This noob, he just started playing guitar like 2 months ago, he can play (mediocrely) some songs from guitar hero, and he thinks he owns me because he can play fing songs from guitar hero LOL.
Girl Afraid- The Smiths. This song will increase ur 12 string skills

You need a capo tho
Just pretend you're american and your visiting England. Also salute the immigration officers (lol it worked for me). You don't have to show your passport to them I think.
it's like $30 a month for 768k
I read somewhere the modem loads an image and connects with the ISP. What if i buy a used modem that was programed to 1mbps? or is it a line thing?
Fact: We americans hate when british dumb****s call us yankees.
I think Marr's guitar work in Modest Mouse is sucky

what do you think?
Every song in the "All Hallow's E.P." by AFI
Already did. since there's so many computer experts on here, i thought it would be a good idea to ask here
I've got a 256k connection and it's getting on my nerves. Is there a way to hack the modem and improve the internet connection?

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ok man my gt is keepug2guitar ill c u there!

Umm lol n00b this is the pit
Im at my friend's house his gt is ofc500. Im not online at the moment. Post and I'll go online
Umm take it to a tech and avoid a major dissapointment
I'm sowy. I don't know you
can I have a account please
Go to east Los Angeles.

Travelers can only stay for 6 months on travel visas, you need a different type of visa to stay here for that long. Not sure what type tho, go to the INS site
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smudgey cakes

muy bien y voz?

What does voz mean again lol
Im from Cali and I wanna get the **** out of here. I got 5 choices:
Canada, UK (England or Scotland), Australia or New Zealand
10. you make phail threads.

I like them
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why? falco is an exact copy of fox. they apparently didn't have the least bit of creativity in melee since like 4 of the new characters were just the old characters with new "faces". huge disappointment.

Yah exept falco was a tad slower
I love the original and melee, hell I use to spend nights playing with my friends back in the early 2000s. I wonder how we'll play this game , with that wii thing. It saddens me

ole como está?
My friend's brother has one, I don't like it that much
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Aren't you the one that started the Cure thread?

The Cure has two sides, and I listen to the happy one
I say epifanny
[quote="'[x"]Huffy[x]']Its STOLE, you n00b.

It's stealed in california

not really
They stealed. so?
That CC communist won? We're doomed.