^ Actually yes, you just need a network adapter, it you have one of the old bulky ps2's. The slimmer version of the PS2 comes with a built in adapter, you just have to plug it into your modem or router or whatever.
Ok. I'll be making a list with all of your gamertags once you post them. Also post pics and organize games here. Have Fun.

Note: Everyone who posted in the H3 gamertag thread is already in the list

Gamertags (UG-GT)

Smokey Amp - Smokey Amp
Big Mac n Fries - Big Mac Bandit
Dobzilla - Dobzille Moose
happytimeharry - MasterShake07
Spoonylove90 - Spoonylove90
Steve The Plank - Enjerica & Steve The Piank
.smudged. - yoyodoodle
WhiteUnggoy - WhiteUngoy55
bjackson369 - A2StepMassacre
killzy - elitekiller24
Keyphur - DiscoStu52
Nelsean - NecRoSeaN
AcdcKicksAss - AcdcKickzAss
Osiris77 - Osiris7837
CowboyUp - Paran0id Joe
Tom589 - Tom589
TalonbladE - Xeranex
Gerbs - Gerbs UK =D
Hexagram - lefty151
Ahh Shaith - Ink Armada
ch715dallat - ShockedChris
B3low3mpty - endovana
CLVPX - Dark Hax0r
Dyer's Eve - Noonster III
x Misanthropy x - III Subz3ro III
isan - LT Com Ambrose
_Tenacious_ - NsK x Storm x
Whatley2212 - Whatley2
Waster - Brian Destiny
buckethead_jr - Buckethead Jr
Cjb Scotland - Cjb Scotland
xLoGit3k - xlogit3k
adamstartin - spawn rhino
questionmarc - Questionmarc7
kammy1221 - IamJust0ne
pimpslap1236 - colonelcancer53
Bullet-Rule - M3tal Bassist
highway62 - dazed777
myguitarskucks1 - death muffin68
Fate_of_Mind - Laugh Oul Loud
Mr. President - typoofreality
IbanezPlayer27 - IbanezPlayer27
musicianamedave - Vanillaface44
a guitar's life - HateCrewReaper
TheNextJimi - Soccer918
StrokeMidnight - Atomic Gamer
Lefty99 - Lefty99
punkbassist19 - GotDeparted
awal93 - Da Kr3w 4893
akm1020 - jezzus stick
*yournamehere* - Squadron 434
aixelsydevahi - aixelsydevahi
CaptainOfSmug - Darth Deimos
schmalex1 - zombishakespear
bpp1991 - Vicari0us
01chardw - christophe245
iSlash - VRSlashGnR
King ofKumbucha - Gore0bsessed
HeritageQB11 - JavManJ200
Bbfat24 - Bbfat24
clincher09 - Clincher09
Slut - KwaiChangCaine
Cpt.Jackass - Frozen Beans
System Overide - Grimm503
Muse-Citizen - MuseCitizen
MisfitsBass138 - TediousJack
Rhythman - DG Nado187
maidenrulz19 - Alfredo5150
JTsparx - DeathMcGuns
Let's see what happens then
More people are going to see it if we make a new thread, what do you think?
Should a make a thread called "The only Xbox Live Thread"? I could make a list with all of your gts
What happened to unplugtheradio and Leonheart? The coolest dudes ever
I can play (barely) on hard. It will strenghten your pinky
I didn't have enough money for games so im stealing Gears off my friend who's a rich kid. He has like 40 games and he only plays Halo lol
My 360 is supposed to arrive today. Do you guys have thread with gamertags of all of u?
Everytime I hear Barbarism I dance like Morressey on crack!
Hey one question to the Halo 3 guys. Are the screenshots in real time? I mean that's the resolution your TV has? The pictures won't be in HD if I have a standard TV?
That D-Link router is excellent. It's really really fast and it has a pretty long range. My friend has one. Although you could get one for $120 off Amazon.
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Maybe I'm alone on this, but I think FWN is better than their debut...

As for the Stone Roses, I believe their first album is on par with The Smiths debut and The Queen is Dead. It's definitely up there as one of the best British albums ever... however, they don't have enough material to warrant the title of 'best British band since the Beatles, whereas, like European Son pointed out, The Smiths are consistently brilliant throughout their discography (although there are a few dud tracks on Meat is Murder).

Anyway, what are your views on Strangeways, Here We Come? I think it's really underrated. It's a much better album than Meat Is Murder, IMO.

dare to name them!

Strangeways is my favorite Smiths album (well, not really, Louder Than Bombs is the first one but it isn't really an album I guess) I belive it is very underrated. The first time I got that record, I spend hours and hours listening to it. I thought it was brilliant. The only track I dislike is Death of a Disco Dancer (sounds a lot like Morressey's solo stuff). A Rush and a Push is probably my favorite, closely followed by Paint a Vulgar Picture. In fact Im gonna go listen to that record right now.
I actually enjoy multiplayer Gears. The only problem is that it's not customizable (or how you spell it) and when you die you have to wait till the match ends.
im nigerian
You know nothing. I've been called a lagger. Yes in "real life".
Im getting one on wednesday
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noo man this is the right place.

lol are you sure?
Wendy's baconator. It's limited edition It'll be gone someday soon
Lol u look emo, and your hair isnt exacly perfect for emo. Also, rastas are brOOTAL. Keep the rasta!
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in which forum should this be ?? not GB&C, not EG, not GG&a, sooooo the pit

Electric Guitar jOO fOOL
Anyone can write a book these days. Hell im off imma work on my next best seller.
any br00tal metal piece on EXPERT!!11
pics or it didnt happen
Down tune. All the cool kids are doing it!
I use fender 9s, and I tune Nashville style. I have a hell load of wounded A's and E's.
Do it!

You CAN achieve any tone you want with a Tele. They're even more versatile than strats
Could we stop arguin about the best band since Te Beatles? enough of it already. God damn.


What was your first impression when you first heard The Smiths?

I thought Morressey's voice was.., lol, I can't even explain with words.
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OK Im finally getting a 360 on wednesday. I'm getting it for online gaming mainly, I just wanna be sure if my connection is fast enough for a lag free/pleasant experience. I got a 384k downstream and a 128k upstream connection. cheers

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Better safe than sorry

Yah I know
OK Im finally getting a 360 on wednesday. I'm getting it for online gaming mainly, I just wanna be sure if my connection is fast enough for a lag free/pleasant experience. I got a 384k downstream and a 128k upstream connection. cheers
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Downloading TV Shows = Illegal. Just in-case the feds are reading, don't do it. It's illegal, watch it on your actual TV.

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I walked the hour to my nearest McDonalds one very early morning after a party not knowing they only served the breakfast menu before 10:30, so I sat outside until 6am, went in looking forward to something nice and ended up with crappy pancakes.

'Twas a sad day.

I feel your pain. Last summer I had to eat chicken strips from Nathan's at 5am. It was either that or mcdonalds lol.
Yo hablo un poco de espanol. Mi preimer lenguaje es 133t luego el engles, luego el espanol
Death> Breakfast from McDonalds. I love mcdonalds, but the morning menu is just grose
I meant something like a wave, not an actual greeting
Yah I wear a sporty one, not one of those fance anal watches