What's going on in the EU?
The budget is every level of terrible. Obviously, the cuts to university funding and simultaneous fee increases (huge ones, at that) would affect me the most. You may have heard about the student protests in Sydney this week. I regret not going. But cutting medicare is perhaps the highest level of stupidity. $7 for a doctor's visit may not sound like much, but the people who visit the doctor regularly are most likely the sort of people who can't afford to spare $7 each visit. I don't know why he thought cuts to education and health care would be a good idea. It's hard to get re-elected when your public doesn't know how to read and/or is dead.

Abbott is facing the trial by media, and the sort of polling crap that resulted in Gillard being kicked out of office. He deserves it. Australia is doing very well economically, compared to most other countries, and a lot of economists believe this sort of budget isn't at all necessary.

A lot of the proposals are being blocked in the senate (except, sadly, the ones affecting education) which is making Tony huff and puff. He's threatened calling an early election, saying that half the senate will lose their seats and he can get his disgusting (should I say draconian?) measures through. Everyone has called his bluff. Since the megalomaniac K. Rudd is no longer in the Labor party, Labor should win by a landslide. Early election! Early election!

By the way, you may have heard about Abbott's daughter gaining a $60,000 scholarship to study a Bachelor of Design. The scholarship does not, in fact, exist. Nobody has won it before, and it's impossible to apply for: it doesn't appear on the website. In fact, the institution she is studying at does not even offer scholarships for a Bachelor of Design. We're witnessing the first scholarship-gate scandal.

PS: You'll notice I ignored your calling me Will 2. This is because I'm the more mature and sensible Will, clearly making me the superior one.
But Parachutes is so good....

This happens to almost every band
Hey guys (if you're still alive), what's the new Coldplay album like?
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Thom Yorke? I love 'em but he's average at both piano and guitar. Matt Bellamy's great at both but it's hardly multi-instrumentalist to play two instruments gawd

Vocals + Guitar + Piano = 3 instruments.

Who let you out of the pub, Steve?
I hardly listen to any contemporary music, which never crosses my mind until someone asks a question like this. It's not because I have a problem with anything because it's modern, but:

a) I don't think it's as good as, say, Led Zeppelin, and
b) I can better decide whether an album is worth buying or not after all the hype has died down.
As long as they don't make us wait 3 years and put out meh.

This thread thrives on being off-topic anyway. How about that local sports team?
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I dont really like the madness.

Good thing you're banned, lol.
What about Madness, guys?
What's wrong with that?
Steve, have you read Sophie's World? It's an utterly terrific book, but I'm not sure what's going on with Hilde and her dad.
It would be like grandma trying to use the internet, except without the hilarity. Don't do it, Muse. plz.
Nah. They talked about it being more 'rawk'. I hope they don't make Showbiz II just for the hell of it.

And Black Holes is their best album.
I did mean those four. Explorers is a maybe; I really like Matt's Bono impersonation towards the end. The other three are confirmed sleeping pills.
Changing the order won't erase the unbearable boredom of those four songs, even if you break them up.
Karnivool's Sound Awake alone makes Australia's musical output better than 95% of other countries.
I would report that guy for spam, but then the mods would see this thread and we'd all be in the soup.
Doesn't Dan rock a ginger fro?
What are the chances of the Muse thread being home to not one but two ginger fros? Super stuff, that.

PS: Look for Steve hitting the acting scene. Watch out, Daniel Day Lewis!
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I didn't ask for anything this year, and I was very spoiled anyway. The gifts are great though.

I got the Ratchet and Clank HD collection. My sister got me a stuffed cockatoo (I was so happy!). Most importantly, my parents got me a vinyl player with Hvarf/Heim on vinyl, which includes that live version of 'Von' that we always worship together. It's heavenly. They got me Kveikur on vinyl too.

Ratchet and Clank is terrific.

I read a review in a local music mag about the Muse show from a couple of weeks ago. The reviewer called Muse a band that "improves with age". While Muse still put on a great show, that is an objective lie.
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Merry Xmas guys!

