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You should get the amp and a budget guitar dude. The amp makes the guitar, I'm talking from experience here.
The 2nd one is fing sexy
It's so FAKE. I hate MTV
I think I'm some kind of 80's/ New Wave hero lol, nothing wrong with makeup, I'd wear some.
If it wasnt for England, America would be a third world continent, there's only 2 civilized countries in America. Look at all the places that were Spanish. They're not civilized at all, they're corrupt and messed up. God bless Britain.
I'd blame Spain instead
You guys are modest 0/10
So you get waffles in Uruguy?

And you're new in this thread, that's why you don't know smudgeycakes
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1/10 Never seen you before.

Neither have I mister, but you should try waffles
I like waffles
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Ipods are good but they only last for 1 year My first gen nano died after 1 year of use (pretty long lifetime for a 1st gen) I currently have a 30gb video, I'm really happy with it.
Fusion is pretty
that horse on the previous page made me LOL
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I like chili dogs
Add I got an idea:

The main enemy: /b/
Aww soooo sweett!!
Orange chicken and General Tso's chicken
Oh well train the ipod nano so you can steal the MG and the skateboard!
a marshall MG the best amps ever!!
drunk gf huh?


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10 I demand Pee Wee
Chuck Norris> You

Chuck Norris is over 2005, unlike you TS

Have a nice night.
7 only seen you here
God of War 1 and 2, GTA San Andreas, If you're just a casual gta player (hookers, rampages, stealing cars) if your into the plot and stuff, you might consider GTA III and Vice City, also FFX and FFXII. X-2 sucked big time. If you like racing, Grand Turismo 4 and NFS:Underground ( avoid Carbon at all cost) The PS2 has a better library than the Xbox, so go with PS.
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aqua dementia, cant you ruin peoples lives somewhere else?
Agree. This guy is annoying, talking about drugs and alcohol and cigarretes GTFO.

Uninstall and download via limewire or torrent
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smudged oh you poor man.... dont sig this.

Well yesterday my friend dared me to drink a whole jar, I did.

And I was certainly not smiling.
Are they any budget electrics without humbuckers?
It's for scratching their asses
Usnavy and Topramenisha
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Dude I had a very similar experience with my girlfriend yesterday... She was ******* the old ******* and her mum knocks on the door. Now usually she just walks straight in (as most do, how annoying), but she waited this time. I didn't have time to do my fly up so i just rolled over onto my tummy. She walked in while i was doing this and started talking and sat down on the bed next to me! She asked me if I could sort out her ipod for her and I said, "Um...yeah in a minute", which sounded very rude But I couldn't really do much else

Anyway... Yeah it sucks.

Bike and run.