I've got a Cort SFX-5. Great guitar!
Indeed, I've figured it out, I will always have a bit of noise, but it's that or my delay cutting of very abruptly ;-)
Well, the noise comes mostly from my Big Muff, so that's why it's there...
I have a secondhand Artec SE-NGT Noise Gate, and it certainly does it's job (all the hum is gone), but it also cuts of my signal rather abruptly, especially in combination with my delay pedal. My effects chain is Guitar -> line selector -> tuner -> Electroharmonix Big Muff -> Artec Noise Gate-> Electroharmonix #1 Echo

It has 2 knobs, Output and Sensitivity. I searched for a manual online but didn't find any.
Where in Belgium are you going? If you're heading for Antwerp, I can seriously recommend you 't Paeters' Vaetje for a pub :-)
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no idea on the LS-2 but delay after distortion is usually the way most people plug it, you can put it in front, it's personal preference. the TU-2 should go in first, less modulation = more accurate tuning.

So: Guitar -> Tuner -> Line selector -> overdrive -> delay -> amplifier

Another question: I know where to put in the adapter in the first pedal, but where do I connect the daisychain? There is an in- and out-put for the power on top of both Boss pedals, or do I connect the daisychain to the battery ends inside the pedal?

Thanks for the info in any case!
I need some help setting up my pedal board. So this is my setup:
I play blues harp (with a Shure Bullet mic) and electric guitar through the same little tube amp. The pedals I have are:
- A Boss LS-2 line selector (to switch from the Bullet mic to the guitar)
- A Boss TU-3 chromatic tuner (to tune the guitar, obviously)
- An Electroharmonix Big Muff Pi (for the guitar mostly, but it would be nice to use it for my harp playing also)
- An Electroharmonix #1 Echo (both for the guitar and the harmonica)

I have a VisualSound Onespot 9V-adapter and a daisychain. How would you connect all this? In what order?

The mailman brought me Paris - Texas by Ry Cooder on vinyl! :-)
Foo Fighters are a better band than Nirvana, and Dave Grohl is more interesting than Kurt Cobain. There, I said it.
I just saw Ennio Morricone live, conducting a brilliant evening of his music! :-)
Just enrolled for a brewing course, can't wait! But I'lll have to, untill March :-p
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Had this tonight at the pub. Oh man, this is my favourite tripel IPA from Belgium

A really good choice!
Guitar, harmonica, ukulele and I'd love to take up the mandolin.
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The Sirens of Titan

I was reading this whole thread to make sure I would be the first one to post that! But hey: good taste, you!!
Since mustard is used to make mayonnaise, isn't it just mayonnaise with more mustard?
Try second hand shops for boxes, racks, suitcases, ... for your vinyl.
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I'm drinking this right now, and it's pretty spectacular. It tastes like you'd expect a lambic to (sweet, effervescent), but it has such a strong apple flavor. I don't know if I could drink more than one.

What brand is that beer? It looks a bit like an old Lindemans label, but I 'm not sure...
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You guys are great. I learned a lot of new great songs from the stones. My favorite remains: Sweet Virgina. It has something special.

And a very amusing one to play by yourself, if you play both the guitar and the harmonica!
Call them yourself, and ask. That way they know you really want the job.
You're very welcome!
I just took two old turntables (the one my sister used, and was my dad's very first) and my first (which has been retiring for a few years, since I bought a new one), and made one, fully functioning out of the parts of those two for my sister again. Pretty fun job, and not really that complicated :-)

I think it's My sweet lady Jane. The instrument Brian Jones plays is a dulcimer, I believe.
I totally love the album! The only thing that would have made it better was if The Band sang more harmonies on it, but still, it's a great album!
I have finally got myself a vinyl copy of Time fades away! I drove four hours across the coutry to get it, but now I have :-)
Variating speeds could do the job, as well as another position? Personally I really like to enter her with my girl on her back, and me a bit on my side, beside her, lifting one of her legs...
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Is Lord of the Flies worth reading?

Hell yeah! It's absolutely frightning and horrible and lovely :-)
Live fast, die young was a motto from the fifties, and came from James Dean and Eddie Cochran, in my view. Robert Johnson was unknown in the fifties, and became more (but not quite worldwide) famous in te sixties, when other members made what is now the 27 club.
Seriously, why isn't Belgium an option even?
The Yardbirds, and Whiskeytown
I visited the Halve Maan Brewery with some friends yesterday, and obviously had some drinks afterwards... Great day!

So, visiting a brewery... Anyone else who did it? Which one?
Chivas Regal 18 year old. Opinions? I bought a bottle at a great price where I work, and I'm saving it for quite a while now...
George and Gilles Martin's mashup of the Beatles' Drive my car, What you're doing and The word, from the LOVE album :-)
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Any other Robin Hobb fans here?

Yes, very much so! I read her books in a Dutch translation, rather than the original English version, but still enjoyed them a lot!
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Found my new favorite beer:

Good choice! The dark brown one is also great (Delirium Nocturnum), but the Tremens is easily the best this brand has to offer! Great bitter blonde beer!
My birthday brought me a couple of 75cl bottles (and I had some standing here already): time to invite some friends for a drink!
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"Adult" as in t3h sexys? Who would get you those for your birthday?

No, adult as in not his children's stories (which are absolutely brilliant, also for adults)
I've got all Roald Dahl's adult short stories for my birthday, great holiday literature!
The Ruby Red Leffe was a disappointment, but I did have a great experience tasting Lindemans' taken on the old Geuze; Lindemans Cuvée René, this weekend!