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All the talented cooks in the Food thread.

+ regular posters. I suspect most are nice IRL, including the snarkologists.

Whoa!! I’ve been summoned! Its been a looooong time
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I always see people on the pit saying things like "zomg whyz no1 care bout deh rock opera!11 lazy phux!1 wut r we, guns n rosez or sumtin?!!"


The amount of activity in this project is a testament to your extreme worth ethic. Jeez, son, take a break or sumtin. Can't you see there's a mile long line of impatient peeps who want to contribute? Back of the line, buddy.

Casper the ghost is apparently the hardest working man in showbusiness.

I'm a New Yorker. Deal with it.

I'm sorry. I seem to have missed your point. Let's just be friends and move on eh?
I'm a Queenslander, deal with it.

Nice work on the mix BTW. Hopefully this will get everyone into the swing of things.
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Here's track 4, by the way:

Took me long enough, huh?

friggen great track mate!!
Who's bitching? Where's the file?
What'd I miss?

And seriously, check your facts son. I volunteered to do more tracks but was asked to give other peeps a go, we've all worked hard on on this.

Little less aggro next time would be appreciated.
I have the LTD version of the George Lynch tiger guitar, and I didn't even notice it didn't have a neck pickup until after I'd put a deposit down on it. Just a great, fun guitar to play. But I do need neck and middle pups in my other guitars. I couldn't live without a strat neck/middle position tone.
Go for it mate.
I'm fairly certain my tracks are pretty much done, but correct me if I'm wrong guys.
It's been a while.
you guys seen this yet? maaannn now I don't know which version I like better...
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Agree entirely
Edge of Desire is an amazing song
I feel like I'm in the minority here but I didn't dislike Battle Studies, there are a few tracks I skip past but there's a couple on all of his releases that I do that with

I really really hated BS when it came out- I listened to it all but didn't ever want to buy it. But after BandR, I felt like I should give it a shot. I still skip a whole bunch of songs, but there are some that are growing on me. Edge of Desire is one of them. Perfectly Lonely is another. I till hate Who Says though...
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"Candles are a metaphor?"

Yeah, I'm gonna break ranks here and say I love this album. The lyrics to B+R killed me-
"I still got time, I still got faith, I call on both of my brothers
I've got a mum, I've got a dad, but they do not have each other."
I'm not ashamed to admit I cried when I heard that. That's the past two years of my life summed up. If I Ever Get Round to Living is a killer track too. And Queen of California has replaced Graceland by Paul Simon as my new favourite roadtrip song. Out of all of them, I'd say Something Like Olivia is the only skippable song. I was really looking forward to it, but after a few listens it's just a bit bland. I felt like it should have gone somewhere, but just kept plodding on. Loved the tone on the solo though!

So, I'd say this is my fave John Mayer release, to date. It just perfectly fits into my life right now. Gorgeous instrumentation, vocals are so great, and the lyrics are more grown up than ever. So that's my thoughts on the album. I get that all the die hard blues guys on here are pretty unhappy with it, but I honestly feel like this might be his Pet Sounds.
*claps hands*

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Its hard to defend pop music because of who is under the pop umbrella. I think of pop and I think of Rhianna. There was a story about her I read which broke down the reason it cost her $500,000 to produce one song and it was because she had to pay all these people to do the work for her. She paid someone to write the song, the people to make the music for her, she even had an expense for a vocal instructor who literally came in and showed her how to sing the melody. Literally the only thing she did on her own song was come in and do voice over work like an actor for a animated movie. There are a lot of people who sing well, but if you cant write your own music or play an instrument then I have no respect for that person as someone who is supposed to be a professional creator of music. Its the reason Mayer is the good kind of pop and Rhianna is the bad, but like I said, when it comes to pop music, then are probably 50 Rhiannas for every 1 Mayer.

Come on buddy, that's one performer out of literally millions of artists who are classified as pop...

Just because something is popular doesn't make it crap...
aw man.... I need another roadtrip...
Yay Matty! That was an awesome motivational speech...
Anyway we can figure out what's a draft and what's not?
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Just saw that there's movement in the soundcloud. Steph, KTFM, and Cavalcade - you may want to consider making a new thread so that you can keep the OP up to date.

Unfortunately I'm still unable to record, but there is a slight possibility that may change soon. I'll keep you all posted if there's movement.

EDIT: Who the fuck is Colleen?

Yeah that's probably a good idea. Matty, you cool to do a new thread? You seem to spend a lot more time on UG then me, so it's probably a good idea for you to keep an eye on it.

Frocka, ya done good man. No pressure. But if you do come back I'd be super happy...

Also, I'm super curious about Colleen... I thought it was spam a, but it seems to fit, thematically at least.... Although super terrible vocals. Remind me to take that last part down if it turns out to be someone from here...

(track 6)
And deserving of capitals.

I'm off to play Age of Empires 1 now. Kicking it old school...
Hey who's Colleen?
Also if anyone wants angry shouty man vocals my bro's happy to help.
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I can help. Not much, but I'll do what I can

You and me, Buddy. Let's do this!

Next week.
Welp, looks like I'm on my own here.
Seeya round Erik!!
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And people tend to forget he's not only stuck to blues. I'd like to see any of those guitar players ragging on him pull off any of his acoustic stuff. Double dare.

