My favourite is probably the final solo in Gravity by John Mayer on the Where the Light is DVD
sounds really good, maybe try to learn more than minor pent though. It all depends on your preferred style of music of course.
Western supposed to be good for contemporary guitar
cool idea....but the Barenaked Ladies did this before
I would go Sunday, because I recently went to a jack johnson concert. Not only was he amazing, but Neil Halstead was a great find as well.
There isn't really a set height that u need to bend to. It is best to do it by ear. Instead of with the tuner, try playing the tenth fret, then bend the eighth until it sounds like the tenth. Not only is it practise bending, but u train ur ear.
that nickelback song where they sing "If everyone shared and swallowed their pride
Then we'd see the day when nobody died"
What?!! People will still die, no matter how much we share!
i personally play the chord and decide when to use the hammerons by ear. I also partially palm mute for that chord. Ur lucky that it is such a recognizable chord, u dont have to play it perfect for people to know the song.
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I got the lead guitar dvd from a magazine. It looks like the full version maybe not tho?

the full version is over 3 hours i hear
I was recently recommended the Andy Aledort DVD called "Lead Guitar." I was also a bit interested in his Axis: bold as love DVD. However, i cant seem to find any places that have it. I was wondering where I could either order it or buy it. Keep in mind that I live in Ontario(Canada) Thanks.
I am going to buy a new guitar soon, to replace my fender squire strat (its cheap) but i have been playing it for 3 years, and i have gotten used to the narrow fretboard and the small spaces between strings. I was wondering how long it will take to get comfortable with a different fretboard. Also, are there any guitars with narrow fretboards? I was thinking of getting a Godin detour by the way.
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speaking of flight of the conchords...


I agree with the flight of the conchords, but the live version is a bit more classic.
Hey guys, I am soon going to be playing with my cousin, who is a great flute player,(and not a bad guitar player). I was just wondering if there are many songs that have a guitar and flute in them. All i can think of is Cant you see by the Marshall Tucker Band. Any style would be appreciated. Thanks
Black or White by Michael jackson
Green day what school is SHS I think i might live near u
Pretty good. I like the palm muting. But I think u could cut a couple of the WOH, Woahs out. Just add a bit of variety to the chorus. Other than that good job. Crit MIne?(sig)
cool, good job. It was impressive how u can play the piano part on guitar, cuz it sounded good. Ur voice was pretty good, a bit off sometimes. To improve I would recommend projecting ur voice( if that makes any sense) Good start! Could u crit mine (sig)
definitely sounds unique. Even though rap isn't my style, it would be pretty original to have a piano as the main instrument in a rap song. Try adding chords with ur left hand on the piano to give it more depth. Could u crit mine? (sig)
good job. I was surprised how it sounded like all 300 of ur band influences. lol. I especially like the palm muting parts. Maybe to make that part stand out, try sing a bit differently. In some parts the guitar seems overly distorted as well. Keep going with ur vocal lessons and ull be set and have a good song. Could u crit mine? (sig)
I like the upbeat feel, and reggae parts. MAybe to make the progression from intro to chords better add a drum fill. Other than that good job. The bass should be turned up a bit since it has a good line too. Thanks for the crit.
Good job, very clean, and no mistakes which is impressive, try and add another guitar part, or other instruments and ull be set. Thanks for the crit!
Cool. On the intro riff, maybe have more delay or make it less staccato. The vox definetely have their own style, and will probably appeal to some people. Good job, could u crit mine(in sig)
very bluesy i like it. MAybe try and have the drums kick in a bit earlier, get the listener to keep the listening. Once u have vocals ull be set Could u crit mine? (In the sig)
sry, could u crit mine?
I enjoyed it, well recorded, and i couldnt find any mistakes, well done. To improve i would add kind of a climax to the song, so it ends with a bang. Other than that, good job!
Good Job! I liked it, but i think for the climax try and play one of the riffs higher on the neck and faster,(or maybe slower, just change it up a bit) and if u combined that with the drum ending, it would be really good
I really like the intro guitar, and solos and the variety in styles throughout the song. I think some more slides in the guitar solos would be really melodic and cool. Could u crit me at
I really liked it, not many suggestions i could give. On the recording end, maybe make the guitar solos a bit louder. For the vocals maybe take away some of the high notes so u can have more power. But an overall great job! Could u crit me at:
I can see some potential here. I am no expert but i would recommend taking a bit of reverb off the guitar. I like the chorus, but there might be a bit too much going on. Maybe have one of the instruments do something a bit simpler. Good start and very unique!

Could u crit me at
Hey everybody this is a song i wrote myself. Its not perfect yet, an early version, but i hope u like it. Post the link of your song thread and ill be sure to crit it.
i always appreciate the tenacious d, and iron man, but something a bit mellower
I believe that is the book I use. But i recommend getting a book for rhythms as well.
Hey everyone, I am looking for a song that has contains 2 guitar parts. preferably one with strumming and the other with a bit of a solo, or more strumming. I am looking for songs that are a bit mellower form of rock, and nothing 2 complicated. The 2 guitarist are both intermediate in terms of skill. Thanks in advance!
I'm 15 now, 13 when I started liking classic rock more, instead of Blink 182. I think I stopped liking Blink when i played one of their songs, made a mistake, then realized that the mistake made it just like another one of their other songs!
Jim Carrey was born in my town
that was really good. I would recommend that the intro lead guitar riff you had should be used more throughout the song, but other than that i liked it
the guitar reminds me a bit of ben harper, and is very laid back. One thing you could do is try and make the vocals a bit louder, but you should still keep that almost whispering singing style you have. Good job!
At a music camp I was talking to a kid that is a couple years younger than me. I asked him if he liked RHCP and he said he really liked scar tissue. Then he started singing "Give it away, give it away, give it away now!" I replied:um that isn't scar tissue. Him: Oh.