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Rumour has it they played Huge and Flood last night. I think I need to get a ticket for the London date.

They played Flood?! I am so keen to see them in Leeds on the weekend.
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they are often on those bridges.

I can't remember what you were looking at but there's quite a lot of choice in that budget.

It was a ridiculous situation, a foreign car was sat in the middle lane with nothing on the inside lane, I pulled out to pass it, they started accelerating while I was passing, I kept my foot down and then spotted it on the bridge by which time it was too late.

I've been looking at the Fiesta Zetec S and the MkV 1.9TDi Golf but the Golf is pretty pricey.
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I always go too fast on the m4, was it a mobile or fixed camera? I'll have to be more careful...

Welsh side, between Miskin and Pencoed, mobile van parked on one of the bridges going over the motorway.

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pink - general budget?

I've got about £4500-5000 to spend and that is pushing it.

I had a letter come through today which has offered me the Speed Awareness Course so no points but I really think the time has come for a more practical vehicle that I can actually use rather than cry for the entire journey once I've had to put juice in it.
So I got caught speeding on the M4. Bummed out as depending on what it does to my insurance I may have to get rid of the Golf.

I seem to remember someone here had a Fiesta Zetec S, how was it? Any other suggestions for fairly nippy hot hatches with decent fuel economy are welcomed.
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He's from mid wales, scoobies are b road burners.

although he prefers evo's so his opinion is moot.

Considering my Dad has owned every incarnation of the Impreza since the Catalunya I have had plenty of experience with them

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Evo's ftw, although you cant beat that scoobie sound

Believe me, if you had as many Impreza's as there are around here you'd get as bored of that Boxer sound as I am. Every man and his dog has one and 95% of them are utter dickheads about it.
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I like the spoiler, it matches the other mouldings. Also removing off-road/travel accessories on a vehicle made for it = wat. Your logic, it confuses me sir.

I treat the WRX as a performance car, not a workhorse. If he wanted the crossover of performance and workhorse then there's the Legacy or the WRX estate. Add a roof rack to a WRX and it just looks out of place.
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So guys, what do you think?

The guy wants $4900. 123,000kms, pw,ac, winter+summer tires and has recently passed air care in Vancouver, which is a good sign.

Take off that horrendous attempt at a spoiler, remove the roof-rack mountings and take off the rear wiper. Actually, just buy an Evo and be done with it. You know that at some point you're going to come up next to an Evo and cry because you didn't buy one. Better cars hands down.

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I'm officially a hippy. Pics to come weekend...

If you've bought a reasonable condition VW Camper I am going to kill you.
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Jones AKA: Dhalsim.

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So it's getting bloody summery here in England, and I find myself with a very limited range of shorts. Basically, I'm 15 and have managed to thrive with just some cargo shorts and that kind of thing for my whole life, but I feel like I should get something a little more grown up, just some knee length shorts. I don't really know where to start with shorts though, any particular shops good for this? Fairly cheap would be nice, I don't really wanna spend more than £30 unless they are amazing. I want a couple of different pairs I guess, anyone wanna help me out?

Dickies 13" shorts will probably be your best bet. Reasonable range of colours and not too expensive either. I happen to be rocking a pair at the moment.

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why bother?

get it mapped and leave it as is, putting nice wheels on an estate or messing with the body work is a bit daft,

Daft? Really?

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this is true.
im assuming its one of his legs since he wont disclose what the injury was.

It's a knee injury again;
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Ugh. I want to like the Beemers, but the cylinders sticking out on those boxers is just goofy looking to me. All about the 90° V-twins, baby:

Speaking of 90° V-twins, what is that last one in your post based off of?

And while we're at it, here's some thumper love, for the hell of it:

Why are we posting this here, BTW? There is a dedicated thread for bikes.

I know what you mean but I LOVE the noise those boxer engines make, I also like the different look. There's also the prop driven rear wheel which blew my mind when someone showed me. I'm not sure, I'm trying to find the full build thread but failing miserably!

