I was a guest for around 6 months then I finally joined in October 2006
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It sounds alot like myspace....

Not really, even gayer
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WTF is facebook?

Social networking site, mainly for college students
Asus4, Dsus2, also G with a capo on the 7th fret.
I'll make a facebook later (even tho I hate it to death)
Don't feel bad, You'll laugh when you become a grown up man
When I first got Strangeways, Here we come (The Smiths) I listened to the song Girlfriend in a coma 60+ times
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Sorry didn't even think of that, I'll do that now.

Edit: look an 07'er reporting me lol

There's a big difference between a new guy and a noob. He's new, and you're a noob.
Set the volume really low on the guitar?
Tele is smoother and a bit slimmer
Simpsons/ Family Guy style
I'm a barbie girl
^ I'm your secret admiror

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But I like him. And his cute little Gir avatar.

Hey don't let that guy flame smudgeycakes

And to the dude talking smack about me... chill dude, if you wanna be cereal go to a 40+ forum

and David looks like shaggy
the pound own both by far
Im in. I'll try to find it


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0 because I hate you
Who wouldnt lol
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Oh, she's your one true love?

And I don't look like Shaggy.. that's David.

I'm the one with the blue and brown hair.

David looks like Shaggy
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Oh, I had Roman. That made me sick. I'm like an old person. Victoria!

YOU. You look like Shaggy from Scooby Doo
The name of this thread should be: " Creators of Guitar Hero 3, are they making it to Zeppelin?"
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No cell phone...

Hell yeah same here
I havent


= 1
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This is the for the relationship thread.

wait what?
the fact that air guitar is considered "something" is retarded
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^ This relationship ends here
^Yes I know but clean amps such as Fender Blackfaces and AC30s can give you every clean you want.
^ They're mainly metal guitars, if your into that disgrace to music, then yeah.
So we were talking about the theories on the end our planet, you know, global warming, the sun is gonna turn into a red giant, huge asteroid, etc. So one chick said: "Don't worry guys! If we found Earth we can find another planet!

Edit: In 6th grade, the subject was ancient Rome. The teacher was going to talk about the emperors. He said: "The emperor" and I said " MUFASAA!!"

Lol I got kicked out of the class
Cool! Were they good covers?

And Halo is hell of a song too bad it's a b-side! That's one of the b-sides that could've been a big hit.
^ Something clean I suppose
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I always thought the strat was a little more versatile than a tele but you must tell me how?

Look at my first post in this thread