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also heard rumours of ramsey going on loan to west ham. That combined with coquelin moving implies we are either stupid (this most likely) or there is some serious transfer business to be done

Ramsey won't go anywhere, Coquelin probably will. And we won't miss him if we bring in Grenier/Bender/any other CM we're linked to.
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I really liked Sleeping Dogs. It could be a bit repetitive at times, but I didn't find many flaws with it.

Didn't feel that it took too long to get to free roam parts. I enjoyed the missions, thought they stayed pretty varied. I didn't do much free roaming, there wasn't much to do.

Seconded. There's not a whole lot of end-game once you nail all the story stuff, but I got it pre-owned for a tenner and found that really good money for what I got. Plus, as a lover of Just Cause 2, I loved the radio adverts for holidays in Panau.
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Is it Broon, Broyne or Brown?
That one.
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Here is the one and only appropriate gif.

Quote by CoreysMonster
Despicable Me 2? Don't you mean BEE BOO BEE BOO






Someone for the love of God find the appropriate GIF.
I just sort of assumed he was invincible.
Why is this thread suddenly permeated with pictures of cretins turning up for training?
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You couldn't be more wrong. You'd be surprised at how bad writing can really destroy the lore of a franchise and make it a completely different game like Bethesda did with Fallout 3. New Vegas is standalone and not really attached in anyway to Fallout 3 because it's more of a sequel to Fallout 2 rather than a quasi-reboot/sequel that FO3 was.. and failed horribly at.

Sure, if you never played a Fallout game before I can see how someone would be impressed with Fallout 3. But overall it's bland, boring, has terrible writing, your choices don't matter, very little humor, the RPG elements don't matter anymore, and none of the wit that made the Fallout games.. well, Fallout games. I'm not comparing FO3 to FO:NV. I'm just stating NV is, lore-wise and continuity wise, more in line with what a Fallout 3 should be than Fallout 3 is.

I did never play Fallout before F3, but I'd assume that if Reverend is only picking up F3/Oblivion/DA now, he's never played Fallout games either. And I found F3 witty, engrossing, and a brilliant game. So hopefully he will too.
Quote by ysalimari
*standard Fallout 3/NV comparison!!1!!11!

Fallout 3's a great game, play it and enjoy it. If you like it, get New Vegas as well, because it's essentially more of the same in a slightly bigger world for very cheap nowadays.

I'd play Oblivion first, then Fallout, the DA. I think that's chronological order, not sure when DA came out.
“Masturbation is a gateway drug to rape,” Childs told reporters. “It leads to sexual dysfunction, erodes family values, and is a top ten cause of disease. This nationwide tour is designed to help make children and parents aware of the dangers of masturbation in and outside of the home. If your arms are long enough to touch your private areas, you are a possible suspect in raping yourself.” Childs continued, “God willing, one day masturbation will be illegal.”