I'm half american, (american dad, spanish mom)

since my mom is spanish we're roman catholic. I believe in god...when i'm in a postive mood, other wise god is bs for me.
why did it **** it?

Hey, If I hear that "you're beautiful" song on the radio again, I'm gonna kill myself.
I play Halo 3 and Gears of War, add me my gt is in the first post. For the lazy: yoyodoodle
When people refer to mexicans as spanish. That pisses me off.
European are wetbacks now. That's sad
Umm, I didn't mean to offend my fellow american people. Im half american
Chrono Trigger
my gf always tries to give me a handjob. She fails at it lol
God. Last friday, we were talking about heritages in my social studies class, and I said my mom was from Spain. Suddendly all my friends started calling me a wetback. LMAO, how ignorant, they think Spain is in the other side of the border!

Lol0 MAN dunt forget to use ur star powerzzz zomg lol
I used to have longish hair (there's a pic in my profile) but I realized I looked insanely gay

am I white???
Is Assasin's Creed good?
Oh America I love you so much
Don't sue Wendy's. It's the best fast food restaurant ever. A lot of them are closing down tho. They need your help! Im off to Wendy's see ya
I disagree with The Smiths (album) They have much better stuff. The first album is kinda raw IMO
Who the **** are they? My aunt said I looked like one of them (go figure) and I thought oh cool I look like a guy from an 80s band and then I found out it was a band that my little cousin likes? give me a break
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One of my most memorable boss battles was meeting up with RAAM at the end of Gears of War. I was playing co-op with a buddy and we took 3 trys, 2 practise rounds, to beat him but the last time took less than 2 minutes. My friend shot him with the exploding arrow things and got him in the head every time while I shot and ran. Eventually it got to a point where RAAM got between me and him so I ran across a dark part with bats right behind me and since he was after me my friend got around him and was behind the bats chasing me. He held him off until he got taken down so I could go up this ramp and get on the turret. It only took a couple shots to the head and he was down. That all happened very quickly and you would have had to been there to know how nerve wracking it was.

Lol RAAM was easy. My friend and I picked up 2 snipers and a torque bow, and what we did was: When the bat thingies came to him, we used the torque bow and killed them all, then we shot around 5 active reloaded headshots and he was dead in one round.

Yunaleska from FFX was epic, also the Seymour that you fought in Mt. Gazgazet (something like that) Ohhh and that 50m hp monster from FFXII
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Nah, not really.

Give me a shout when you get hold of CoD4, though.

I'm getting Halo 3 on friday. Wanna play that?

TBH I never liked the CoD series. It's extremely complicated to aim at someone, you have to have precision, I find it too real. Is CoD4 different?
Wanna have a one on one at Gears even tho you hate it lol
The design might be sucky (not the looks) but that thing GROWLS. I love it. Here's my favorite Thunderbird clip. Just listen to that tone, it's amazing.
omg welcome the draft
Lol wanna have a lil chat Smokey that'd be funny
FFXII's gameplay is awesome (that comes from a FF elitist) but the story is very dissapointing.

Smokey, I got your message, but I didn't understand anything except for the laugh lol.. What did you say?
^ negative gogol

yah you got a gogol or how you spell it.
0 for not knowing European Son
Ok im trying to record this riff that's double tracked. Is there a way to allign them or do I have to keep cutting the recordings? Im using audacity btw
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Ohhh, so that's who that is.

You sent me a message saying "Hey, it's smudged from UG" the other day didn't you?

I specifically remember, because when I listened to it, my friend and I thought it said "Hey, it's lunch for you and me". We seriously couldn't understand what you said and laughed about it for quite a while.

When I finally worked out that it said "from UG" on the end, I still couldn't work out what user name you said.

So, yeah, I got it. I just didn't understand it.

If you wanna play some Halo, Lost Planet or CoD4 some time, send me a message.

Know I know brits don't really understand yanks talking lol. You don't play Gears? That's the only game I have atm

"Hey, it's lunch for you and me" ahahah I lol'd
lol... Do you have a gt Mayday?
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Are you talkin' to me?

Ya. My gt is yoyodoodle
Hey did u listen to my message on XBL lol
Lol where's zeppelin
There's a sticky on this