I lol when people capitalize all the letters in xbox...fanbois
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Hands down. TS search no more
wonderful place isnt it?
Oh sad. But to be honest I never liked u

Hey spitz what's going on?
Kirby is too slow and weak I dunno why you guys like him that much
10. Where's your orange name?
No. It's not sharper. It's so shiny and pretty
Fox. It's so fun to own with him
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I'm getting an Agile LP for christmas, AL3000. From what I've read, NUMEROUS accounts have told me they are better than Epiphone Customs and are 200 dollers cheaper. I'm talking of the 3000...I would only get that because it's the high end.

We're people
Ok I get it you like The Smiths, there's a thread on the alt & indie forum.
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Would you prefer Piglatin?

Iway referpay deathway!
It's extremely boring IMO... Watching a bunch of cars doing laps in a very monotonous track is really, really boring and tasteless
ahhhhh!!! people talking about science in a very sophisticated english!!!

*runs away*
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I'd invest in some XBL points if I were you. There's going to be some content, or arcade titles you're going to want to download.

Like what for example
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The Agile ones are usually a better wood, but worse in every other way.

Ummmm... No.
I wanna get into Radiohead. I listened to Air Bag and I really, really liked it. Recommend an album for me. Do they have that "most poppy sounding" album every band usually has? I'm not really into drepressing stuff but if i'm stereotyping correct me.
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what should i get next after substance?

(The Best Of) is good if your into the new wave(ish) stuff and you're kinda new to New Order
50 maybe I don't really know

Edit: 88. 86 of them suck. I got 2 hawt threads lol
Halo 3 is f-ing awesome. I hate Halo 2, but Halo 3 on live was the best gaming experience I've ever had. Too bad it is my friend's .

But, I'm so getting a 360 for christmas, the $350 version, along with the 12 month live card, Halo 3, GOW, and the play & charge kit wich will save some cash on those dready batteries.
What else should I get?
8 remember the avatar

edit: 10 to Mayday
I dunno but Cali is the best state for sho

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maybe new mexico b/c its the newer version of mexico and mexico is a **** hole,but idk cause iv never been there,just a thought

Lol are you 12? just because of the name? Get a brain with working cells.
The twin and twin reverb are not the same amp. Give me a link please?

edit: o noes you already did
Imma take a year off when I finish highschool, I wanna travel around the world
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Oh jesus, I love every post you make, simply because every time I read something you have to say, I picture Gir's voice in my head.

I love you too
Can a US citizen immigrate to NZ? just wondering
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drinkin age in Portugal is 16 !!

That's why your country is not civilized
Hurray for people that read the first post
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lol i found that slightly funny, but buy satisfying did you mean can you acess porn easily lol.
I have heard without the wifi connection the Ipod Touch is extremly solw.

sooo, tbh i don't really know

lol yah porn
did you guys try it ? Is the browsing experience satisfying?
I need one, any suggestions? I could be a pda, not a cellphone tho.
The pit needs to pwn someone. No pwnage after Syd Barret, or did I miss something?
The V for vendetta one looks awesome

edit: ^ they have hungry jack's
Franny almost tranny and fanny
A fender twin reverb and a rickenbacker 360/12
Brotherhood - New Order