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the Sweet Sound Mojo/Mofaux/Ultra II are all supposed to be amazing, and Bob Sweet is an excellent guy to deal with.

Here's mine:

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i'm not sure if it's the same thing as a univibe, but fultone make a dejavibe pedal, i think that's what hendrix used to use, pretty damn expensive!

Thanks for playing. Fulltone wasn't founded until 20 years after Hendrix died. Get a Sweetsound Ultra Vibe II.
Just get a Maxon AD-999. Beats the hell out of the others.
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heh, i JUST finished looking at your thread at TGP, i'm really digging the pedalboard, their stuff is quality.

Thanks. Here's their link:
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I'm going to purchase another les paul from ebay soon. I'm going to post up the links to what i feel is a good deal, maby someone could help me not buy another fakie.
I don't imagine ebay is the best place for you to make the purchase. Go to a reputable local dealer, and have your parents or a knowlegable friend help you.

For $1,700 cash you should have no trouble finding a suitable Gibson
Les Paul.

Make sure to post a pic so we can celebrate your success.

ALSO, let us know this ebayer's name on ebay so we know to stay away from him. I expect he will put your guitar back up for auction for another unsuspecting buyer, so do the group a service by giving us his name so none of your fellow forum members will fall for it.
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1st off that amp is pretty damn good for the price and the clean channel is amazing. 2nd I saved up for that guitar for about 2 years. My priority was good guitar before good amp. I have the money as of right now to get an amp, but I want to make the right choice.

Fortunately you like the guitar and the way it sounds, so even if it is a fake, it must still be a quality instrument. That being said, I hope you get justice and screw the scam artist to the wall.
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I bought that les on ebay back in ' i'm mad.. I paid $1,700 for that guitar. I knew that deal was too good to be true! What should I do. I feel really cheated right now. The serial number checks out just fine on Gibsons website. It shows that it's a legit guitar.

Dude, you play through a $329 solid state amp. Do you truly want us to believe you paid $1,700 on a fake Gibson LP guitar?
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also what do you guys think about the knobs????

I changed them from the gold stock ones to the top hats with the silver erters.

Why did you change them out? They don't look bad, buy I prefer stock. Also, I agree that guy got a fake. Did he know he was buying a fake? Appears so since he hasn't posted since the revelation.
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Just make sure to stretch the strings well before the gig then.

I've had more break during a string change than while playing, but I change mine regularly. As to the stretching issue, I can have a set of strings "stretched", meaning they stay in tune, with about 5 minutes of playing so that's not something to fear.
I'm not sure I understand the poll question? Leave the pickguard?

Leave the pickguard what?

Leave the pickguard OFF or Leave the pickguard ON? Which is it?

I say put the pickguard ON.
A really nice clean tone, similar to Hendrix in The Wind Cries Mary and you want to play blues. A Fender Deluxe Reverb with a fuzz pedal set low.
How do you like the vibe? I'm considering adding a vibe, but I'm not sure I need it considering I have a flanger, a phaser, and a chorus already.
Also, try running the FD2 at 18v. I do, and it sounds fuller.
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I was also planning to wait one year for a Hot Rod Deluxe or AC30. If those are worth the wait, I won't buy.

Thanks -Zp4

I always thought the AC30 was the flagship of the Vox line. Also, I thought the AC30 was about twice the price of the Hot Rod Deluxe. In other words, I don't consider the Fender Hot Rod Deluxe in the same category as the Vox AC30. If you are saving for one of those, go for the AC30.

That being said, the Blues Jr. is a nice little amp. I've had one and the only flaws I saw were the mediocre reverb and boxy sound from the small cabinet. Other than that, it was great for the $$. How about an AC15 for close to the same $$?
I wouldn't do what you are suggesting. However, there may be a solution to your problem. You may be able to run an attenuator between the power amp and speaker. Some attenuators I understand have headphone jacks.
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So many noobs in this thread...

Not all MFX have horrible tones, PodXTL and Boss GT-8 for instance.

Those cost more than his amp. But you are right, I have a Pod XT and it is a great product. I don't use it with my amp, I use it as a headphone amp on its own and for recording.
Without a doubt, get individual pedals. Reasons: 1) easy to buy and sell individual units; 2) if one breaks, they are not all broken; 3) adding and subtracting pedals is part of the fun; variety in sounds from different manufactuers.
I second what the others said, it's not a metal amp. That being said, it has tubes so it's better than many other amps in the same price range as far as I'm concerned. You can put an OD or fuzz in front of it and get a usable metal crunch sound. For blues or jazz you can't beat it in that price range. The reverb is week, but you're not going to get a great reverb at that price. Another optionis the Pro Jr, and use the $100 savings to buy a pedal. They are both 15 watts, but the Blues Jr has a bigger speaker.

I have owned one, and the only reason I traded it was because I jumped up to an amp that costs twice as much, but has a bigger cabinet.
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Aren't they? I thought distortion pedals were meant mainly for SS amps?

[/Gear noob]

It's too late?

And wouldn't a distortion pedal still work?

