I own a 30gb video and 4gb nano. I'd rather own a Touch tho
^ How about Closedown?

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^ You fail

edit: to the guy that posted the album
Umm that Megadeth one is pretty awesome. What are you talking about?
I've got an idea. We should record sound clips of our amps and make a database with different styles to see what an amp can do to help buyers and end all those threads we see all the time. For example, I have a Valvetronix. I could record the cleans, the blues tone, dirty tone to help people considering this amp. Also incluide what guitar were you using.

If you think this won't work, I'll gladly delete this thread.

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Hi I just got my custom 1968 Authentic Les Paul had to show her off you know what it's like lol!

no but there are girls outside ur house internet stalker
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Didn't catch the humour there?

No humour to catch
Hello Dave, how much was it? It came from Japan? I want a les paul so bad
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I was wondering how I am supposed to find tone that I like. I have been told that I have the equipment for good tone but I'm not sure how to get it. My gear is:

Fender Strat HH(Mexican)
Epiphone Les Paul Studio
Marshall AVT150 Head the cab is also marshall and it came with the head.
DigiTech Hot-Head Distortion
Dunlop Crybaby Wah
And a DOD Chorus

So How do I find tone?

Aren't you proud Dave MC?
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Which Tele is for me.

I want something gruntier in the bridge than the standard tinny tele sound, more like a humbucker and a wailing screaming blues tone in the neck.

Would a mim with texas pup swap give me this?

Middle setting and boom! it's a humbucker. Magic
8 never seen joo but i liek 133t pancakez
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Oscar Wilde?

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itll be a 32 gig (multiples of 8, like all memory)

Umm big deal?
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Have fun with your smudged screen, tool.


That's what I hate about ipods, the smudged shiny silver plate
Videora is incredibly easy to use, and it's free.
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They're attractive (Apple knows how to get your dough, or am I weak?)

Does the internet browser have an horizontal screen mode?

I bought a 30gb for $250 in June, now the 80gb is $250. God damn
10/10 = 1

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