Schecter has great 5 strings that are really affordable.
NBD! 1870's French Bass attributed to Gabriel Jaquet. Finally own my own upright, and it sounds so good!

The thought of a fretted upright makes me cringe....
I got my SWR SM-500 from Guitar Center for $300 both my SWR Workingman 2x10 and 1x15 cabs for $100 each. So $500 can go a long way if you spend it right and look for the best steal.
Hey guys, just posted a random camera test I did on some Mozart 40 1st Movement. I highly recommend the ZOOM for any recording stuff for auditions or just to see and hear an accurate picture of what you're doing on the upright. Enjoy! :P
For 500 bucks you could probably score a solid Schecter 5 string. Those things are really great for the price.
In regards to the Simandl discussion. Parts of Simandl are ok, I used it a little when I first started playing bass in middle school but I'd recommend a more modern approach to bass. Find a really great classical bass teacher in your area that teaches out of his own style, I used many different books with my high school teacher and it made me a very versatile player knowing all the different fingering styles and approaches to bass. Simandl is very outdated from an old world concept of bass that just doesn't solely do the job by itself anymore.
Honestly, I'd go with 4X10 or 2X10 setup with the 1X15, so just switch between the 4 and 2 depending on how much power you need for the gig.
These are the ones that come to mind that I like to noodle around on when I pick up a bass. I love them all, and highly recommend to check them out if unfamiliar. :P

Frank Zappa - St. Alphonso's Pancake Breakfast
The Jackson 5 - ABC
Jaco Pastorius - Teen Town
Jaco Pastorius - Opus Pocus
Renaud Garcia-Fons - Berimbass
I think mass effect is really a metaphor for how asinine OP is.
Both, doesn't matter what you prefer, whatever works best for the track.
Nice score if I do say so! (which I do)
A friend of mine is really close friends with one of their AR people and at the NAMM show I just met with them and told them what I was doing and that it would be an honor to play their instruments and there ya go.
Pretty much, I only have one right now, but it was free. I mean, I have a bunch of other basses, fenders, a carvin, etc... but the vigier is so versatile it works in almost every situation. I've been trying to get a 4 sting and a fretless but they don't make many basses let alone ones that are readily available in SoCal.
@Bassfirst: I play french though...only one in the classical department at Cal State Northidge. But in the YMF Debut Orchestra we all play french.
@abornael: Yes it is a nice extension indeed. I don't use a quiver, but I just keep the mute on so I don't forget it. The bass I'm using is loud enough (no joke, its an awesome bass).
@Anarkee: We played in a chamber concert with a bunch of other chamber groups from CSUN, we played an arrangement I made for the second movement of Mozarts 23rd piano concert for Piano and Bass Quartet. (this piece - )
Played a bass quartet concert the other day. (I'm the one on the far left, and that's Oscar Meza on the far right, he's the assistant principal bass with the Los Angeles Philharmonic):P

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Dear fellow upright players. Anyone have some favourite exercises for improving intonation that they would like to pass on?

Practice with a bow and a tuner and keep your notes as consistent as possible. And study with a classical teacher. Good technique makes intonation a lot easier.
Here is a clip of a show with the bass. lol. Kinda delayed but I promise to record something soon with just me and the bass. :P
Friend of my dad's makes these.

Don't see a lot of these around. Custom Carvin 5-String from the sometime around the early mid 90s or earlier. Not quite sure.

I see a lot of 70s P-basses (It's a 76), but I've only seen one or two others with this kinda fretless neck. I got EMG P/J pickups on it.

And for bass pr0n, my Vigier bass. Don't see a lot of them in the US. I got an endorsement from them.

Flatwounds are very warm thumpy strings. Hybrids are an in between, they get a warm sound with a little brightness and clarity. And roundwouds are brighter, punchier, and get a lot of sound, but it all depends on what kinda of music you use that bass for. I have different kinds of strings on different basses, and they work great for whatever I use them for.
IMO, GK-2001RB head with both 1x15 and 4x10 cabs. You can also go 2x10 if you don't want to carry around a 4x10 cab and should do fine as well.
Immigration Song - Led Zeppelin

It's an easy song, but the repetitiveness on the main riff is like a hand workout and then there's the 16th note scales all in the key of C major just starting on different notes (A, B, C).
Schecter has some great low cost basses too. But for the uber low budget I'd go Squire or Ibanez.
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I have no idea about prices, but I'd aviod that Epiphhone like the plague.

Have a look at Squiers, Ibanez and maybe Peavey. You might have to go second-hand.

Couldn't have said it better. lol
Hey, I see a lot of guys here asking about taking on the upright and what to look for. Here is some great advice to think about when buying an upright.
Just watch out for the fan. That's the only thing that goes out on GKs. I've had to have the fan on my 400rb replaced a few times.
SWR cabs are really great. That'd be my pick. I use a 2x10, and 1x15 setup for my rig.
Bad drummers....
Pete Wentz if full of fail......and pretty much any bassist that has no concept of time and pocket.
Jaco Pastorius, Ray Brown, Renaud Garcia-Fons, Richard Bona, Paul Chambers, Ron Carter, Brian Bromberg, Jeff Berlin, Stanley Clarke, John Clayton, John Patitucci, Dave Holland, and a bunch, more but can't remember any. Take your pick, lol.
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2nd orchestra rehearsal tonight. One year in and I'm doing orchestra and jazz and wind on it. To any one considering picking up double bass, just pick it up and do it. It's frustrating often. It's worth it.

Nice man! I started out on upright and am planning on orchestras kinda being my career. But seriously, it is sooo rewarding. And it looks good on resumes and people will make a good deal about you being classically trained or being described as legit. lol.
I'd have a non mechanical C-Ext. installed if I got it though, lol, like I could ever afford it, but I'd also have a separate solo bass, this bass is purely and orchestra instrument.
My dream orchestra bass! XD

Thomas Dodd Bass Violin
7/8 Size, Violin Cornered, Flatback
Made in London, England c. 1790

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Congrats. That is definitely a sweet looking bass. Any chance of some sound clips or a vid to show it off?

I will post something soon most definitely.

And they're Viger pickups in there, lol.
Thanks. I still need a 4-string fretted and fretless and then I will be complete, lol.
I've started playing some bigger shows at House of Blues and other 1,500 seat type places. I know a few Vigier endorsees and made the connection there this year at the NAMM Show. I even jammed with Ron Thal at the Vigier booth. Amazing guitarist aka Bumblefoot and plays with Guns N Roses, although he's an amazing musician that is on the levels of Steve Vai and Joe Satriani unlike GNR themselves.
I know play Vigier basses/guitars (I play guitar too). Just picked up my first one today. It's sooo amazing! Sooo excited, just though I'd share with you guys!

Check them out!