I have a Martin D-16GT, I am looking to instal a pick up in it so that I can run it through my looper pedal and my ENGL Invader. I am new to the acoustic world,

1. Looking for suggestions for a specific pick up, soundhole vs under the saddle?

2. Do I need to get an acoustic pre-amp or will my Invader's clean channel sound great with the acoustic and a good pick up on its own?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thank you.
Just recently released 2 new songs on our myspace, would love if you checked them out, let me know what you think. Thanks alot!

Promo for the new album:

My band just posted 2 new songs, metal hardcore from Canada, please check it out if you're into the genre, worked very hard on them.

Thanks a lot!
I have an ENGL Invader that has recently been retubed with Svetlana EL34's in the power section, which was suggested to me by the amp technician, although they are great tubes, they seem to be much more geared towards a classic rock style playing, with pronounced mids and not the greatest bass response.

With that beind said, I play high gain metal/hardcore and I really need a tight and great bass response to suit the style of playing, so I'm contemplating switching to JJ EL34's. Now in order to save money after buying 6 svetlana's and wanting to switch them out, my question is:

Is there certain power tubes that run the 3rd channel on my ENGL Invader (channel I need the bass response of JJ's), I was wondering if I could switch say 2 of the tubes to JJ EL 34's for my 3rd channel sound, then just keep the Svetlana's in the other slots for the other channels. Can you mix a matched pair of JJ EL34's with a pair of Svetlana' EL34's in the other slots?

My knowledge of the inside of guitar amps isn't the greatest, any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks a lot dude! Actually I have Ruby EL-34BSTRs in my Framus Cobra and love their sound, good to know they're also suggested for the Dragon. I'll shoot Doug and e-mail like you said, and see what he thinks, thanks for the advice man, have a good one!
Hey my rhythm guitarist is about to retube his Framus Dragon, and we were just hoping for some retube help. Anyone with experience owning a framus dragon that could share some advice would be appreciated, we want the crunch channel to be brighter, thats the main concern.

Any tube combinations, pre or power amp that can help brighten up the voicing of the Dragon, aswell as maybe add a bit more gain? The gain factor isn't too much of a concern cause it has plenty on tap, but sometimes we wish we could have just a tad bit more.

Any help here would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.

Just posted a new song from our EP "Frames" which you can buy on iTunes. Please check out any of the tracks posted on our myspace, I've posted here several months ago, just hoping to reach new kids, get our name out there, you know how it goes. Thanks a lot.
: )

I wanted a power conditioner that has rack lights, its a good price too and has a display showing the voltage going in (is this a voltage regulator?)
Noob question: Whats the different between a voltage regulator and a power conditioner? I've seen some power conditioners that said they were voltage regulators too..
Awesome, thanks a lot xAbyssusx, "Frames" is my personal favorite off the EP cause I enjoy playing those riffs the most
I'm thinking of a power conditioner with rack lights to help me see, any suggestions on a good unit? Thanks.
Hey, really appreciate the positive feedback from you guys, any constructive criticism is welcomed as well, thanks
Hey thanks a lot guys for checking the stuff out, and to bassbeat77 if you happen to come to the Chatham show tonight, or the SRTL show in London at CTO on the 24th come say hey and hang out, it should be a good time dude, I'm real excited!

And to We'realltoBlame, try loading the page in Firefox, for some reason it has trouble loading in Safari and some browsers, sometimes chrome too, we should really look into that. Thanks for the heads up on not being able to see it and thanks for checking out some live videos.

and to sbinlb, I'll check out your band later when I get home, I'm at work and I cant load music here, thanks for checking the stuff out!
Quote by BaffAttack
No prob. I spend a good part of my event set ups frequency hopping because of interference on wireless mics. Never want to have a repeat of what happened at a high profile event, getting a HUGE burst of static when the frequency was stomped over by some other signal.

Ouchh dude that would be trouble for sure, I hear ya, not worth the trouble just to avoid having a cable to my guitar. Thanks for speaking from experience, saves me from learning the hard way hahaha.
Alright so I'll cross wireless unit off my list then, I don't trip over my cable nearly enough to warrant spending 1k+ on a wireless unit. I'll try to keep things simple and just run cables. Thanks for that heads up.
Niiiiice, should've thought of that. Have you used the G-major at all? I'm guessing I'm going to have to invest in a midi footswitch if I got that unit.. My Roland is too prehistoric to be midi capable, this can complicate my set up a bit.. hmm
Yeah that could be useful storage for sure, always have that stuff in the same spot can help me out quite a bit when I'm short on time and need to do some maintenance.

Do you guys know any pitch shifting units, or maybe even some solid but not too overpriced wireless units to look into? I dont want to cheap out on a wireless unit, but I have a hard time looking at spending 1000 on a single wireless unit... once again any advice would be appreciated here.
Thanks BaffAttack, drawers are normally bigger than one space? Thats what I was thinking, I'm not sure if only one space for a drawer would be worth it because that's kind of small.. I'll google around and see what I find regarding the matter.

Keep any suggestions coming, I just want to see all of my options. I'm in no rush to fill the spot, but I like having an idea of what I get to pick up next, gear wise. Thanks guys.
Actually yeah, thats a great idea, I saw one on craigslist and kijiji in my city for $200 CDA, it was the first G-Major that has been discontinued but still probably a great buy. Maybe I'll try it out, can't go wrong for that price.

