Hi selling a fender super champ 15w head. Upgraded transformer so can be used 4, 8 or 16 ohms. In brand new condition absolutely spotless. £180. Delivery could be arranged. Any questions please ask
probably not much interest to you but got a squier strat neck and/or middle
Thanks appreciate that. Just working transport out and will get back to you
do you still have original pickups?
how's £10 delivered 1st class
I just looked up some prices and I didn't realise how much those nickel ones were haha. Does £20 inc. 1st class seem reasonable or not?
8 SPDT toggle switches (2 way)
5 red 6 green SPST push switches. (non latching)

12 gold speed knobs

neck and middle pickups from a squier strat

in the 90's they made a jimi hendrix 67' (think) replica strat. got the bridge pickup from one. its got a reverse stagger with right handed polarity. If you understand you'll probably want it :P

Ideally I'd like someone to take the whole lot off me but it's all got to go so feel free to make offers, think cheap!!
think they're unbranded pal, they are decent though, I've always used them
Dunno why anyone would need pictures of strings but what the heck you only live once.

MickAlmighty please feel free to make an offer, I haven't sold anything for a long time and don't really play much myself any more so don't really know what its worth just want to get rid of it all.
I used to sell a fair amount of stuff in varying places but I stopped a fair while ago and got some left over stuff I need to get rid of. In an ideal world I'd like someone to make me an offer for the whole lot and take it off my hands. Please feel free to try me for a price I don't know what I'd take. Otherwise please make offers on whatever you want.
Seperated strings in to brands to make things easier.

3 sets of D'addario exl110 from a multi pack
2 sets D'addario epn110
4 sets pro arte normal tension

1 set hybrid slinkys
1 set power slinkys
2 sets super slinkys

2 sets newtone electric masters .009
4 sets newtone electric masters .010
3 sets .011 12 string acoustic

got boxes of picks that are 0.46mm and 0.71mm mixed. the boxes are 100 picks. got 3 of them, 2 have been opened and probably have no more than 25 missing. I'm not counting the things though.. also got a bag of aprox. 25 but they are of poor quality and whoever buys the others can have them.

Jim Dunlop thumb picks - in the shell type got 3 large and 2 medium. Also got 2 medium white.

4 straplocks unbranded

2 unbranded trigger capos, one red one blue

5 black straps of slightly low quality but would do the job. One unpackaged.

3 straps with yellow and black design of very high quality with the adjustable leather ends. One unpackaged.

And I doubt anyone will want them but got one row of 6 inline through head 12 string guitar tuners from a 1975 yamaha. These are incredibly hard to find as it took me ages when I needed them.

If you want any pictures or more details on anything feel free to ask.

All needs to go!
Title says it all really. After a maple stratocaster neck. Would really like alabone dot inlays if pos.
bit of a warning for ARThriller. was buying his neck off him and now he's disappeared off the earth. Can see he's been online but ignored my message(s).
I'll take the neck $120 shipped UK
Hi there, I would like some ideas on how to make a way combining 2 signals onboard so that I don't have 2 wires coming out. However I would like to be able to have a blender knob so you can decide which is more prominent.
I'm guessing if the blender wouldn't be too easy, it wouldn't be too bad because you could set the volumes on the two pre-amps. Oh or thinking about it could you just wire both to the same output jack? Perhaps I've just answered my question haha.
Any help appreciated though, thanks a lot
Could someone send me a code please, I've been after one for months. Cheers
Hi there,
Can't find a tab for this on the net anywhere so any help appreciated.
Here is a youtube link

Many thanks
Yeah thats very true. It just means you're partially earthing the guitar
Yes the hum does go when you touch it. This is only happening on the tone control for the neck pickup, everything else is fine.
Hmm, don't have a meter anymore
I've already done the wire switching buissness, the problem is that when the tone knob isnt on full theres a bit of humming
Anybody got any ideas? Would like to get this finished tonight
Thanks guys, swapping them on both pots did the trick
New problem now, when tone is on anything less than full there is that unearthed hum, which ones the culprit now?
Hi there, So I have been repairing the electronics in a Les Paul type guitar, finally have just got it working but for the neck pickup the volume and tone controls are working backwards, ie full volume on 0 if that makes sense. Presumably this is something to do with an earthing wire, however I've been soldering all day and I am getting fed up so if anyone can help it would be highly apreciated.
Many thanks
Hopefully I can get this picture to work

Scratchplate was finished being painted today (enamel paints). Was painted by an art teacher. The guitar is a strat I customise when I have enough money, it has CourdroyEW pickups and a switch to bypass the volume (kinda like the opposite to a killswitch in a way). The next thing I want to do is have a maple neck with abalone inlays.
Edit - picture coming up far too small here is a link for you to enjoy
Got the snare pics cheers
Who's a silly boy then :P
Obvs you are in US as in dollars but will you ship to UK?
Okay no probs. Nah cos on my dad's comp, you can use the same address though (Y)
Hi Dan, can I have pics of the bass and snare please, email them if ya fancy mate.
would you be intersted in a d activator bridge or paf 36th anniversary neck? got an x2n too but doubt you want that.
Oh right ok, Didn't konow you were US. No problem, just let me know.
I have a X2N you can buy How does £55 delivered sound?
Also interested in the SD, have cash or could trade for schaller s6's
+1 to dizturbed. Really pleased with our deal, recommend him
+1 for alexmack. Very helpful and efficient seller, would deal with again.