And I think Guilt Trip is great, Will, that bubbly synth sound makes it kinda byootiful in a way.

What day all get from Santa?

Frasier on DVD. I'm very happy about it. You?
Hello Muse thread,

I've been avoiding you because I didn't want any spoilers or expectations to ruin my seeing Muse in Sydney. Good thing I did, because I would have been crushed.

Sydney did not see Fury, Citizen Erased, Hyper Music, Agitated, Stockholm Syndrome, or Sunburn. We got Guiding Light and Liquid State.

Oh I still had a great time. Sydney crowds seem so subdued and reserved though, compared to what I hear about at other shows. I hope they do that "smaller venues and old songs" tour I've been reading about in this thread. But why would they?
I tried watching Hullaballoo somewhat recently. I couldn't do it, it's far too overwhelming.
Have you guys seen the front page today? When Maynard says a Tool album is "a long, tedious process," is he referring to making one or listening to one?
Revolver is better.
I'm happy to hear that I'm not alone about Pet Sounds; is Smile any better? I must extend my dissatisfaction to Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. It has four, possibly five, songs on it worth listening to. When a Ringo song makes it onto a list like that, the album must have some serious holes.

I haven't heard Sikth, but one could make a case with Cynic. I don't think their music has explored as much as Muse's. I very much like the Mars Volta, but recently have found their albums to be un-listenable as wholes.

With Muse "scratching the surface," that's what I think makes them so creative. Chucking a Radiohead seems a bit too easy. It's the welding of sounds that I like so much about Muse; the combination of previously separate spheres which keeps it recognizably Muse but uniquely new.
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What makes you say that?

Because they are. I can't think of a band who have explored and experimented as much with such quality. Black Holes and Revelations is musically better than both Sgt. Pepper and Pet Sounds, and is a hundred times more consistent than both. Sonically, it's better than Dark Side of the Moon.
I hope you guys will permit me to be on topic, because I must say that Muse are the most imaginative band ever.
The first page is distinctly lacking in recommendations. Does anyone else think it would be a good idea to update it?
Surely a book has to stand the test of time before it becomes a Penguin. How did Morrissey's book start out as one? Is it worth reading?
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This program on BBC about Australian art's been on the past couple of days and shit, you guys can paint.

Sounds awesome. Why can't we see the same documentary? You thought Murdoch had his dick down the throat of your media....

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"I've had recurring nightmares that I was loved for who I am".

That one?

And missed the opportunity to be a better man.
Bored? But Myles Kennedy's glorious vocals, man.
No, I haven't heard it. I find ABIII tiring to listen to, and haven't spun it as much as One Day Remains or Blackbird. I don't have a problem with metal at all, but I don't think that's when Alter Bridge are at their best songwriting wise. All I care about is good songs.
Has anyone heard the new Alter Bridge album? The reviews seem positive but I'm scared that they've turned into a full on metal band.
By the way, what's up with "you're so solid" in Sober?
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Haha, well noticed. You know I think I much prefer Muse's Absolution/Origin lyrical topics now that you mention it. Stuff like Exogenesis is pretty cool still but Matt Bellamy has never been a master-lyricist has he?

Definitely not, but he has produced a few lines that are fucking terrific. There's that line in Hoodoo, you know.
A lot of Muse lyrics have been political since Black Holes.... I think we might be straying too close to topic, here.
Why does monarchy still exist?
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Working on The Nicomachean Ethics for the second time in anticipation of finally resuming post-secondary in January. Reading it really puts into perspective how, although it seems rather more rudimentary than a lot of the other philosophy I've read, it is communicated in a much, much clearer and more succinct way than, say, heavy existentialism, like Sartre.

Thinking of finishing the Malazan series, soon. Finished book 4 months ago, but I got blown out on Erikson because I'd read 4 in a row over the course of 4 months.

Oscar Wilde made the astute observation that the reason Aristotle seems shallow is because he's so pervaded human thought.
Thank you.