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The WIKI has just been granted as Higher Education Status! This is Good News for all of us in this Forum and other VK users. It still needs Dudey to verify the WIKI. He has said he would contribute to keep it going. Don't know how much it cost him but we could donate some to him to help out via PayPal if he has an account. Dudey let us know if that is acceptable.

Wiki is verified! It will remain free and open to the public for the foreseeable future.

Thanks, Cap, for handling all this! Sorry I can't be more involved in the community. Maybe after graduate school I can finally start tinkering again!

P.S. - If you need me for anything, message through the wiki. I've left that channel open.
Long time, no see VK community.

To follow up with Cap47, the wikispace page will be removed on November 15 unless a fee is paid. There may be a chance to get a free 30-day extension by using the Plus or Super trials, but no guarantee.

I am not sure on how active the wiki is; I haven't been active in the community for over four years now, and stopped accepting emails/PMs in 2011. If an interest to maintain the wiki exists, I will pay for up to two months subscription (seeing as it was my creation). Otherwise, it looks as though it is coming to an end.

If someone would like to put the work in to continue it, Wikia (free) is another option. I believe it accepts wikitext, which is an export option on the current wiki. Of course, it may not work as easily in my head, but for the sake of continuity it may be the only option.

It's been a good run.
1. College is fun, just be sure to effectively balance school with your social life. Things can get bad really fast, if things aren't kept in line. My dorm experience was different than most schools have... but you'll make friends with your floor and likely not remember half of them by two weeks in. If you are into it, alcohol and drugs are prevalent (depending on the campus). Academically, it's a hodgepodge: it all depends on the professor. Most lectures I have are less than stellar, but the professors teach very well. You'll have classes that are a waste of time, and professor who seem like they shouldn't be teaching.

2. Depends on the school.

3. Different ages for different states, but a good bit are 21.

4. I haven't seen any problems with international students, but I go to a school known for it's diversity.
Not sure about the name thing; whatever you are comfortable with, I suppose.

5. Good grades help, to an extent. The standardized testing (ACT, SAT exams) seems to be more relevant, in many cases.

6. I'm one of these people. So, yes, it's possible.

7. Look for a good cost-to-value ratio. Something priced within what you are looking for.
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Wow this got bigger than I expected. Anyway, just to clarify: my budget is $400-$500. I want it for some fairly high-gain rock and metal , but I also want a decent clean. I've tried the 6505, and while I like it, it's a bit too heavy for me.

With that budget, stay away from the Valveking. You can get something substantially better with that budget.

For the guy with $300-$400, the Valveking is an option if closer to $300. It's by no means a bad amp, but does require some modification. Luckily, Valvekings can be had at less than $200, so the price of modifications is usually justified.
It's a solid amp for the right price, and an excellent first tube amp.
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Florida or Ohio?

OT: Going to Kent State, majoring in Political Science. When I see how well my music skills progress, may consider adding a jazz minor.

EDIT: Realised that FL is U of M.


Wright State, here.

OT: I actually just switched from Biomedical Engineering to Biology&Chem.

Expect lots of calculus, physics, and MATLAB. It is a very difficult curriculum, if you can't handle it.
I could have handled it (and did for two years... I've only had time to do one GEC ), but then realized Biotech is more biology than the engineering I was learning/going to learn.

Unless you truly enjoy engineering, I suggest staying out the major.
Quote by reggaebassman

As a student currently on a pre-med track, this post gets a huge +1.

Depending on what you want to do in medicine, I would also suggest going to a community college to get the introductory courses out the way. I suggest this if your primary focus is pharmacy or clinical lab science.
However, I go to a state university and would say it was the better choice [at least, locally]. It really depends on the school.

Word of advice: make good with your finances.
Apply for as many scholarships as possible, talk to financial aid advisors, etc. If you have to go to a smaller, local college, so be it; as long as the credits transfer, you'll have saved yourself a couple thousand dollars.
If you have a full-ride, take advantage of it. Also, consider being a commuter instead of a campus resident; considerably cheaper, but you miss out on the "campus experience," I suppose.

I don't know how it is at other schools, but most pre-meds here are heavy drinkers/partiers and maintain high GPA's every quarter. Feel free to party, but if you plan on going to grad school (especially med school), keep your grades in-check and your record clean.

If you can't get a decent score on the MCAT/GRE the first or second time around and have the GPA and courseload to back it, you're not going anywhere.
Jeremy Soule - Total Annihilation soundtrack
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Use that the sum of (-1)^n a(n) converges if a(n) is (1) monotone decreasing and (2) tends to 0 as n->infinity (Leibniz's test). If |x|>1 (2) fails, just show that if |x|<1 or 1, a(n) is monotone decreasing (not necessarily for all n but for all n > n_0, for some n_0).

