Posting on behalf of another user who contacted me via PM:


The above tab I first found in the tab request section... I did the request and submitted it..
Since I have tab moderator status my tabs always go right through and are accepted...
This tab was immediately accepted as usual....

This above tab was accepted on November 10, 2015:

Here in my list of contributions/tab it clearly shows it has been as stated accepted:

However, from the very beginning it showed when clicked on:

Shit happens!
The site is down for a moment.
We're fixing it and we'll be back soon.

Go to homepage. Report a problem

At this point in time it still does not appear for anyone to see and I continuously get the above message... I can not even get into the tab to edit it or anything else to fix the problem or make it appear.....
It takes a few days to get indexed. Just be patient.
If a publisher asks for a tab to be removed, then that is what UG will do to avoid any sort of copyright infringement. You will run across tabs that have been pulled, and that's unfortunate. You may have to purchase official tab books from the publisher for those songs.
Updated the song title.
No, "remix" will not be accepted. Only "Live" or "Acoustic" are accepted. You can rename the existing one "Song Title Acoustic" just hit the edit button at the top of the accepted tab.
Yes, if they are different. Name one "Song Title Acoustic" and name the other one "Song Title."
The link worked fine for me.

I agree with nobbers, I can barely hear the guitar but your voice sounds great!! I always throw the demo version of this song in and sing harmony along with Damien since Lisa isn't on that recording.

Great job!
Quote by Stefan_P
I wanted to submit two different versions of the same song, but it wont accept the second version, it just keep sending me to the first version. Why?

What is the reason for submitting two versions of the same song? Normally this is only accepted if one is a live or acoustic version.
Quote by jeppedanielsen
Hey i have submitted my tab, but i got rejected, i have since corrected it but i get no feedback now.
Also there are no other tabs for this song.

Approved. Thanks for fixing.
Quote by EndTheRapture51
The good songs on T2L = Supremacy, Animals, Big Freeze, Liquid State, Isolated System

The average songs on T2L = Madness, Panic Station, Survival, Follow Me, Explorers, Save Me, Unsustainable

I have the exact opposite opinion (with the exception of Supremacy and Save me)! I LOVE Supremacy, Follow Me, Madness and Panic Station. I actively dislike (and skip) Animals, Liquid State (sounds like Foo Fighters to me), and Save Me. The others I can take or leave.

I'm a new Muse fan though - Supremacy is the song that made me fall in love with the band. I've been working my way backwards through the albums since then, so I'm going in the opposite direction than most of the fans that have been around.
What tab are you trying to see?
Quote by NougatOfficial
Is it true for a tab you have to line up the chords over the lyrics?

For tabs, no. For chord sheets, yes. I think the problem with your "Unwell" tab is that it was originally listed as a chord sheet, so they judged it as such.
Wow - you have really put a lot of work into this! And I was really surprised to read that you are not a native English speaker. I really like your weekly "Musical Monday" "Technique Tuesday" part. That was very clever!
It's called a "borrowed chord" and it's just fine.
Awesome! In my household it would be backwards: my husband would buy the expensive clothes and I would buy the guitar. Congrats on your new purchase!
Quote by danielprietog
Hi, everyone.

I submitted chords and lyrics for 'La Aparecida', a Jorge Drexler song. The chords are not your regular A D E, they're somewhat complicated, and the system doesn't blue them, they are not recognized. Instead, I submitted equivalent chords, enharmonic spellings, but they don't really reflect the harmonic sense of the song.

Is that OK? How can I make the system recognize something as 'A6/7sus4'?


Sometimes you just won't be able to get all the chords highlighted. If they aren't in UG's database, then it's not going to happen. If they aren't recognized as chords, then your best bet is to write some notation as to what fingering you are referring to at the top of the tab. It is not necessary for all chords to be highlighted in order to get approved.
You probably want to find out how much the signature itself is worth, really. The MSRP on that model of guitar is around $230 USD for a brand new one. I suggest you take it to your local guitar shop and see what they say. They would be able to judge the condition properly.
Justin Sandercoe has a "Rhythm" section on his site:

He has been my favorite teacher of all of them.
Quote by electricblue2
I've had three rejections today and I get a 404 when I try to see the reasons so I guess I'll justify them here.

Home by Jess Glynne: no other chords for this one so I don't see the problem.

Everything is Embarrassing by Sky Ferreira: there are two versions up but I didn't think they were very accurate.

Broken English by Adam Lambert: there's a version up that was by me but I accidentally deleted it instead of using the update function, so I resubmitted a version with the corrections.

The Adam Lambert one was rejected because you didn't tab the last verse of the song. We will reject incomplete tabs. ****************1FmTTNb


Quote by onecentrob
Song: Sam Stone
Artist: John Prine
Type: Chords and lyrics

I submitted the chords and lyrics for the above song the other day because there were no accurate chords for the 1971 Album version. Within about 2 minutes of submitting it, it was rejected by someone who wrote: "your tab is great and 1st version is not a good tab. but still no need to make new version. I modify 1st version for you. and also modify some Chord that cannot detect. enjoy your tab in 1st version."

