Oh I thought you liked chubby boys, my bad
^ So you can fly through them?

You like chubby boys eh? check my profile
^ Age of Consent is a fine piece of music
You could get a low watt (around 15 or 30 I guess) tube amp and a metal pedal and it will sound way better than the Cube.
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Geez sorry.

If i change it will u be happy?

Umm everyone will be happy. The about me section on your profile makes you look like a bag of douche
Saturn. He ate his children
Oh yahh I remember. You had A. Puerta the last time I saw you
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i would HAVE anal with anyone in those hats.

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Uber Pwned...sorry haha

8 You're racist as hell and you added me

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I bought Battlefield 2. I unboxed the cds, didn't install it, and went out with my friends. When I came back, I couldn't find the serial number. My mom trashed the box, and I lost my serial number. Ok. Then I got a keygen and installed it, but I couldn't play online is there a way to go online with a key gen generated number? If so, how! help pl0x
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these aren't so weird but they're hot.

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Extremely anal
They're the best sounding basses imo, the guitars play like they're $5000 and they're $2000, plus they're not mass produced unlike Gibsons and Fenders. Get the Rickenbacker!
Thanks for the suggestion but I don't have money to spend at the moment. I have to get the tone with my current rig. Anyone?
You won't get the best tube amp money can buy with $400
Lol reverb is not underrated. Any type of distortion is overrated, distortion sounds like crap. A light overdrive is as far as I get.
How can I achieve a acoustic sound with my electric guitar. I have a Fender Telecaster and a newer Vox Valvetronix, the ones with no EQ. Help?
7 I've only seen you here
I prefer communism
Wow Mr. Gallagher that's a good New Order piece I'm addicted
8======D ~o ~o ~o

This thread sucks btw
I'm american and I think the Smiths were way better.. I don't represent America tho
^ Is it faster now?

I once tried an epi and it was hell
is the permaban land pretty?
You could get banned and then cause some trouble in the FTOB and viola!
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The surgery? No I think its reversable.

Umm go to the pit please? No need for clowns here
There's a thread on the Valve Junior in the GG&A forum. Tons of info there
^ Does it damage the finish?
I use that Gibson cream that comes in the 3 pack, pretty nice but the smell isnt.
I tried one, didn't like it, the neck was too glossy and slow, that's just me tho.
They're $400, but they need a Tarjeta Verde
Umm, you just need the right amp and the right set of pedals, and the tele will be a metal machine.