So, for testing purposes, we assume that L<1 and (dis)prove it through the relevant tests, unless the initial limit is infinity?
Worded that a bit oddly.
I understand the radii and intervals will be different, but the general idea is to assume "less than one" from the get-go, unless L = inf.? From there, it's just working the inequality to find radii and interval bounds?

I ended up with R=1, from what I originally posted, and using the above assumption ended up with an interval of [-1,1]. Not sure if it makes sense entirely, but it seems like the surrounding odd problems have similar answers. Works for me, and the math works .

Thank you for the help!
Power series:
Find the radius of convergence and the interval of convergence.

(Invalid img)

I did the ratio test and ended up getting this...
(Invalid img)
...which has a limit equal to 1.

I have written down on my paper...
(Invalid img)

I'm not sure how to approach this since it would appear the ratio test proves inconclusive.

If someone could provide a detailed outline of how to even approach power series, it would be appreciated. My prof basically said do ratio test, but only showed cases where it was conclusive and convergent; the book and notes are not helping any.
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I was looking at comp-eng programs at various universities, and some doesn't even mention the word "programming" at all, whereas others have lots of various programming modules.

I'd assume that at least C-programming should be a part of it... perhaps some things go as common sence – I dunno...

My roommates (both CEG and CS) had the choice to learn Java (what they did) or C, but both leading to C++.
They primarily use C++ for schoolwork nowadays (second/third years).
I want to suggest learning MATLAB, but it may just be my location... easy enough to learn, though.

It's probably worth mentioning that the internships they've done required use of Java, Objective-C, OpenGL, C++, Visual Basic, and [now] MATLAB.

I'm leaving BME for microbiology.
The program isn't bad, in spite of my hate for physics. Wright State has almost no leaning towards tissue/cell engineering, which is what I want to do. One class specifically targeted at it... oh well.
Still an engineer at heart.
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Have Intel sent out the fixed Sandy Bridge boards yet? And can manufacturers sell the old ones without having to state if they have the fault? Sorry if this is a stupid question

Yes, my roommate got his two weeks ago and it's working fine.
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I don't think so... I would think mechs would have the best chance of getting a job there but I have nothing to back my reasoning with.

I'm actually a mech, it's my first workterm though so I was pretty much just looking for a job period. I'll probably try and find a job better suited to what I'm studying for my other terms.

There was a job fair at my school last week and all but two companies were only looking for ME's.

Then again, I'm at Wright-Patt.... that may have something to do with it.
Charlie, you've been made an organizer.

Members of the wiki can edit it, just so everyone knows. I made that happen in October 2009 or sometime around there.

I haven't updated it for two years because I've been in school, and sold my amp.

I've been trying to pass the torch to somebody else for a while now.
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I'm thinking either Tong-Sol 12AX7 in V1, JJ 12AX7(or Mullard, which I have a new one now), and a Sovtek LPS 12Ax7 in V3, JJ 6L6GC power tubes, or, like how I was reading in the original posts, a Tong-Sol in V1, and two 5157(?) in V2 and V3.

Should I go with JJ power tubes, or TAD power tubes?

I'm looking for a bright, punchy clean that breaks up late, and a smooth warm gain that's not too bright, I'm not worried about how much gain I have on tap, that's what the TS is for. Right now my tone is a bit muddy and on the bright side, so it's a tad bit twangy, cleans are great, but breaks up really early, cleans starts to OD around 2-3 on the volume.

That's a very bright setup right there. I found it a little harsh sometimes; my treble would normally be at zero, even for gigs. But, it does produce a nice sound.

It does break up late, and cleans up well. The cleans are very bright.

TAD power tubes. JJ's are not bad by any means, but all the JJ's I had ended up with the same tube rattle problem within a few months.

I'm sure your BKP will help smooth out the tone a good bit, so you shouldn't really have problems if you do choose that combination.


I haven't been updating the Wiki; I can ease up the restrictions on editing, but somebody needs to moderate... seeing as I haven't had this amp in my possession for two years.
Attempted recording again, tried to focus in on the mix a bit more.

I think the snare and overheads are still a bit upfront; same goes, but in a lesser form, for the ending lead.

I also learned the song whilst recording, so there are few instances of odd playing.
No excessive post-processing, just some EQ fixes and basic mixing.
It's good for the money, but will not sound the greatest through a standard combo amp (though, it still sounds quite good). Granted, I use a small combo amp, too, but a dedicated power amp would be ideal (in my opinion).

Line 6 is releasing the HD-series soon. It's a bit more limited in the choice of what you use, but where it lacks choice it makes up for in tone. Apparently, they redid the algorithm for this series, and it is the most realistic-sounding to date.... again, apparently.

