bevels done, heres a quick mock up

im gonna make the most plain guitar you can possibly make next probably... youll see... anway here is a pic with the second hb route because the last pictures looked wierd with just the neck one routed.
okay here are some more pics of my progress.. i still am gonna route another HB tonight..

after that im scanning templates for the bird inlays... youll have to pm me for those if you want em..
I'm lost lol... i don't really see it.. as long as it works its ok though.

edit oh yeaa.. okay i get what your saying.. he meant grain orientation though i believe..
//// //// |||| \\\\ \\\\

that would be the proper way i'd imagine...
what if all of the pieces warp the same way?

edit: i didn't see that you were using boards that were ripped in half.. shouldve read the whole thread..

mehhhh i dont know how well that would actually work... it sounds good when you say it but will it work absolutely 100% of the time?
Are you gonna do a carved top on this one lp?
ehhh sorry about not getting the templates scanned yet.. i was up in canada this weekend again, didn't get any work done on this.. but hopefully ill be able to get the pickups routed the bridge drilled.. maybe some headstock veneer on? and some shaping done this week. I've just been so busy recently i've had no time to do anything really.. I have a lot planned though for this winter.. including a test of how different thicknesses of finish affect sustain, a phillies themed guitar (depending on how the world series goes lol) a bunch of sgs a bunch of strats all to sell (except the phillies guitar.).
Hmmmm interesting... i still would be a little hesitant to not put a truss in there.. just from my experience wood warps... from what i understand you get your wood from lumber yards like I do.. there is NO problem with that except for wood from lumberyards, although kiln dried, is not 100% dry and ready to be made into an instrument... it WILL warp... it doesn't matter how hard or soft the wood is. Anyway, its your choice and i respect your decision to not put the truss rod in. It's just that with how thin electric necks are the string tension bends the neck a little even if there is no warping.
How long have you had your neck throughs? give them a few changes of seasons... they will eventually need truss rod adjustments.. Even if you think you wont need the truss rod just put it in, its not a waste of money..
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i know i dont need one, every neck ive built i havent even needed it, its just sitting in there putting no pressure, i figure if i dont even route out the main strength of the neck, i definitely wont need one, i can make sure that its flat and that it will always stay that way. i know what i am doing.

are you kidding me? your not putting a truss in a neck... that is a mistake.. you will definitely regret that... wood warps its a guarantee.. no matter how dry it is it will warp.
Ah sweet your around me then, I'm not sure about any pros in this area though, haven't really even looked for anyone, but custom paint jobs usually are expensive... just google it, a few sites will come up and give you an idea of what the price range will be..
It is not walnut.. im not sure what it is..
^ I can scan my templates later for you if you want.. i had to make them so i cant promise they are perfect.
neck pocket is finished and its pretty strong without glue too
haha thanks guys!

well it looks like today Im gonna work on the neck pocket inlay the 21st fret, shape the neck etc.
The one bad thing about walnut is its weight, its pretty heavy... but definitely one of my favorite woods.
yeaa.... freehand routes are never goood.. youll be fine with the plates covering up the pickups and everything but still, remember templates for next time..

looks good, love the shape.
i say go for just plain orange.. i like the shape a lot.. i think it would look much better with just plain orange..
I use 18 inch stewmac hot rod truss rods for my 25.5 inch scale necks.. im sure they can be used for 24.75 inch scale length guitars too. theres only one way to find out... just look at your plan and see how long the neck is...

neck is getting there. just have to inlay the 21 fret marker radius the board a little more carve it and im done.. I'm happy with how its looking soo far.

the marks on the fretboard are from the clamps... for some reason they leave these wet marks. they are easily sanded off so its no problem..

hmmmm maybe i should bind the board? opinions?
^ +1 its relatively cheap around here.
haha I wouldn't ever buy precut inlays.. they are hand cut... they are a tiny bit different then prs inlays for obvious reasons but basically the same.
oook pics tomorrow the neck is almost complete... just have to do the carving... I glued the fretboard on today (rosewood with prs bird inlays in mop)
heh yeaa woodcraft is pretty good.. I just picked up two decent sized rosewood boards that i hope will last me a little while for fretboards.
haha once I finish this up and it sells i probably will. The woods were all gotten from local lumber yards, except for the rosewood for the fretboard... that was from woodcraft..
hmmm I'm not sure what you mean lp, care to explane a little more?
hmmm I really don't like the laminated neck for some reason so I just scarfed up a birdseye neck today.. also instead of the gibson set neck joint I'm going with a different joint (the one that everyone uses that posts set neck builds on here.) Ill post pics when i get some real progress.
basically the price of the hardware plus about 50 for the neck 50 for the body and 200-300 for my time possibly less...
haha ook sounds good... it all depends on the price of the parts... my time is obviously free because I'm a hobbyist... my wood is extremely cheap because i buy it at lumber yards.. i have a big bandsaw and everthing needed to turn rough lumber into blanks...

soo 270 usd..

also... when i said 1/10th of the price it was kind of an exaggeration but whatever i shall try.

EDIT: looking at the B6 on that site I'm guessing closer to 350-400 for that actuallly.
haha yes sad thing is i could easily build that for 200 euros.. how thick do you think that rosewood top is exactly... its probably just a veneer or a quarter inch drop top... i bet i could build t for 350 usd..
^ yea thats very true... the guitars are pretty basic, they appear to be crafted very well though from the pictures. I definitely think that I could make any of those guitars as well for like 1/10th of the price lol.
they look very nice, not worth a two year wait in my opinion though.
wait.. are you an authorized dealer of allparts parts? thats pretty cool... I might be interested stewmac is getting a little expensive... I'd definitely be interested if your stuff was cheaper lol.
UG in general got me into building guitars, i saw so many cool mods and stuff that I had to try it myself.
You should do 1 and 1/4th inch poplar with a 1/2 inch figured top that's what I did for my carved top strats.
I dont get it... Why is everyone so against poplar?? Is everyone actually saying poplar is a bad wood or are you all just saying it because the first guy said it? Poplar happens to be a pretty good wood for guitar building...
^ k will do, I usually don't get that much orange peel (although i always do get SOME) my sprayer wasn't really working too good, i think i need to replace the tip.
ah k thanks for the tips, Finishing isn't one of my strengths in building lol

yea i still have to buff it out lol, i just sprayed today.. i also have to run out and get some more primer clear and black before i can do anything (I've only sprayed the top so far.)