Truth. Neon, live, is super epic.
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Well not to rain on the parade here but I must say that though John is a good singer with a unique sounding voice and a fair songwriter, I do not at all consider him to be any kind of notarious guitar player. Don`t get me wrong, he can play it`s just that people are so quick these days of hanging tags around peoples necks. tags such as legend or best. He is a decent player but his primary audience is teenage girls. He is in know way even comparable to the guitar legends of blues. No way no how. I mean think about this before you lose your kool. We`re talking about Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimmie Hendrix, Albert King, Muddy waters, etc.etc. Now some of these guys are better than others but its a scale of time thing along with their revolutionary effect on guitar and music in general. So no I`m no fan of Mayer, I agree that he has some good attributes but I really don`t think he will ever be more than a pop artist.

I am calmly, but firmly, disagreeing with you. It's not about hanging tags on anyone, it's about the guys talent. When he is at the top of his game, he is an incredible guitar player.
I've seen him live and it was phenomenal. (Apart from the fans, who were incredibly aggressive and swoony.)
As for being comparable to other blues legends, you can't really quantify listen-ability, can you? For me, I would rather listen to Mayer than Eric Clapton, whose playing I only enjoy on the first three Cream albums. As for all those blues guys being revolutionary, I tend to disagree. They are playing their own version of what is intrinsically a traditional music form. There were revolutionary musical figures LONG before electric blues. Mayer is just part of the natural progression of a particular genre, that is, he is stretching it, and expanding upon want came before him. SO really, there is no need to endlessly compare and measure hiim (or anyone else) against other guitarists. I mean you can't measure feel, can ya? It's all about preference.

End non- rant.
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Hey, guys. Sorry to have to write this, but I think it's gotten to the point where I need to. There's a kind of complicated situation at home right now that's been preventing me from playing my guitar for the last several months, and I have too many other priorities right now to even kid myself about focusing on this. I like to do what I can to try to see the projects I start finished, but this is something I can't put any more time or energy into for the forseeable future. Effective immediately, I'm ending my involvment in the rock opera. You guys can still keep it going if you want, but I'm out. Sorry things had to happen this way.


Hey Dude,
Hope things are okay for ya, and if they aren't, that they get better.
Take it easy Kyle,
hopefully see ya round this place soon.

Ps: Don't feel as though you're letting anyone down, you worked your butt off on this. Thanks!
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something like olivia has a nice vibe. it sounds really "home'y" to me. and yes, i agree with you on the battle studies disappointment. but in a way, that one was a good album too. this one though, is more of my taste. much like continuum.

Yeah forgot about Olivia. Another great track.
Yeah I know tonnes of people loved the last one, but I feel like Born and Raised sounds more honest, for want of a better word. Maybe more soulful? I dunno, but I'm seriously enjoying the previews.
My mum did too. She said it sounds like country, but without the annoying twang. Ha ha.

Edit: for dumb typing...
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yea man u hear the previews? i'm feeling all of them man. gonna be my personal big hit.

yeah i just listened to them all. I honestly feel so excited about this. I found battle studies to be really, really disappointing, but I love all of the previews so far.
Especially Born and Raised and Queen of California.

Bring on May 25...
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if you haven't checked it out, on itunes the preorder of born and raised is $10.99. you can hear previews of all the songs too. i'm diggin' queen of california!

thanks dude!
it's 16.99 in Aus.
But oh well.
pre ordered, can't wait!
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I know everyone always says this about any album artwork but damn, that shit's ugly.

I love it! it reminds me of this
nice one, thanks mate.
are we seriously waiting until may 22 for born and raised? I totally thought it would be sooner than that...
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Dude, this tune is awesome! Gracias!

Glad you like! seriously check out his whole album, loads of cool songs.
My Shore is great, and he has a song called Helen which, on the album, runs into a short cover of I'm On Fire.

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This, and I'm a countryfag.

on that note- just a random, unsolicited recommendation, but you might like this song
the rest of the album's pretty tops too...
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i like the new song...

me too, but I'm kinda a sucker for slide/lap steel etc...
Quote by Matson

no comment on that snippet...

I keep thinking of America's Sister Golden Hair when I listen to it...
Quote by Matson
The man's voice should be ok again and the album will be released "when it gets warm" so between March and May I guess... No idea what's the album is going to be like to be honest. It could very well be that he has changed the songs completely since he last tested them live

I hope he doesnt change them too much.
I'm dying to hear Queen of California, and Born and Raised...
Slow news week I guess?
Hey Guys,
I'm still into doing this, just checking in to say hey. Will try and get myself organised this week, may be next week though as I have to service my bike and replace the exhaust on my car. Thos are my short term priorities

Hope everyone's holidays were good
Maybe re organise the story and release what we have?
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Almost done with track 6. Just need to tweak the melody a little and record it.

Great! Looking forward to hearing it!
Good to see there's still stuff happening with this.
thanks guys, i appreciate that.
did I mention I had laryngitis a couple of weeks back? pretty bad, and it seems my voice is still weakish, singing wise. but i'll give a bit of a redo in a week or so.
hows everyone else coming along?
hmm. wonder what that's about- i received two emails from soundcloud saying it had been uploaded to the dropbox. bizarro.
i tried uploading it again and it's taking forever to finish transcoding. ohwells. try it now?