Look for B-stock/refurbished X3L's... I got mine for just over $375, and it was in mint condition. Refurbished, yes, but it works.
My dad was a health/physical ed. teacher for K-12. He said he made something like $78k before taxes.
Of course, this was after 30-odd years between three or four schools.

He's retired now.
Not that he didn't deserve to retire, but with budget cuts, he lost family coverage for health insurance alongside premium increases... something we kind of desperately need.
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I don't actually own a bugera. I'll have to re edit my post. lol.

But I was thinking Peavey Valveking and a BUgera 333 OR. Just a Blackstar HT 60 combo or an Engl Thunder and that cab.

Get a Peavey Ultra/XXX (it's what the 333 is based off of) and a good cab; be done with it.

The Valveking isn't a bad amp, by any means... it's just not the greatest stock, and usually needs to some upgrades for its full potential.
If you buy new, there is no point in buying a Valveking: they are overpriced new, and you could buy a better amp with the money you spend on upgrading it.
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I havent actually got either of these amps yet. I was buying a harley benton 4X12 cab with V 30's in it.

But I thought cause of youtube demo's it would be ok for metal?

Youtube is not the end-all source. Most of the videos are overcompressed and sound quality is less-than-great.

Are you buying new? You could probably just get another Bugera or a Peavey Ultra/XXX
Just started my second year of BME.

Physics is killing me, yet my engineering classes (C-programming and Statics) are going to be relatively easy [and full of long hours].
This is odd.

Is there any real methodology to just understanding physics?
It seems to be my weakest area, thus far... and I have two quarters of it left.

Oh yes, organic chemistry is lovely.
I passed the first physics class because of a bell-curve, and I need help remembering this material.

a) What is the direction of the net force on charge +q due to the other two charges?
b) What is the total electric force on the system of three charges?

For a), I am guessing it is simple vector addition (resultant vector, right?), but am not sure if I would use Coulomb's Law or not. Mentally, I know where it is going, but I was never very good with vectors; this is troubling me.
Fnet = F21 + F31 is what I have now. Because it's an equilateral triangle, there are 60 degree angles between each point. Should I apply Law of sines/cosines?

For b), I use Coulomb's and solve symbolically? We only dealt with two-point systems in lecture and the reading, so I'm not sure if there is a different approach with three.

I'm an engineering student who can't do physics very well.
If you want a Valveking, buy it used. They are usually $200-300.

At its new price, there are better amps to be found (both new and used).


It's not the amp you're looking for. Try the 6505 or something more geared towards metal.
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OKay so I'm reporting back...the Sovtek is bad because its the only one that didnt light up. Not sure if it matters but one of the pre amp tubes lit up alot brighter than the other one, and then one was out completely. The power tubes were very warm too, never touched them before while it was on so was wondering if that was normal. AND last thing, I moved the amp while it was on so half of it was in the air..if you can picture this.sort of like it was wobbling and put it down, not gently, but not roughly and got this really weird bouncing wobbly sound like it was coming from the reverb tank being loose or something. Again something I have never done before so I was wondering if that was normal too. Okay I think thats it lol.

I'm not quite getting the preamp issue. Sounds like a bad tube.

Power amp tubes will be warm for a bit after use.

That would be the springs of the spring reverb in action.
Re-insert your tubes... could they be arcing?

Do you have a cable in the effects loop of the amp? It could be going bad.
Soldering in guitar/cables loose?
Input of amp going bad?

Quote by synystagates
Oh yeah that definitely aggravated the noise. should i unscrew the cover and take a look around? cuz the cables are in all the way

The red/white may just have some dirty contacts...?

The reverb pan always caused me a bit of hum, unfortunately

What about your power? Are the pedals getting adequate power? Is the amp cable in good condition?
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Let's say that my problem is with the amp. It is none of the pedals because I have stripped the amp care and plugged it into every outlet in my room and I'm still picking up interference. So if it is the amp, could it be wires lose in the back? I recently changed the tubes, but I played it for a good week so I don't think its them. Maybe something got messed up while transporting but I have no idea what to check.

Does it sound like it'd be from the reverb pan connection? Try wiggling the cable gently.
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personally, i love Dimarzio Cliplock staps. go check them out. they're really comfortable and will NEVER let go


They are made of the same material as seatbelts, and pretty comfortable.
The only problem I have with them is they hang a bit low for me.
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So I just hooked up my vk and all the pedals in my college dorm and I am getting some crazy static from the amp..something I've never had before. Now I know that sometimes cellphones can interfere and make some kind of it possible that there is interference from like the network system or something here? Because I really dont think its any of equipment.

