[quote="'[x"]Huffy[x]']SAme here..seems to work just as well.
Even better
I put a fan behind mine
New Order and Oingo Boingo
tough...but waffles nevertheless!
tell him i said hi : D
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I want people to defend their computer to see witch is better because i feel the Mac vs Pc comertials are very misleading

lol are you from pakistan or something?
try mountain dew dude. yanks are proud of md.
God I love Wendy's. I'm addicted. It's so good.
^ In n out!! we the californians are lucky. TS eat Wendy's you won't regret a wendy's triple
anyone up for some Gears of War?
Don't forget to have an all american meal!
The Killers on alt & indie??? someone explain
^ yes
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look dude... this site is for guitarists, i dont think someone who enters here will answer your question... search in google sites for algebra and ask there....
oh and btw, what grade r u?

Lol noob shut up this is the pit. Also, pay attention in english this year.
Is COD4 really that good or is it overhyped? I played COD3 and sucks.
A dude I know said: "omg have u guys seen the new killer song? shadowplay?" I wanted to kick his ass
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oh alright

He means you can't play PS or PS2 games

Just in case you understood you could play old PS3 games
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reissue, repackage...

Reevaluate the songs, double-pack with a photograph, extra track and a tacky badge
I like them

Roger O'Donnell was a member right?
You won't regret it! Order it online, it's extremely hard to find. The only copy I've seen was in Florida's biggest record store, the Virgin store at downtown disney.
Ahh that band... they're a one hit wonder.

Stacy's mom is hot tho
I've seen that video

It goes like "Johnny Marr, he's a ****in wizard!"

agayn and agayn and agayn

Did anyone see The Cure at the mexican VMA's? Porl is bald!

Edit: Look what I found!

New song! It's called "Please Project" It's wonderful! Sounds a lot like Wish.
The Killer's "Shadowplay" cover is a disgrace to Joy Division
Hey oasis247. Do you know who inspired that Gallagher twat? JOHNNY MARR you fool.

I get raped at Gears online all the time. Anyone want to teach me how to play like a pro?
my gt is yoyodoodle Hit me up
Meh, it's all posh
You could get a cheap access point and it will work, the original network adapter is too expensive, that's if you're going wireless. You can plug the xbox directly into the modem too.
Guitar Hero will last you for a couple of months plus you've already beaten those games and they don't have much replay value. Go with GH!
Because jamming is fun
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I thought everyone had heard Arctic Monkeys by now.

Indie... quite popular these days
We're not all greedy bastards

... I don't think we like being called yanks or is it just me
I think Rock Band's soundtrack is light years beyond GH3's

Really. It's way better IMO.
Just got my Xbox. yay. My gt is yoyodoodle

add me!
^ Lol i don't. except for the "love, peace and harmony" part
wow rly zomg lol
Oh I though he was talking about the ps2 in general, my bad