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Dear Steven Slate,

Shutup and take my money, again:


Don't get me wrong, I think its a cool idea, but realistically who is going to buy these? It depends how much it is, but given the talk of brand new technology etc. I can't see it being cheap. If it's pricey, then your looking at commercial studios, who probably already have desks, and they are not likely to ditch those in favour of this!

Also the fact that no one in there right mind would ever consider editing on that, drum edits would be so uncomfortable its unreal!

But I love Slate so who knows! And their new Virtual bus comps look awesome!

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Man... More I hear about Decapitator, the more I feel like I need it, but I don't think you can get their educational pricing on single effects, and I'm not sure I'd use much else from them

Get them all, they're all awesome, I've used every one of them since I had them! Echoboy is my go to delay now, and the filter freaks are sick as!
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Oh yez? Like 14 compressors, with a limiter at the end!?!

What are you running in your vocal chain?

I just threw up a preset I usually use for singing on it and then adjusted EQ a bit

Can't remember exactly, but normally, along the lines of EQ to remove the mud from the low mids, 1176 plug all buttons in slamming it, RVox, Slate VCC driven fairly hard to tame the harshness, De-esser and then finally Decapitator to add some grit!

Also sm7
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Diggin my SM7b more now. It requires a lot more post-EQ to get it to really sit in a mix well for harsh vocals, but the tone is definitely much fuller and rich than I've been able to achieve with a condenser before

Needs more compression, destroy it! I don't know why you have such trouble with the SM7, It never fails me for nearly any kind of vocals!

Latest mix, that was sm7 and needed very little in the way of EQ, just hella compression!
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Yeah, that's why I bought it.

I was thinking about getting the commercial version with the Mbox Mini and then just selling the Mini and paying like $250 for it in the end, but once 11 is released, that means I'll have to shell out another $300 for 64 bit, because that's really the version I want anyway, and I say... **** that!

Did some research and 4 years of free upgrades, plus the ability to use the educational version for commercial use, makes this a complete no brainer. Might end up getting 3-4 major releases for the price one, you never know

Yeah make complete sense, that's why I bought even though I rarely use it!

Also was reading about you noise issues in reaper, have you got VCC or any other analogue emulation plugin on? VCC in particular adds a hiss, as thats how It would be on an old analogue desk, could be that?
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^Yeah, I've done that before, results are pretty cool, but I'm too lazy to switch guitars every time, since I usually track all 4 takes before going onto the next part. That'd be a lot of unplugging and plugging in

P.S. Just bought Pro Tools 10 Academic for $264. FML


Best thing about that educational version of protools is that you get free updates for 3 years, so you don't get ****ed over like most of avid's customers. At least I did when I bought it!

Some random guy pm'd me asking for pod preset's from recordings I did like 3 years ago
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Hey guys.

I plan on opening a professional recording\Mixing studio in my area. I'm currently working out the rough cost to see if it would even be possible and i'm in an early stage of idea development.

For now I have a single Question; what is a good mixer for under 10k? Possibly full Analog or Hybrid. with at least 24 Channels.

I've worked on a couple and one of my favourite was one of these old mackie analog, I cant quite recall the model tho.

Anyway,Ive looked at a couple already but would like to get some feedback from here as I know there is very competent people around anyone has suggestions?

For 10 grand you could get 24 channels of epic converters and a whole bunch of nice pre's. That's probably going to sound better than an average desk, no?
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Is that for tuning? Cause if there's THAT much tuning, there's a need of a new vocalist methinks...

EDIT: actually i think i see what you're doing there. volume. derp.

Yer I'm manually leveling the volume, also removing any nasty sibilance or plosives etc!

EDIT: Not to say this band don't need a new vocalist!
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Derek is actually a douchebag. not God. but. to each his own.

so this is the WTLTL for the recording forum?

So it would seem!

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I actually have a measurement mic (i bought a arc system measurement kit) but i couldn't get it to run on a previous windows install, i recently reinstalled a different version of windows on a different hardware configuration and have been meaning to see if it will run on my new hardware. i really want to get my room close to balanced before doing that as it does have corrective eq'ing but i'd much rather have to use as little of that as possibe.

Just use the microphone from the arc kit with a program like:

Then at least you have an idea of what your room is like!
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and yes, basically i used an auralux room treatment kit (the roominator) and a bunch of lenrd bass traps in the corner (they're not stacked up to the ceiling arc but they need to be)

There are two approaches: use your ears and do it a little at a time, listen each time you put more up to see what effects the new treatment is having.

OR go scientific and get a hold of a measurement mic, then there a bunch of programs that will run sine sweeps through your monitor and record and analyze the results, then you can target specific problem areas with additional treatment to even out the spectrum analysis.
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True enough. But even then, you're going to have to tear down walls and flooring to even get a room to that point.

Assuming he means just hanging rigid fiberglass on the walls and bass traps in the corners, there's little to no probability that his room is going to be completely dead.

What you need is one of these, perfect mixes every time then!

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something something

The thing of it is, absolutely no one will listen to any of your mixes in a completely dead room. So why would you mix in that environment?
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MatrixClaw = noob

I agree!

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sweet, lets see if this works....

is it possible to use too much acoustic treatment in a small mixing space. i have a small non square shaped room with semi high slanted ceilings and my mixes don't translate real well, i'm not the best mixer in the world but my mixes are waaaay off. i know i need more treatment and bass traps but can i use "too much" ?