It's probably the wiring of the building.
I had similar issues with a different amp last year in my dorms.
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what mods could be done?

There are several mods, and a decent amount of upgrades.

If you are handy with electronics and a soldering iron...
-JCM mod
-Mesa mod
-Add a bias pot and test ports
-Adjust tone stacks

Run-of-the-mill upgrades...
-Speaker swap
-Replace output transformer (OT)
-replace reverb pan
-new tubes

There's more mods/upgrades/tricks to be found on the Wiki (in my sig).

I'd only suggest a VK, if you find an outrageously cheap one used, or it is literally the only thing available.
There are better things on the market in this day and age for the price of a new one.
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I'd recommend a Pod Studio instead.


Easier and more customizable to the mix than the standalone POD would be.
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Hey guys anyone have any EQ settings for a rock style worship band? if youre familiar with the band hillsong united then thats kinda the tone im lookin for

Ethan_hanus would know this.
Morally and legally, there are no problems with this.
As long as they are paying for it and paying their taxes (among other things), it's legally sound.
It's the equivalent to a YMCA or JCC. Yes, there is likely to be an area for prayer, but that's is entitled by the Constitution.

Socially, it's ludicrous and near-suicidal. It can be considered disrespectful to those affected by 9/11 and the [pointless] war in the Middle East.
There are likely to be numerous occasions of vandalism, and probably cause riots of some sort.

As long as they imams (if there IS a mosque in there) are of the peaceful sort, I have nothing against it. Let them worship.
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been awesome bro. moving away for college in one week, so i'm really excited. how's everything with you?

Hey, I see you're an engineering student.... engineering, ftw.

Where do you go to school at?
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So, anybody every try out Mullard tubes in the VK. I just bought a Mullard 12AX7 out of impulse, is having a 0 shipping cost sale, so, you know, why not.

I'm thinking about putting it in place of the gain stage tube, which I think is V1, right?

I hear Mullards are an excellent V2.

Also, link to Wiki in my sig.

Sorry, I'm too tired to actually formulate a response other than this.
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The 6L6EH is actually a Sovtec WXT+! It is not too bad! I prefer the TAD tho!

Hence my disclaimer earlier in the post.

Yeah, TAD's sound quite good.
If I ever re-invest in another VK (unlikely, with JCA nowdays), I have to get some KT66's.
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Doesn't this run contrary to what most people are recommending for the Valvekings?

Not really.

The TAD's have been recommended a multitude of times, and some users have told of good results with the Winged C's. Ruby's, on the other hand, are what come stock... they work, but aren't the greatest tone-wise [for some people].

JJ's in the power section are good for a good price.
I noticed little difference in tonal characteristics (dark, bright) from the Ruby tubes I originally had. The JJ's did sound better to my ears, though.

And, as a note, anything is better than the Ruby's and EH's Peavey has been known to throw in the power section.
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hey guys after reading the wiki i've decided to replace the OT and choke in my VK at the same time i do my tubes. im not very knowledgable on these things and will be getting a tech to install, but looking to purchase myself as it will be a lot cheaper.

1. there is no problems using an OT from america in australia correct, since it is not the power transformer?

2. is there somewhere in australia to purchase a custom choke, i have already ordered the OT and it is too late to add a choke.

3. do i need to bias my 4xjj 6L6gc tubes (matched quartet)

4. since v2 is for gain, i was thinking tung sol in v1 and v3, and JJ in v2. predominantly play metal and rock. Also i have an mxr 10 band, a bad monkey and an isp decimator in there.

thanks a heap guys, looking forward to the facelift for my VK

1. Cannot comment as I'm from the USA. I'd assume that logic is right, but maybe someone has had a similar experience.

2. No idea.

3. Not likely. The VK is cathode-biased and doesn't require a bias, unless you have done the bias mod (in which case you would bias to whatever you want).

4. Two Tung-Sol's would be ridiculously bright... I don't even think the JJ's darkness would be able to overcome that. I'd wait for more answers on the tube options... a v1 Tungsol would be a good choice, maybe the JJ in v2, but you need a better PI in v3.

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Then what about the benefit of a half-stack over a combo?

I'm checking out a 20 watt head, but there is also a 20-watt combo made by the same company that is almost exactly the same.

Better heat distribution within the head.
The option to have different cabinets/speaker configurations easily. If you ever decide to change the amp head, you can usually keep the cab and use it with another head.
Better sound distribution.

If it's a tube head/combo, then the head/cab might be easier to carry around but more difficult to transport (two parts), and the combo may be easier to transport but has the added weight of speaker(s).

It all depends on what you want to do with the amp.
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Then what's the benefit of using a full stack versus a half stack?

Divided stereo.
A 'wall of sound' bit.