How does one compare Blow by Blow and Wired? They are both extremely good, yet completely different in their approaches.
Thanks guys, just tried it out and thats what he must be doing.
I now have another technique that i can try and perfect, thanks again.
Can anyone tell me what Jeff is doing at 2:42?
He sort of shakes his picking hand but not with the whammy bar in it? And it produces a sound that is impossible with the whammy bar.

I've also seen him do it during the intro to Goodbye Pork Pie Hat (the Live at Ronnie Scotts version)

Any help appreciated.
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i have never really "got" hendrix till lately and start to slowly listen to him. it took a documentary, a book and some dvd's but i think i am getting why he was special. now still to me he is no jimmy page but i get what he was trying to play. fairly cool stuff. cheers all!

fair enough, over time your views may change
it wouldn't take long to start hurting if you kept your hand on the bridge when downstroking

Just realised changing one word in this sentence is quite erotic
you mean a d chord with an A base?
I feel that as long as you know the how and why of the major and minor scales, and know every note on the fretboard, there is no reason why you cant be a great guitarist

There is no need to go into modes - IMHO
^ yeah sames, although remember he used that big ol' hollow bodied electric for the later part of his career (hell most of his career) so he probably had the electric on but real low
do you mean that you want to know how to play two notes on strings that arent next to eachother?
it is open A (E A E A C# E)

It should not matter what gauge strings you use. If they are quality strings that is. Quality strings of the same brand (regardless of gauge) should all have the same breaking tension.
think - it just like doing a workout. You are not going to bench press until you tear your muscles off the bone. You stop when it starts hurting. Each time you go a bit further - go through more pain. It is the same deal with downstrokes. Stop when it hurts but remember to go a bit further each time.

I hurt to when I do a lot of downstroking, but thats because I hardly ever do it.
lets keep this thread kicking - as it should be - Johnny Lee Hooker is the bomb

I love Hobo Blues, it makes me feel working class and poor
^this, lets just say that jimi hendrix did learn solely by ear. That would mean that he can only copy or create music. Therefore, how would he had known the pentatonic scales that uses so often in his live solos
have a joint - or a cigerette for that matter
^How would you reply, truth, lies or skip around, changing the subject?
what is the deal in this thread? If I know a piece of classic rock information that no one else does, can I post it and it will get put on the website? Is that how it works?
^Is it true that there is a version on Coda
if you want something that will last get Ddarrio EXP,
I use custom light for a bright, tingly sound and they last forever

There are $25+ AUD though
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Oh and the reason why I don't think Dream Theater fits in well for this thread is because they've got a Keyboardist, who pretty much removes the need for a second guitarist. Also, DT is pretty much an orchestra by itself, everyone in that band is technically gifted.

This incites a rather good point. I can remember Eric Clapton stating that he had some difficulties when he went from John Mayall to Cream. In John Mayall's Bluesbreakers, he was able to go crazy as the keyboardist provided much of the rythum. However when he moved to Cream, he had to be both ryhtum and lead. Case in point, compare the instrumental versions of Steppin Out from the John Mayalls to the Cream days. I personally feel the John Mayall version is the better.
figuring it for yourself the best way to understand and learn it
what a stupid thing to say. The greatest bands ever have only ever had one guitarist

Oh, and a little pet peave of mine. Its "one guitarist" not "one guitarists"
Freddie King for the win
Hide away is awesome
cause easy chords on acoustic are different to easy chords on electric
it would be in the guitar techniques sections
Dont let sixties music out on 21 year old disco junkies. Give them some other crap
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The study of science doesn't require a certain body composition, so I'm not sure what you were driving at there.

Archeo is simply pointing out that, like most people, TS used the word theory in a completely inappropriate manner. A scientific theory is one that has withstood rigorous testing and calculation. That is why it bothers people of a scientific mind to hear people wandering around calling things "nothing but a theory".

he has a point, I am the top of my physics class at uni, and I am by no means fat. I do not share the opinion of the original poster.

This is what I say. Eienstien would not have witnessed much of the songwriting genius that we saw in the later part of the century. How would his theory of quamtum physics affect this?
forget different tunings until you know the notes on the fretboard
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once you learn up to the 12th fret in just repeats dude, and yes this would be a good idea

yeah i sorta half knew that, just sounded good in my post
scales, actually look at the notes of a scale

G Major for Example (G A B C D E F# G). Instead of starting at any G and doing the Whole/Half step routine, actaually look at these notes and then work it out. Do this with enough scales all over the fretboard and you'll get. I am in the process of doing this right now. I have gone from knowing notes up until the 5th fret and now i know them right down until the 12th fret and have a half decent knowledge after that point

hope this helps
I've got a brand new USA Fender Stratocaster American Standard, but I dont have a program to make my pictures smaller to put them on this website. This is something I would love to do; share my guitar with the greater UG community.

Any ideas on how I could make them smaller?
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^ She got hers when she was playing with the university Orchestra. Very different circumstances, and besides, she had it before I met her.

could be an issue then
Did i misread or did the blue ray version of the DVD of live at ronnies include rockabilly covers?
^then it is no issue then, you deserve a good guitar
i always seem to get on the notes that i dont want it on!

A quality amp does help though
I've seen Jeff Beck do it once
^ he he lol
I'm a guitarist, not a musician
^yes, just me getting the A# and G notes mixed up, dont know how a D note worked itself into it
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I've never been good naming chords (I learnt informally to play the guitar), but this one really caught my attention:


Perhaps I'm ignorant, I'm not sure. But there's nothing wrong if I want to know...

EDIT: Sorry, I typed wrongly. I've just edited and that ^ is actually the chord I was asking for.

As far as I can tell what you have written is a Cadd9,

But, pray tell, what was the chord that you wished to post?
^I think it was just a typo

But yeah, Bsus4 is probably the best notation as it is based off the original A shape sus 4 chord