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WTF, but amazing UserName bro!.......

Slipknot - Wait and bleed

rofl gracias

Used to have that on my iPod.
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Hell no

Tupac - changes


Negură Bunget - Cunoașterea tăcută
Why do you have a Wii?
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Be happy.

Make a concept album about zombies.

I've thought about something like that.

I was inspired by "Dead Flag Blues" by Godspeed You! Black Emperor. I think a band with lyrics focused on zombies, hauntings, etc. would be pretty epic.
This thread is now about ham.

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how do you know hes a scumbag?
dont be an ignorant asshole


Lots of people would get scared and do the same thing. That doesn't make them bad people. I think the girl's family are being douchebags.
Go to college and get a bachelor degree in computer science at YSU and some Cisco certification thing they have for network administrators. Once I graduate, get a job as a network administrator, programmer, IT guy, or whatever, as long as I'm making enough money for Taco Bell, xbl, and a place to live.

This thread contains high levels of epic and fail at the same time.
Xavier Rudd, but I hate him now.
K-Awake, my old guitar teacher's metal band, they were pretty good. This is him three years ago - - and he says that he's gotten way better since he's been at MI.
This Day We Stand, which is a metalcore band my cousin was in. He and the drummer left, and now they have six people and just sound pretty generic to me.

EDIT: Guitar teacher's dad is pretty good too, he gave me lessons as well.

Too bad I only took like five lessons.
Never came upon any. Books suck.
Porcupine Tree, and anything else with Steven Wilson
Spock's Beard

Alcest, because they combine shoegaze and black metal.
You live in Oklahoma. Go to Quick Trip you ungrateful piece of crap. Quick Trip will make all your problems go away.
I read about it on wiki before. Aside from the lulz, it sounds retarded.
Start off with easy scales. Try this order...

C major
G major
D major
A major
And then I think E major comes after that, and I don't know what else; I didn't practice enough. Just work on those, as they seem to be the most basic.
Grow up, it's as much your sister's fault as it is his.
Dream Theater - The Spirit Carries On
Paul Masvidal, Steven Wilson, and Jari Mäenpää. Especially Steven Wilson. Paul and Jari have amazing songwriting and technical skills, and Steven Wilson has awesome songwriting skills. Porcupine Tree, Blackfield, No-man, Bass Communion, and Insurgentes are all great. Porcupine Tree alone has so many great albums and songs. It's inspiring, but at the same time it makes me not want to play, because I know I could never come up with anything nearly as good.
Wtf? There's a video of him just cutting branches off a tree by his house. Pretty weird.
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I read the entire transcript. That's really sad.

It reminds me of the whole drug thread almost death. Weird.

Actually, that might work if you don't do it in UGChat. Go to #pot, no one is ever there.

Do you really think it would matter? I've said some pretty bad stuff in the Pit chat that would definitely get me banned on here, but no one said anything.
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"have you tried turning it off and on again"

"are you sure its plugged in"

rofl IT Crowd?
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I wish it wasn't against the rules to coordinate raids- it would really be epic. The mods should let us have 1 raid day officially per year...just to build up the Pit brotherhood with some good old immaturity and humorous bonding.

Well, you could always do it in IRC, UG has one. Not that I'm condoning that, I'm just saying that you could, hypothetically, coordinate raids on IRC.
Fiddler On the Roof, West Side Story, The Music Man. I feel like a queer artfag for liking those movies, but I think that those three are pretty good considering they're musicals.
Reminds me of that guy who killed himself on his webcam last year. That was about the time I was raiding people on blogtv with other members of ebaums rofl. Can't do that anymore though, because the ******s just kick you out of their chat.
I'm all for it being legal, so long as we either completely get rid of welfare, or do routine drug tests on people who receive welfare to make sure that they're not blowing their money.
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At my school they make you watch a slideshow full of "areas" infected with STDs.

They did that at my school, but I hadn't taken health my freshman year, so I was the only sophomore in that class, and the ONE day that they did that, I had to be somewhere else (don't remember where) for sophomores, so I missed it.
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Are you stupid?

Do you really want a bunch of horny 14 year olds running around ****ing and making little children to either be raised by immature kids or being aborted?

Without any education all kids would get is what they hear from other kids or see in the media, which is generally an idea that it's totally ok, and there's rarely any mention of contraception of any of the negative sides from those sources.

Rofl, that's what parents are for. I didn't mention that, but parents should tell their kids not to do anything like that. I guess parents should just tell their kids not to have secks or they'll end up having kids, and just leave the details up to the schools to teach or whatever.
I guess school, but they should wait until sixth or seventh grade. My parents never told me anything about sex, and I was home schooled during seventh grade, which is when I would have had it in school, so I pretty much learned everything on my own. Sex education really isn't important at all imho.

Cynic - Focus
Wintersun - Wintersun
Aghora - Formless

At the moment. And there's way more than just that.
Also, "Shores In Flames" by Bathory
"One Rode to Asa Bay", "Blood and Iron" by Bathory
I think Bush is a pretty cool guy, eh kills terroists and doesnt afraid of anything
Heimdalls Wacht.

Best black metal I've heard since I found Negura Bunget over the summer.
I love "Never Gonna Give You Up", but I've never actually been rickroll'd ftw.

I never heard "Eruption" until I was 17, and I've never had any desire to learn it.

I hate classic rock, as well as most music that isn't metal.
Is she single?