So he/she rejected my tab and then copied and pasted it over the top of an existing version which is rated with 3 stars and was terrible. Not only that but the reviewer didn't even copy the tab correctly. I had used lower case letter to distinguish the notes of the bass runs from the chords, which were in CAPS. He turned all the bass notes into capitals which makes the tab completely wrong.

Here is the tab as it now appears:

I appealed the rejection and explained what had happened. The appeal was then rejected because it was "a duplicate". But it was only a duplicate of my own work!

What is the point of transcribing and submitting new tabs if reviewers/moderators are just going to reject them and then paste them over the top of tabs which have already been rated as bad? And not even do that properly.

This is unacceptable. This user should not be doing this. Emad - what can be done about it? This guy has done this to at least 20 other people!

EDIT = Nevermind, Zappp is on it already. Thanks for bringing it to our attention
There is a bug that is causing that to happen with a lot of high level contributors. It seems to happen if you submit several in one day. They are aware of it.
Email notifications are again not working. I've gotten no notice of any tab ratings, private messages or group messages.
They do the formatting for you. If you want to format it yourself, you have to use HTML. Here is the guide on how to do that:
These two tabs are hung in queue with a "Something is technically wrong" error. They cannot be approved or rejected:
Level 4 isn't based only on the number of tabs you submit. They make you a level 4 based on several different factors. Number of tabs, what your average ratings are, and your ranking are among those factors. UG has not disclosed the criteria for becoming a level 4 contributor, so the exact numbers are unknown. There are people that have submitted thousands of tabs that are still not level 4 because they do not meet all the criteria.
Got it approved, thanks for your help!
Quote by emad
You should've pmed this guy:

He's in charge of lessons, articles etc.

That is who I PM'd. No answer.
I submitted a lesson a month ago and it is still waiting!!! I've PM'd the mod that looks at these and got ignored. There have been several other lessons that have been approved since I've submitted mine, what is going on??!
I submitted mine on December 22nd and it's still waiting.
Quote by axumite
I posted a tab for "Asleep at Last" by The Wailin' Jennys which was rejected for the following reason:

• Lack of formatting. Unrecognized chords. What's up with all of the slashes and lines in the chords.

Let me explain. The symbols I used were:

G ///| G ///| D ///| D ///|

Which shows 2 bars of G major followed by 2 bars of D major. This is a common way of showing bars as well as chords. The downstrokes tell you how many beats are in each bar and when the chord is played within the bar.
I am surprised that UG has never come across this way of displaying chords. It has the advantage over just putting the chords over the words because it tell you how many bars to play each Chord for.
I will submit a fresh tab that is compliant but I think your rules are very limiting and don't help the player as much as the method I used.

The problem here is the way the UG chord parser works. It will automatically pick up chords, but the only way it will do so properly is if there is no other text on the same line. This is why we ask you to put the chord changes above the lyrics, so they are on their own line without other text. If you write the chords the way you have above, then the parser will not recognize those chords as anything other than standard text.

You can get around the issue with the parser by manually writing your chords instead of letting the parser pick them up. In order to do this, you have to surround your intended chord in the [ch] [/ch] tags. So what you have written above would look like this:

[ch]G[/ch] ///| [ch]G[/ch] ///| [ch]D[/ch] ///| [ch]D[/ch] ///|
Quote by jhalterman
I just submitted my first tab (don't expect it to become popular or anything) and was pleased to see a "+5" by it. Little did I know it was a sole tab moderator's vote :/

So, for all I know, the tab moderator didn't even listen to the song and compare it to my tab?

We can have over 1000 tabs waiting for approval at any given time. How long do you think it would take for the small handful of us to sit and listen to 1000 songs and compare them to every tab submitted? It would take months to get a tab approved at that rate. We check to see if it's formatted properly and make sure it's not a duplicate. That's about it. It's up to the general public and the ratings system to tell you how good or accurate your tab is.

I know the ratings system is getting an overhaul. I don't have any specific information about when it is happening. The mods do know that it is not a perfect system as is.
Dude - spamming the forum by posting this in multiple threads is a great way to get yourself banned from the site. Was it really necessary to post this in so many different irrelevant threads? There is a tab request thread here. If you are looking for tabs or chords, that is where you should post it. Or you can request the chords on the site here:
More like "WTF, Where's my lesson?" I submitted a lesson on 12/23 that is still pending review. Can someone look at it? Thanks. It's called "When to use sharps and when to use flats when transcribing music."
It feels like an uphill battle sometimes. You read the rubric, follow the rules as outlined, reject poor submissions like the ones you've linked, and then someone comes along and just pushes it through anyway. I thought the point of being a moderator was to actually moderate something? Why do we even have the rubric if the mods don't abide by it?

Sorry to hijack your thread just to whine. This has been frustrating me forever. Thanks for any help you can provide, emad.
Sometimes you just have to set it aside and come back to it. If something is just way beyond me, I'll practice something else for awhile and then revisit it in the next day or two. When I get really frustrated, I start to hammer out stuff I'm good at for awhile to boost my confidence back up.
Hi Andy, you are not able to edit other user's tabs until you reach a level 4 status as a contributor. People of this status are chosen by the mods and have at least 10 high quality contributions. Let me know what you are trying to edit and I will see if I can help.