Yes it is possible to have too much, just start by treat the point of first reflection on the walls and ceiling then bass trap all the corners and see how that sounds!
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P.S. Maybe there's something wrong with my SM7b, but I like the RE-20 a lot more. It's truer to the sound source IMO, plus it doesn't take 60db of gain to drive it

Maybe there's something wrong with you?

Noobtip; never rely on musicians, ever.
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The only thing I'd critique is that the intro of that song is a bit loud and when the song kicks in it feels weak because the buildup is kinda lost.

Yer I noticed this too when listening on headphones, too late to sort it now haha! Probably a result of editing/mixing/mastering the whole ep in 5 days

The band just announced their "release show" without even asking me if it was going to be enough time... but alas, it came out well overall!
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Just had a UA 2-610 delivered to my door. Tracking my friend's vocals today too. SO EXCITE!

Do you ever actually buy anything? Or is it all still going to russia

Sweet green name brah
Randomly got an email about a new post, not been here in ages!

Latest mix, I'd post a high quality link but i'm too lazy to go into the studio and upload it to dropbox
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Sounds nice and thick! Perhaps a bit too hairy for me, but it works. Wat happened to your Axe?

What axe? And yer, I overdid the gain, but it was just a quick test just to try out my new bass in context.
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He had it custom made.

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his is only a 3 channel

i got a 2 channel for £900 a week ago, its worth the £50 trust me


I'm more than happy with how it sounds.

They don't come up for sale very often and normally their american voltage, but whatever makes you happy
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Very nice, now you have all the br00tz covered. Keeping all three?

Yep they all bring something different to the party. The recto has an awesome grainy squishy character that only the recto has. The 5150 is mid heavy and sits good in just about any mix. The framus with the greenbacks has an awesome almost scooped sound that is super smooth but clear as a bell.

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So you bought the most expensive version possible?


£850 is a good deal over here!

Should I of bought the DOUBLE RECTIFIER instead?
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Finally got one eh?

Why a 3 channel though?


Incase your wondering its the Dual rec thats new!

And now a clip!
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Must Buy Your Record Now! EDIT This better be you and not a reamp!

It is a reamp.....

Of me that is

I record everything DI, so I dont spend 2 hours tracking only to decide I dont like the tone and have to retrack everything
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Yer man, I'm really loving them so far, theyre super clear sounding. A different flavour than the V30s in my recto cab for sure! It probably helps that this cab came from a guy who has put it through 100+ gig hours, so its nice and worn in!

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looks great man

mucho jealousy here

Thanks man! I can't wait to get it all finished, got so much to do still!

I heard a wee rumor that the cabs couldn't be blackfaced, well they most definately can be!

Now i just need to tolex it white

Oh and another clip for you all!
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Sounds awesome!

And nice room too, I take it the move is complete and the new studio is coming along nicely then? Presumably this is the live room....are you gonna have a vocal booth too?

Yerp all moved in now! Heres some pics:

Control Room

Live room

Still needs a lot of work doing to both rooms, buts its useable

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You moved?!

Yerp I live in the countryside now, I wonder what the cows next door make of my noise
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Sound a little bit better, it's a lot less frizzy, but still, it's not smooth enough for that style of music. I swear its making it sound like a fuzz box.

Why are you recording using the reamp? If it were me, I'd plug the guitar into the amp and record it the traditional way, that'll prolly take alot of the frizz out instantly. Too many things in the chain to mess with the tone.

I don't think the 5150 was designed to play rock, I think it was only designed with high gain metal in mind.

Chris: You just had to come in here and school us with your Framus, didn't you. Sounds real nice, crunchy as all hell too.

5150 was most definately designed for rock, it was designed for EVH afterall, it was just pounced upon by the metal world! Reamping is by far the most practicle solution, if you don't like the tone, its only a case of re-reamping as opposed to retracking a whole song!

There's absolutely no tone loss at all using my DACAPPO which is what russ has, it sounds just like pluging in. My clip was reamped, so that I have the DI's so I can do some comparisons with the 5150 and recto cab etc.
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Hey Chris, long time no see!

But that sounds really nice...crazy nice, a lot like a recto with more bite to that you playing too? If so, again nice work...I'm quite surprised how much better than the Greenbacks sound than the V30s ever did, the framus cabs have a metal grill don't they, or the cobra ones anyway...obviously they all don't, cause mine doesn't

Tis me playing!

Yer metal grill makes micing a piece of piss as you can just take it off. I had a VHT fatbottom cab aswell recently as I had heard alot of good things about the P50e and Cobra combo. But it sounded like shit when miced up

I'm really excited to try the 5150 into the greenys and see whats up with that.

I posted a NCD if you wanna see a cheeky pic of my new studio aswell!



Forgot to mention the only post processing on this was a high/low pass. And it was the crunch channel UNboosted!

First take at the framus with my new matching cab! Loving the greenbacks with it so far!
Decided to pick up a matching cab for my cobra:

My ear is somewhat ****ed, so I'm not promising much with this clip, but it definately seems to sit alot better than the recto cab with the cobra!

As I said before using a "sturgis preset" aint gonna work, you have much learn!

Nigh on final version, I cant hear **** all out of my right ear though, ear infections ****ing fail.
Good to see you back in the game Mark!

Clip sounds pretty cool, but I'd turn the high mids down a touch and low mids up slightly.

Its a teeny bit grainy for my taste but not too bad, only one real complaint turn the bass up in the mix!

My latest mix: