when i am stretching, i am feeling pain in my wrist/forearm area stronger than between the fingers themselves. is this normal? i am worried i might be putting too much physical pressure on my thumb holding the guitar while i do the stretches.

for reference, i am learning saltwater by tommy emmanuel and want to do an arpeggio that uses (not chord savvy sorry) an A major with my pinky holding a B on the E string.
i have no idea what you are referring to? is this just a chromatic exerciese you are talking about?
thanks i think i understand now, is it best to work on this clean or straight out work on distortion and reducing sound etc...
hey guys,

using one of the guitar pro exercises, sweeping skills by jerryc can someone please fill in what should be down strokes and up strokes for the sweeps and send the altered .gp to I am brand new to this technique so i don't know quite what to do yet.
haha trust me, i have played with my tone knobs multiple times i have had my current gear for almost a year now.
I play in drop B and i am using a 6 string H.R.Giger guitar with .56 ernie ball not so slinkys with a line 6 spider valve 212 I play mainly the hardcore and groove metal music associated with drop B and i am struggling to get my low B string riffs to really come through. I am considering getting an EQ pedal, looking at the MXR 108 or the boss eq-20. also considering getting a cab and using my spider valve as the head.

Are these good options to improve the tonal quality? Does anyone have other suggestions?
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so i have $14 AUD (thats aussie dollars for those who dont know) on my prepaid visa card. i cant think of anything to blow it what should i do? most creative or value for money suggestion wins my approval.
I just got a few pedals (Boss EQ and Danelectro Delay) and I'm now looking for a few more. I want an OD. One which is going to be used for the overdrive sound and not for a boost (level maxed, gain on zero). Hows the Bad Monkey sound for an OD?
I'm also looking for a modulation effect like a chorus. I'm not that interested in phaser effects and i hate flanger. How are the BOSS or Danelectro chorus pedals?

And last, some kind of wah. Crybaby 535q?
my list of likes;

porcupine tree
pineapple thief
pure reason revolution
late anathema
i think the band i was thinking of for you was called division by zero, a bit heavier than tool and dream theater though. i like a band called 3 as well, just heard them today actually.
don't kill me with hate, but we chose tears in heaven
i just realized that i accentuate the beat in every song i am playing for example if i was playing 16th notes in 4/4 timing i would accentuate every on beat, is this a bad habit i should get out of or is it acceptable?
wow that is a good one, i may just do that. never listened to in flames much myself. I thought they were mainly RAWR! music as i call it.
scrap the metallica idea i jsut remembered i have to help a bassist in my class do the bass doodle with metallica or whatever its called so teacher won't want me doin' that.
tom183 - i don't mind style, ultimately it is just for a grade.

F8iscrruel - metal doesn't bother me perhaps i shall do that it could be good, i know a lot of them anyway, thanks for the suggestion.
my music teacher would like me to do an acoustic duet with another of the students at my school. what do you think would be a good piece that is at a beginner/intermediate level that doesn't sacrifice good music?
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Gibson - 19
Schecter - 19
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Epiphone - 9 - Hurt
i still believe this is on topic, steve wilson makes it clear that fear of a blank planet is about kids living in the 21st generation finding a sense of boredom at a young age. He believes they (we) lose their curiousity with information being so readily available via the internet and other technologies. I am 17 and sadly i can relate and am starting to open my eyes to a lot of the ideas that are incorporated into the concept of this album. what is your opinion? do you think we are losing our appreciation for life? hmm...on something more on topic i went into a store and saw nil recurring for $31 AUD. I thought it was a jip for four songs but now i am starting to think i should have bought it for collector's sake. what do you think of it?
i am disappointed, PT aren't coming to the western side of Australia. If i had the money i would (without a moment of thought) fly to the eastern states to see them. I hope they tour here again another time or i will be full of regret. By far my favourite band right now. 17 years old, i only just discovered these guys but they have thrown me back into searching and buying prog rock.
you may also like a band called pure reason revolution, i think you can get a few free listens off as well as myspace. These sorts of bands really inspire me to follow in their footsteps and make a melancholic sounding prog rock band.
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Vinnie Moore- 17
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John Petrucci- 16 HEAL
Joe Stump- 16
Howie Simon- 15
Chris Impellitteri- 14
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Jeff Loomis- 16
Chris Broderick- 17
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Hey UG,

couldn't help but share praise for this band. An amazing prog rock band in the style of Porcupine Tree these guys have blown my mind with great soundscapes and experimental sounds. I hope to find and buy some more of these guys stuff but have a listen to the free tracks on the and let me know what you think.

lol freak by silverchair count? it was funny seeing someone screw that up on stage too.
lol back to check the thread, some are good but i must say when i mean ****ty vocals i mean bad singers not ones who are just incapable of speaking english cause they are so off their head on drugs (the germs). that was pitiful, i looked away in shame. crass and the exploited and slaughter and the dogs are the ones i like so far..still checking out your recommendations though.
self-titled. i am talking ****ty vocals and power chords, sex pistols and early suicidal tendencies are the only examples i can give that i like. any suggestions. i am not really sorry if people are offended by me saying ****ty vocals and power chords, that's why i like it
a friend showed me some riverside today, very enjoyable. i felt like listening to a lot of it so i am figuring out the lyrics as i listen to it on my computer. see if it matches up to a lyrics site.
i was hoping there would be a recommendation thread here but i am starting to find an interest in prog rock. the question is which bands? my favourite style seems to be the prog bands like porcupine tree and cog less like pink floyd (even though PF are one of my favourite bands). so more alternative rockish kind of stuff but still is good to trip out too. just to help people i have only heard porcupine tree's deadwing and fear of a blank planet, the latter of which is my favourite.
yay lyrics, constructive criticism please. the theme is searching for meaning in life.

staring straight ahead
inside i feel dead
(gazing away)

why do i even bother
every day is just another
identical in every way

and i start to question my faith
why did i come to this place?
throwing my life away
i don't want to feel this shame

please, help me
calling out for understanding
please, help me
i can't stand not understanding

lying in bed
life is at it's best

but then i wake up
and all my dreams shut up
i take a step outside
no surprise, the same old crap

please, help me
calling out for understanding
please, help me
i can't stand not understanding

searching for
searching for the meaning
searching for
searching for the meaning in life
had this weird idea ages ago to paint my guitar white with red edges and put a home brand logo on the body. i was told this is illegal, trademarking and would i go about trying to get this idea to happen?
i suggest john petrucci's rock discipline dvd. good exercises and advice for practice sessions.
what about the theory side of things?
me and a collection of other newbie instrumentalists have created a band. we have three guitarists and wanted to know how i (or we) could play our part to the overall sound. i am more of a melody loving person whereas our lead guitarist loves solid riffs. i know of a few bands such as iron maiden who use three guitarists but i wanted to know where i should be looking to learn how to harmonize. please point me in the right direction(s) with this one.
anyone with similar pitch to ozzy osbourne, i love his singing.
hmm two sided about this song, i like the theme and i especially like the first two paragraphs. after the third paragraph though i start to notice the overuse of the words 'key' 'lock' 'trapped' 'unlock' (by this i mean centering around these words) i feel that the focus should be on the growing force as this doesn't seem to have any real climax to me.