The Smiths with Morrissey dancing around, and Primus, Their music makes me laugh
Lol Captain Kirk
Become a man hoe, it works!
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Ecstacy during pe... with like 5 other guys. It was an intense game of hockey to say the least.

holy crap
I'm getting a 360 for x-mas, along with GOW and Halo 3. Should I get this game?
320033 sounds fuller
^ That's a nice tele, but I want it with a flamed top I guess I'll have it when I become a grown up man lol. The 3 saddle adds sustain, that's the only thing I know.
I wish I had one

How much was the Dano?
Hostel was pretty gruesome
Did you have *insert* yet?
whatever you do, don't get apple earphones
I sing "Our House" and "C'mon Eileen"
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wow kids debating how much money america is making their parents. america contributes the lowest amount of developed nations ..0.09%of GNP to 3rd world poverty..and you wonder why other countries hate you?

America > You
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I knew all bass players loved nachos..

10/10 monkey

I don't play bass, that's my friends bass I was playing with it around
10/10 because nachos+ cheese+ burrito unforgettable night.

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Monkey's got a fan!

And this guy is a joke, look at his "about me" in his profile, I can't stop laughing.
A crappy washburn
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Lol, actually I've seen Madness live.

Wow really? In california?

lucky yawn
Remember what KOTOR stands for lol
KOTOR and Halo ONE (better than 2 imo)
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That's discrimination, yo!

I'm sowy... Me thinks you wont likey
Who cares about the car!

Poor deer!!
Yawn, the song was released in 1984

He's very talented, I like the tone of the 12 string. I like the hair too lol. < Not for yawn! another 80s tune
Cool I guess, I'm not into that music.

This Charming Man- The Smiths
10 because you're a cunt, and I know you, and I love cunts
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who else would I be talking to?

I'll listen to you, wise Confusius, and I'll try to change.
Never seen you
You should go to your local music store and post an ad. I doubt you'll find someone on the internet
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Because that attitude is really going to get you far.

are you talking to me?

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Fat Strats are just not right.

Look here Dave!
I've been banned 3 times.

1st: Spam threads

2nd: I said "Gibson SG" in a reported thread. (I hate the damn xfir or whatever mod)

3rd: They though I made another account.

(damn you xfir you lifeless prick)

Do not get a fat strat, get the real thing
Yep I agree. I was really shocked when Robert fired O'Donell, I miss him
a wider screw?