Oops. Must have missed that in my first post, sorry about that. I'm looking for $1300 shipped to anywhere in the US.
EMG 81/85 pickups, the guitar is in great condition, a clean 9/10. I bought it and it's sat in the case, same with the guy before me (original owner), there were two minor knicks at the end of each wing but it looks like they'd been painted over, or just small enough to not chip the paint. Mainly looking for cash but if people are willing to trade for something of equal value I'm interested, or trade + cash. Comes with a hard shell case. If ya guys have any questions feel free to ask here or message me.

Here are some pictures:
The rhythm and singing were solid, the tone wasn't the greatest, it sounds it was recorded direct? But whatever.

The guitarist playing the solos (you?) had a bit of the phrases off, and if you worked on your vibrato (which is a HUGE part of Marty's playing..) will improve your sound tremendously.

Just my two cents.
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Should've ate some iron. Veins popping out got my attention. /med student

Also, pinky is a little awkward but I assume it's because you lost your hair. Some stuff had a smidge of buzz, but it was pretty good overall.


The veins are from working out , man. I like em haha.

The buzz comes from the camera and youtube. I'll Crit your guys's stuff a little later, sorry it has taken so long to respond but thank you for your comments.
That sure as hell got all your guys's attention eh?

Well, I cut all my hair off about a week ago and everyone keeps asking me "Do you still like shred and stuff man?". My response is..No. I absolutely hate it. So I decided to make a video that proves once you cut your hair, you cannot play, attempt, like, enjoy, watch, or listen to shred!

But really, it's just me noodling around on some Cacophony, Racer X, Malmsteen and I noticed there was a bunch of really good players here so hopefully I can get some constructive criticism from the vid.
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Rock And Roll.

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Love the hair.

Hah, that seems to be the only reply I get whenever I post here.

One of my favorite solo's of YJM's career. I wanted to test my ear training and learn one of his solo's without using any sort of tab. I improvise a bit of the solo and I tuned the song down to Eb.

I've been playing almost 3 years so feedback and criticism is very welcomed. If anyone wants the tab let me know.
Maybe I should cut my hair off then.

But thank you for the compliment.
Sup everyone, I've always dug this solo by Jeff so I decided I needed to take a crack at it. It's not note for note exact since I wanted to learn this by ear to get better at that sort of thing, so forgive if it's not perfect.

Constructive criticism is beyond welcomed, good, bad, whatever. Let it rip.
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u mean multiple sections like slow-fast soft-hard if so try some metallica songs especially off and justice for all try the call of ktulu fade to black just a bunch of metallica maybe hollow by pantera


You can listen to pretty much any Meshuggah song and find a polyrhythm.

Beginning is a polyrhythm. Correct me if i'm wrong.
None of my topics really do good here, but I'll give this one a shot. First part is a bit off a solo from my song i'm working on, the second is the main theme to YJM's trilogy suite op5. You can read more or whatever in the video description.

Feedback is welcomed, good or negative.
As always, a solo.. Everyone here knows that I'm pretty butt-crazy for Cacophony/Marty/Jason, so I figured I'd put a solo up.. Not as shredtastic as some of the other songs but this solo is awesome as hell, hopefully I didn't butcher it too bad.

I roughly improvised on Jasons part.
It's not sloppy, it's the camera distorting the sound, if you listen very carefully you can hear that it's the camera ****ting out, not me.. But thank you.
Well, I wanked off a little but for the most part I followed the solo.. It was just a quick take, to see if I could get it and this is the end result. I'm probably going to re-record it later on but I have a big problem with learning something then moving on to other ****.. Anyways, here's the video..

Feedback, good, bad, lay it on me.

*Link updated with a better quality version*

Improvised the second half, first take.. Lets see if I can get some criticism, the video quality isn't great but the audio quality is clear and that's what matters.
The biggest part of Marty's sound is his vibrato and bending, which is not something that is easy to master.

That seems to be the biggest downfall of this cover, though.
Spread the love...and or hate.
I have a song coming up, most of it is recorded but there still needs to be a lot more done to it, but until then, I decided to bust out the pod and audacity (God damn Sonar keeps freezing) and give you guys a sample of the song. The program has a little lag , anyways.

Check it out, "Clip of Serenity". The full song should be cool..I hope.

Bump..Really looking for some constructive criticism.
...But!... Only the first 10 seconds or so.. I'm going to do the full thing soon once I have it completely up to speed and clean enough, this is sort of a test to get a little feedback.. Harsh criticism is more than welcomed.
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sick head wish i wasnt poor

Me too, this amp needs a owner.
Bump..This is a killer head..
The amp has minimal use and never been gigged. It is only two months only and in mint condition with the acception of one or two tiny knicks underneath the head that you can't even see with out looking for them. The reason I am selling this amp is because I don't use it nearly as much as my other heads and doesn't fit the style of music I play. I think this amp should be with someone who would put it to use and make it scream. I still have the manuals, the Crate warranty, the original packing, the footswitch w/cable, and power supply which will all be included with the amp. I only ship to the US and only accept paypal.

$650 shipped.

This still for sale? PM sent.
Ugly..But I wasn't expecting much, the 97 era Camaro's, and the year after that were ass ugly too. Looked like door wedges.
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im pretty sure Marty didn't play at all on it. on Marty's website it says that Images was Jasons tune and that Jason basically did it all himself

and the sweeps in images are pretty tough and if you dont know how to sweep probably impossible haha

have fun with it though and i hope i helped

Jason wrote most of it, but Marty definitely plays on it..You can hear his vibrato on it for sure.
Oh, well..I'm glad you like my gear, haha.

When you get off work you should check out the recordings.
Fast and Clean > Slow and Sloppy.

Blues people can't appreciate the hard work put into shredding, so they just find bull**** things to say about them.

Listen to anything off Jason Becker's Perpetual Burn album, Shawn Lane's Powers of Ten, Marty Friedman's Scenes, Guthrie Govan's Erotica Cakes.
If anyone is interested in cell phone quality recording (ew..), and random wanker-attemptive-shred..Then this is for you!

If not...I understand :P.

"Wanker bull**** bad quality"

Um..Pretty much got super bored, wanted to hear something and ended up uploading it, it's just random, cliche', emotionless attemptive shred!

Yes..I'm aware I look super young =(

Unleash the fury though, if you think it sucks, say so, I've been playing for about 2 yrs, 1 yr with dedication, but there's no excuse!

Oh..and feel free to send me a friend request.

Constructive criticism is beyond welcomed.
Phil is a f***ing c.unt that is caught up his own Ego and Shadow of Dime.

That is what happened.
Thrasher - Skate and Destroy, but that was mainly all rap bull****.
It's off his Hot Licks DVD, I'm pretty sure it didn't come out to CD.
I'm such a classic Cacophony/MartyDeth fan...I just heard snippets of the new album...and he just single handled ruined some of my favorite songs...

Vox...Wow...:/...Whhhhyyy *cry*
The tone isn't good, and I really like seeing people try Becker songs.

This isn't the greatest, but it isn't the worst... The arpeggios are really hard in this song but they sound pretty sloppy in this video, some parts are drastically off too.

Overall if you just keep practicing them slower you'll probably get it down really really quick.