Anyone have any experience with rack drawers? I was wondering how much they cost/where I'd be looking to get one, cause it could be useful to store some stuff in on stage. Hmmm. Thanks for getting back to me Guitarmiester
Okay so here's the deal, just bought a 6 space rack case and with my current rig, I have one open space left to fill, but I'm just not sure what to go for, so I was hoping to get some ideas from you guys
Here's my rig:

Engl invader head
ISP Decimator pro rack G
BBE Sonic maximizer 482i
Roland SDE-3000 delay
Korg DTR-1000 tuner
Power conditioner

I already thought about compressor, but the ENGL already has a compressed sound so that isn't necessary, only thing I can think of is a multieffects of some kind, but I'm open to any suggestions on any type of unit you think would work well with my set up. Thanks a lot in advance, any advice is appreciated.
I had a JCM 900 and played deathcore and I had to boost it with a TS9 to get close to the amount of gain I wanted.. I'd say go for a 5150 and you will be much more happy, and save some money in the process man. They go for $600 used everything (CDA)
ENGL ftw here, Horst Langer knows how to build an amp. Owner for life now.
I use an ENGL Invader and a Framus Cobra, I've used it with both rigs and it does improve my tone for live and studio use in my opinion. Try it out and if you like the outcome, pick it up.
Btw this just settles the "only works with low end amps" argument I read earlier, Invader and Cobra are boutique heads.
I've read a lot on the Roland SDE-3000, its got great word on the internet message boards, on par with the D-two and I just found one in my area for $200, I'm going to go try it out tomorrow and see what its like. I really want to find a D-Two to try out to compare, relatively close price ranges if I find one used.
The 2290 is out of my price range right now, I only need a delay for live usage and guitar only, so I think the 2290 would be overkill for what I need. However it would probably sound legendary hahah. Thanks for the advice guys.
Anymore suggestions would be helpful, I heard there are some good lexicon units, anyone know anything about those? Or other companies that make high end delay rack units?
Whoa awesome, exactly the kind of thing I'm looking for. TC Electronics have a really good name when it comes to quality rack effects, thanks dude!
Going to read into the Echoplex more, is it more of a Looper unit with delay capabilities? I really haven't heard much about Gibson effects so I'm not sure how quality they are, I'll look up some harmony central reviews. Thanks!
Hey, I'm looking for a rack delay unit to run in the effects loop 2 on my invader, I was looking for suggestions as I at the moment I only know of multieffects rack units that have a delay function. I'm hoping to find a stand alone delay rack unit, to avoid paying for a hefty multieffects unit that I probably won't use. Any suggestions will be appreciated, and I'll read into them, thanks in advance.
We've played Moon over Marin, London Music Hall Lounge, YFC center (scarefest) in London. We've played quite a few of the big shows in the genre, Texas In July twice, Set Your Goals, Maylene and a few others. Let me know what you think!

Check it out and let me know what you think, we have just released 2 songs from our debut EP and I'm pretty proud of how it sounds. : )

Buy my Framus Cobra, $1500 USD and I will list it on eBay for a secure deal.
I play metal/hardcore like august burns red, parkway drive, Texas in July..etc and this amp is absolutely perfect for it. PM me if you're interested.
ISP makes THE leading noise cancelling units on the market, seriously, hit up harmony central for reviews and it will be clear that you'll have to bite the bullet here and get the decimator.
The post above has some excellent advice, I'd also suggest that if your current EQ is set with a lot of treble and gain to roll back the treble and presence, and compensate by cutting back the bass and mids accordingly, hopefully you'll notice a difference in unwanted noise in your set up, if not, I firmly believe that ISP makes the best noise suppression/cancelling units on the market, so if any unit will cut that unwanted noise, I believe the decimator would be it.

Best of luck in removing the wretched noise that plagues many guitarists rigs.
My ENGL invader I guess, or else I wouldnt have shelled out for it.
Well it seems you are well informed about your current dilemma sir, let me know how it turns out. I can be of no further use. Cheers.
Quote by ticklemeemo
Well, I was looking at the Cobra but I think for that price I'd rather pay for an Uberschall or Sommatone Outlaw.

To each his own, I personally prefer the Cobra to an Uberschall for several reasons that I do not feel like listing, but I've never heard the Outlaw first hand so I can't comment on that.
Whoaaa, don't do it, so many things will go wrong:
a) you can't pull out tubes and run your amp unless its designed to bypass empty tube sockets
b) you'll be very lucky to not blow your speaker
c) I'm sure there will be impedance issues with such an awkward head/one speaker..
I'm asking for $1500 USD for the Cobra, willing to list on ebay if I must.
Bright Light you are way too solid for that post, thanks for the suggestions on the Taylor AB/both switch, definitely going to read up on it and see where I can get one from.
That is definitely clever to use your delay the way you do in your rig, I like that, and would be really into a band live if I noticed how creative their guitarist was. Thanks, have a good one.
hahaha no they were total seperate purchases, got the Framus in a trade for my JSX and an LTD several months ago, then I ran into a used Invader for way too good of a price to pass up, so I picked it up, and here I am.
Thanks for the opinion, hopefully someone will show up with some knowledge to school us on, hahah cheers.