I love the Gladius, I almost bought one in that very colour scheme as my first big bike!
All of this Harley talk makes my eyes burn. Clumsy, noisy, crap. Now here are some bikes to make your blood pump;

And the piece de la resistance;

Just what bikes SHOULD be about, stripped down, balls-out speed machines.
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Old pic of my new ride. Well, new to me. 40k on the clock when I picked it up, since then it's had the hydragas lifted, high performance clutch, new set of xenon bulbs/LED swap for the running lights and fitted with a color matched hard top for the winter. Still to go I'm looking at swapping out for a wider throttle body, front/back airfoils and possibly remapping the ECU for a few more horses. As is though it's a 1.8i, 120bhp and official spec is 0-60 in 8.8s although I've clocked it at 7.8 :p

They seem to have got rid of the limp wristed smiley I was going to put here. Damn.
So it's the UK leg of the WRC and I went out to the main road by my place to watch all the cars go between stages and saw a corker. Sadly I didn't have my camera but I saw a 'JDM AS FK' and these:

on a body-kitted Fiat Punto. For you Those of you not from the UK I shall explain further, the Punto is a small, slow Italian shopping trolley like this:

I died a little inside.
I haven't been out with my camera for ages but I did play about with some older photos earlier;

IMG_0135 by Certain Tragedy, on Flickr
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So I'm going to sell my Canon 7D and Sigma 30mm F1.4 very soon!

I'm going trekking for a couple months or so and can't be lugging round my Canon gear. I need to film though so I think I'm going to pick up a Panassonic GH2 Once I'm back I'll probably sell that and go pick up a 5D Mark II before I head off to uni.

Anyway, if you're in the UK and are interested in a mint 7D or Sigma 30mm let me know!
The camera is great, if you're in the market for one I probably don't need to make a sales pitch. But the Sigma Is awesome.. this is a super sharp copy!

Here they are together...

What sort of money are you wanting for the Sigma?
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Well I was thinking about 250+ bhp power wise.

My friends looking for a winter project and asked for help. We were originally gonna try and make a complete off road dune buggy but we dont have anywhere to use it, so something road legal but fast.
A girl at work is selling her Mx5 for £900 so its worth a punt I think.

You'd struggle to put all of that power down or get the thing to handle it. I know the original BBR MX5 Turbo only had 152bhp and then when they released the upgraded anniversary edition it still only had 220bhp. They decided that it was all the car could ever want or handle. It's the same thought process that Lotus have with the Elise, you can make it too powerful.

Inevitably you could make it handle that kind of power but I dread to think what the costs would be.
“Triangle chokes are the refuge of cowards. I only gave him that victory out of pity because I was embarrassed that he tried that.”

“I picked my medium very carefully when I talked about Brazil. I went to the Internet. And if I had the foggiest idea that they had computers in Brazil, I wouldn't have done that.”

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Burn the witch!
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Also to add even more confusion to this AWD talk, someone explain the VW R32 AWD system, because i don't get it, at all

It's fairly simple, my V6 has the same system. It has a Haldex unit mounted between the front and rear wheels, when the ECU detects any sense of slipping or too much sideways movement it kicks the Haldex in to give you all four wheels turning. It then switches off once it decides that you're back where you should be.

You can get Haldex controllers to change the balance between front and rear but it'll only go as extreme as 60 front and 40 rear. It's a shame because I know a load of dudes wanted to make the R32 RWD by changing the Haldex unit and the controller but no-one can seem to do it.
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Stann vs Sonnen at 136, nuff said.

I really want Stann to win......but just don't see it happening. Especially after I just watched reruns of Sonnen vs. Marquart and Okami.
Dudes a fricking beast. Aside from shitty sub defense, theres not a lot to fault him for.
He takes you down WHENEVER he wants to, and though he doesn't have have sledgehammer GnP, his GnP is still ABSOLUTELY relentless. He never stops hitting you or making you carry his weight.

I don't see him finishing Stann, since Stann's a ****ing stud, but I do see him breaking Stann down

I have a feeling Stann could have Sonnen's number. He's got hands of stone and a heart the size of the sun. I genuinely think he's going to look to catch Sonnen when he goes for take downs, either with a knee or an uppercut and he'll put Sonnen's lights out.
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Well, I bought them to wear with a suit (incoming crappy cell phone pic), but I kind of like how they look with jeans, so I'm undecided on if I'll wear them casually or not.

