Buy some Dunlop Jazz III's, you will probably love them. I find it hard to use anything else these days.
i have no idea what this thread is about but my cat absolutely loves Sigur Rós.

...and, as such, i absolutely love that cat.
^The Devin Townsend Project - Ki

Also, bumping what was probably the best thread this board ever saw.
2 of my favourite compositions ever:
Mare - Mare
Between the Buried and Me - The Silent Circus

2 albums ridiculously rich in texture and/or technicality:
Telefon Tel Aviv - Fahrenheit Fair Enough
Defeated Sanity - Psalms of the Moribund

And one album I could not live without; Cynic - Focus. This thread actually hurt my head.

Edit: Holy ****. The Pit has grown immensely since the last time I was here...
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You're WAY off.



Ah, gotcha.
Now, I could be wrong, but I do believe it's spelled 'lobster'.
Not sure if one already exists, but I created a UG clan on Killzone 2 if anyone's interested.

Clan name:
Clan tag: UGer

Sidenote: It's not meant to be one of those dedicated-as-fuck deals, it's just so we can get together once in a while and see if any UGers would like to play.

My PSN ID is ESPguitarist21, feel free to add me.
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I just looked up black metal

Fair enough.
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Swedish Black Metal

Immortal isn't Swedish.

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Hot girls and melodic death metal?

^This pretty much sums it up for me as well.
Wait, wait, wait.

Is that a motherfucking bean bag chair? I haven't seen one of those bad boys since '01.
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Colors - Between The Buried And Me

[quote="'Tommy[fin"]']If I was canadian, I wouldn't care aboot my woes.

I'd just hang around in a trailer park somewhere near Halifax, grow weed, get drunk, eat chicken fingers and live in a car.
This post pretty much sums up my life.
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That's a four-leaf clover.

That it is, but I'm pretty sure it means if four-leaf clovers aren't to be put in the fan, three-leaf clovers should be fine.

Edit: Beaten. Twice.
For the record, I didn't make these, a friend sent me them. I thought they were decent.

Mikael, simply because of this man.

..Wait, what?
You can't, I have a 6th generation Classic as well, and the things are pretty much un-modifiable as far as I know (I haven't tried to do anything fancy with it in several months).

And besides, how the hell would the controls work?
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Before this he was just a yellow person you could order around instead. There's no real difference. Or is there some kind of colour preference thing going on here?

He already was a mod, just not in The Pit.


Edit: Frenchy beat me to it.
When I think 90's, all I can hear is this.
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Is this even worth a thread?


You made a mistake, we don't care.
Have a nice day.
Protest The Hero. Rody Walker is one funny motherfucker.
2 words:

Duck Hunt.
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i have a leaf blower. and i love it.


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...usually people who are born between september and december are considered younger...


Apparently some of them still got in though..

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"They won't let us in, but we have a group that will cross in another spot," she said. "They'll have to strip search everyone who crosses that border or they won't know who we are. They'll have to see the WBC (Westboro Baptist Church) tattoo on our butts."

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Holy Ballsacks, guys.. No Muhammed Suicmez?

He plays guitar/sings (growls like a beast) for Necrophagist..


I agree with you 100%, I can't believe I forgot him.
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paul waggoner, def.

I'd have to say that's not exactly true these days, for example:

But in the past..

..Yeah. Then I'd have to agree with you .
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I can't wait to tell my dad that I'm not screw up.

You might want to take a deeper look into that.
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It's all good.

..It looks a hell of a lot better than anything I've ever done in MS Paint.
^ A Sense Of Purpose by In Flames, I do believe it was already done in this thread.
^ Still Life by Opeth and the Pizza EP from HORSE The Band.
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i didnt take as much time as i should have

Doppelgänger by The Fall Of Troy.
^ Agreed.