It's never too late if you make a big enough scene, but there really isn't much out there in that price range. I play more clean so the amp for me at that price range would be a Fender pro jr (tube amp). You want metal, so you want something else I presume.

Anyway, a distortion pedal will work on a ss amp. The OD pedal, which oversaturates your tubes, doesn't make sense on a non tube amp, so that's why people are saying an od will not work on your amp. Maybe you are not seeking the distinction, but a distortion pedal and an OverDrive pedal are not the same thing. Unless it already has a modeler, get the distortion pedal if you keep the SS amp.
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LIAR!!!!! lol jks

I was careful to say "decent", not "good." The squire still sounds like ass.
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how much of my dissatisfication do you think is because of the guitar more than the amp?

i know there are Really better amps out there, if i only had the money.

Get the new guitar.

My reason for this advice is my nice guitar makes my 7 year old's MG15DFX sound decent, while my son's squire mini still sounds like crap on my nice amp. (Click my setup below if you want to see what I consider a nice guitar and nice amp.)
Alright, I'm lost. When the hell did you buy it? It sounds like you are saying you bought it a year ago, or your parents bought it with you 50/50 last Christmas, or you've had it since the beginning of the year???? Assuming I'm not reading that wrong and you've had it 12 months now, why are you just now deciding it's not good for the type of music you like? I guess that doesn't really matter. Just sell it and buy something else. I've sold gear that costs more than that amp in minutes on other gear sites. It's really not that hard.

If on the other hand this is an amp you bought with your parents last week, then just take it back and get the one you want. No store is going to refuse an exchange one or two weeks later.
In that price range, a Blues Jr or a Pro Jr would be nice.
Tell me about flangers and what music you use them for? I imagine they are good for Van Halen type music. What else? Also, what are some good ones? MXR? Boss? I see some of the boutique makers have flangers combined with other effects like the Fulltone Choralflange.

Do they all run on 18v, or is that just the MXR? Can you use a 9v plug (even though it can take two 9v batteries)?

Probably the dark grey one.

Monster has good ones. I have George Ls right now and like those. If you have some $$$$, read this:

Cable reviews
Here's mine. I have a pedalpower2+ mounted underneath (with eight 9v taps - I'm running two into one pedal so I can get 18v), plus there's an extra outlet underneath and one one the right side so I can plug in my amp, wah, one spot, or whatever.

There is no reason it has to be boring or purely utilitarian. Here's mine. I have a pedalpower2+ mounted underneath (with eight 9v taps - I'm running two into one pedal so I can get 18v), plus there's an extra outlet underneath and on the right side so I can plug in my amp, or wah, one spot, or whatever.

Boost: Klon Centaur
OD: Landgraff Dynamic OD
Fuzz: Analognam Sunface NKT
Tape Delay: Fulltone TubeTapeEcho
Chorus: Analogman Clone Chorus
At best you have a defamation claim if the things he said about you at the table to his Indian friend aren't true. Then again, the jury will probably be made up of indians and black people who won't look favorably on the way you refer to them and/or their religious garb, so I wouldn't bet on getting a huge verdict. Plus, you pushed him in the face so he has a battery claim against you.
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if you play metal maybe a flanger pedal would work for your next pedal


Don't worry about the anti MT-2 comments. If for some reason these guys give you a complex thinking you have a loser pedal, then just send it off to Keeley and have it modded. One of the guys in my band did that and it sounds incredible.
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I have a spider II 30 watt(dont hate) and I want a good quality cable that goes from the amp straight to the guitar... I bought some of these:
but i wanted to make sure I was making the right choice. I know the copper plated monster cables are really good but it costs like 40 bucks for 1.5 ft...

I've used those before and they work well. I use ones that are a level up from those now (see link below), but the ones you bought are fine.

Based on your suggestion, I went ahead and ordered a Sunlion. The closest I have to a fuzz right now is a COT 50, so I guess I need it. Plus, good pedals are easy to sell if it doesn't work with my setup.

On another note, does anyone know how to stop these stupid pop up ads on this site? My popup blocker stops popups everywhere but here.
Good eye. I have the chorus and it sounds great. Lately I've bee using it along with my delay for a cool Grateful Dead sound.

The sunlion looks like a great pedal. Plus, since Mike wants it to be battery only because of the NKT chip, I understand it switches off when not in use so as not to use up the battery.
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analogman king of tone. the waiting list for this pedal is over a year long haha. good thing im on it

hey usc96, do u happen to go to the university of southern california?

I forgot about the KOT. A year is a long time though.

I went to the USC in South Carolina. That being said, I was invited to go to LA next week. I passed, because I just got back from Denver and the trip was going to have a quick turnaround, meaning I wouldn't get to do much. What's the weather like right now? What did I miss?
The Hughes & Kettner Tubeman sounds pretty cool:

Wow, I really liked the Soldano Supercharger GTO. It's got real tubes in it like the Chandler stuff. I may have to look at it for the more distorted stuff.

Now I'm still trying to figure out the Cornish pedals mentioned above.