And before people ask, no I won't be doing the all black look. I'm gonna buy white shirt and possibly a red tie to wear with it. (Though tbh, I do kind of like how it looks with the casual black shirt underneath it)

Instead of the white shirt and red tie I recommend wearing a red shirt and a black tie to pull it all together. It's a combo I use quite often, as can be seen here;

One from this evening, I took a load after it had gone dark to play with long exposures but they're so noisy they're not worth uploading. I had to play about with this and realised that I could probably do with investing in some gradient filters to even out the lower and upper portions. I'll upload some of the others when I'm done playing with them.

IMG_0475 by Certain Tragedy, on Flickr
Quote by Hereiwas What do you think of the parkas that are coming out like this one? I saw another really nice one in beige with elbow pads and drawstrings, but I can't remember the brand...

Parka's are supposed to be for cold weather, that looks incredibly thin and extremely over-priced. I've got a stunning North Face parka that cost a small fortune but it's worth every penny when it gets cold. It also looks the tits. I managed to find a picture so here it is;

killboypowerhed; I hate to break it to you but chances are you're far too young to start dressing in a MadMen style. Really, a friend of mine who's in his early twenties tried it and he just looked like a prat and everyone said it. It's one of those looks that suits you as you get older.

I always get excited for autumn and winter as my wardrobe is far more suited to that than summer; flannel shirts, parka, jeans, boots, hats etc
Just me then, I just thought his arms, shoulders and chest looked a lot smaller than I remember. Shogun did look a lot better than he did in the Jones fight but in all honesty Forrest has been going downhill for ages so it's not as if he was fighting a top flight, prime opponent.
Am I the only person who thought Forrest looked skinny? I always remember him being huge for 205 but he just looked small the other night.
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I love that all the yank regulars disagree with it

you guys always surprise me!

edit - any recommendations on decently priced good tyres?

been looking at hankook, avon or sticking with the conti's I think it came with as standard. There's yoko's available just too.

I've heard nothing but good things about Hankook, you might also want to check out Nankang too. I always stick with Conti's because they're factory for my car, cost a small fortune but thankfully I don't need them often!
A bit? It's a fully fledged homicidal, blood-lusting creation!

The biggest downside to any of the Z-Cars is getting it through an SVA test. I've read people who've put them though 8-10 times and still not got them passed. If I can't use it on the road I really wouldn't want one. It's the main reason I shelved my idea to do it, getting insurance is also a massive pain as they're usually classed as one-off cars and insurers don't like that very much.
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Something I'm becoming more and more open too after a viper owner on pistonheads admitted to being lost by one and a pistonheads sunday service run

Yes! Come to the Dark Side of classic car ownership...

They are insanity machines, I always thought the Busa Mini was THE car to have but after seeing the Type R my mind is changed. It's a fair bit more expensive than the Busa conversion but definitely worth it for the increased grin factor!
You want engine porn?

Mmmm, smooth German goodness...

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To be honest, I'm waiting for you to put a Hayabusa engine in your Mini.

Fitting a Civic Type R engine in them is WAY more fun than the Busa
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Yeah, I bought a few vinyls at the same time too (BWP - Sleepwalker, Crossbreaker - Lows, Oathbreaker - self-titled 7")
Oathbreaker are probably one of my favourite metallic hardcore bands, sweet female vocals too.

I love how local bands are blowing up all of a sudden. We've been kicking out awesome bands for ages and it's finally starting to move out.
snausages; That is amazing! I've never done any gig photography but have been thinking about it. Out of interest what lens and settings did you use to get that?
Haha, if you managed to survive doing a lap of the Ring in it I would gladly shake your hand and buy you a pint!
If you won the lottery you could just build your own track
If I had any floor space to share I would gladly offer it but unfortunately my place is currently floor to ceiling with boxes!
Any of you UK dudes heading up? It's only an hour or so from me so I'm probably going!
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I know what car dealer's id be at first if I won the lottery...

I knew you'd come crawling back...

Iron Lung

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I honestly can't think of a band that falls loosely under "hardcore" that is (sonically and otherwise) less like More Than Life than TRC. Your whole post was just totally redundant, given as the only two reasonable suggestions you made had already been covered. I really hope you're a troll.

He's not a troll just a complete dickhead. I once had an argument with him about how 36 Crazyfists were not one of the pioneers of metalcore and he swore black was white that I was wrong despite me giving plenty of examples and contrary views.