Japanese bonus track from The Odyssey. The current tab is just the intro, and it would nice to have the entire song.
The existing tab is guitar only (and having other instruments would be nice), and as some comments have mentioned, a lot of the chords and arpeggios don't seem quite right.
Just replying to say that I'd love to see more Caligula's Horse on here. I've attached a GP file with a basic setup for the song (tempo, time signatures, and I believe the correct tuning for each instrument).

I haven't done anything else for this particular song, but I have somewhat more complete files for Bloom and Firelight (and could do setups for other songs of theirs if people are interested).
7-string guitar and 6-string bass.

Jake Dreyer's guitar playthrough here:

Clip of bass playthrough here:

A GP file with a basic setup is attached
There's a video of John 5 playing this

Might be helpful for figuring out out what he's doing.