If you haven't seen his "Amex Unstaged" show I highly recommend you-tubing it. Excellent live show.

Also, can someone tell me what telecaster he uses in the video for "Freedom at 21"?
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I showed my friend a news clip for the macbook wheel. He was convinced it was real.

When Apple announced they were making the iPad, my friend exclaimed, "They really did it!! They made the Macbook Wheel!!"

I Lolled.
that's an alright choice, SM57 doesn't need phantom power. I would also look at the Lexicon Alpha which comes with Cubase LE, which is usable.
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In response to all the bear pics

epic lolz.
valveking has a great clean channel and a very good OD channel, I'm saving for the 1x12 right now. Plenty of tone shaping options on those amps too.
I have a Schecter with an OFR, and it will hold its tuning for months. Once you get a system for changing strings its not so bad. It is a task to change tunings though, even to drop D from standard, since you have to adjust the height and level of the trem, and for that reason I would say get a fixed bridge if you're going to change tunings at all.

Caliban - "I'll Show No Fear"
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any of Rush's instrumentals

^this. Especially O Baterista on the Rush in Rio Live album.

Also any song by Pelican, my favorite is Dead Between the Walls.
The Score. Ed Norton & Robert DeNiro = epic win. Probably Ed Norton's greatest acting ever.
Dos Equis Amber. I don't recommend it. Its just, drink it at first and it seems ok, but then you wait for the taste to come and it just never does...

2 beers ago was Beck's Dark. go that route.
I agree with the poll results so far.
Kamikadze 1
Yuji 2
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Book yourself about an hour off, get comfy and load this up...

great interview
Definently get a recording interface--either usb or firewire. There's a huge quality loss using the mic/line in to the soundcard. I recommend the Lexicon Alpha ($125) or Omega ($200) unless you wanna spend more. There's some other good ones on the market too, most come with Cubase Le or something similar as well.
maybe a valveking 1x12? I dunno if that's zakk wylde-ish but it can get some pretty heavy tones. And I love the clean channel.
if your open strings are in tune but it sounds out of tune when you play, you need to adjust your intonation. What that means is you need to adjust the length of each string from the nut to the trem until the 12th fret is exactly the same note as the open string (since they are octaves). First tune your open strings perfectly, then play the 12th fret on one string at a time. If the 12th fret is higher in pitch than the open string, then the string needs to be longer, if the pitch is lower, then it needs to be shorter. On an LFR usually there is an allen nut that allows you to move the saddle back and forth. The process may take a while but its worth it.

If that was unclear just search around in UG's articles, I know there was a good one about intonation somewhere, thats how I learned how to do it
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I've heard a few people use it for metal rhythm tones and it was pretty good. I don't have a lot of personal experience using them. My personal advise would be to get an amp with a good distortion and not worry about using a pedal.

the "metal" setting is just a type of distortion. "Distortion" just means anything that's not clean. i.e., your amp has a "clean" channel and a "distortion" channel, and on that distortion channel there are different kinds of distortion, one of which would be "metal"

did i oversimplify that?

the seymours will work fine in other words, or at least fine for the crappy amp.
who actually voted for the spider? I assume it was out of irony.
i want my minute back

EDIT: I don't think I made it clear enough how much that sucked
why can't I help but think of Primus while listening to this? Its hilariously awful, which makes it awesome.
"A lot of innocent UG'ers could die if that wall of text fell over"
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A mere facepalm cannot express the excessive amounts of fail in that question.

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that question requires much less thought, and much more euthanising TS.

+1 to these
Here's my amps, usually use 'em with an Ibanez RG350, '98 Schecter Diamond series, or Cort strat (sorry no pics atm) along with a Zoom GFX-5 every now and then. The "Peterbilt" is an old Crate, which sounds surprisingly good through the Randall cab. The Randall is my main amp, RH300G3, and the mic (for any audiophiles) is a Sennheiser MD421.
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Just get a 1 SPOT Daisy Chain power supply. They're like $35.

Get MathCAD. It has the Maple engine but the syntax/language/learning curve is much easier and more forgiving.

Also there's a good equation solver, i think its just called EES Equation Solver, try googling that.
GOD FORBID: Earthsblood!!! Can't wait.
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Which one is she?

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it took 12 replys before someone said this, i took the vegas odds at 3-5 replys...damn i lose again

I know, I would've taken those odds too, but since no one had grabbed it after 11 posts, i felt obligated.
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That stupid program "C++" is what made me drop out of computer science.

C++ isn't a program, perhaps that is where you went wrong.

CS will come easier to you very soon if you have even a decent teacher. My advice, stay on top of any homework and practice writing programs a lot and it will be a breeze on tests.
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Get away citizen, go home ಠ_ಠ

i like it.
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falcon punch.

with all the money he spent on pedals he could have gotten a better amp and a nicer all-in-one fx processor
Dust To Ashes
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Sunday February 22nd
@The Rave/Eagles Club
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Cost: $15
around 5PM
-PM me for tickets!
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I got my 93 Chevy Blazer from my grandpa when he stopped driving 4 1/2 years ago with about 120000 miles on it. Still driving it to this day with about 175000. It's the ugliest thing to look at, but it runs perfectly and for your first car thats really all you need. Nice thing about an old blazer is they're a dime a dozen so parts are easy to find. I actually got another one for free from my boss at work and have been taking parts off of it to keep mine running Some simple maintenance and she'll go to 200,000+

Maybe this is just me, but i'd rather spend money on my guitars.
You'll get a calous on your fingertips pretty quick. I find now that when I don't play for a while and then sit down and play something fast my elbow and bicep start to hurt. Gotta hit the gym, build more upper arm strength
I got a 98 schecter diamond series with a hardcase for 170. Just a couple dings in the paint, plus the hardcase was worth at least 50.