you guys are gonna like this one when its done. I have a good idea for a finish.

I think it is best if you wanna do this as a hobby just to research, maybe read a book or something and do it. Building guitars is not hard, it just takes practice to make everything perfect.
Hey LP, this looks really nice! I'm in the process of doing something like this now. It's gonna have a 2 piece 1.75" curly maple body with a carved top. The wood looks very similar to yours.
Don't do this.. if this is a veneer there is no way you'd be able to do it.
I'll post em up as soon as I'm not busy
The idea for this one is simple, two piece body with no top. Carved. I want the entire thing out of the same type of wood except for the fretboard. So its either gonna be all mahogany or all curly maple. I have some nice 8/4 curly maple that I think I'm gonna glue up today if I have time. What do you think of this?
Thanks man, I'm pleased with it, I might start with the next one next week or the week after. I really like this wood.
I doubt you'd be able to do a decent job with paint. You'd have to reclear it and everything to do that.
Thanks a lot, I appreciate it. Now I have to start a new project, probably same thing in Right handed but with an ash back. Different hardware of course.
Wiring is extremely easy. Just do it yourself, it wont be expensive at all.
No problem I forget who gave me that idea, someone on PG, just be careful with it, you could easily mess up with the cove bit.
It plays very well, my last two guitars have played pretty much exactly the same, I like it. It also sounds surprisingly well considering it has GFS pickups in it. It plays very well clean. I'm pleased with it.
Wow that wood looks really good man! cant wait to see this one
Thanks guys,

I finished this one up, it's wired up and everything.. more pics will come when I have some time...

just make sure you use enough glue and tons of tape, don't be afraid to use a ton of tape.
The weld on cement is great.. it actually melts the binding and softens it so that its easier to get onto the guitar. I really like that stuff. To route I just mix and match bearings off different router bits haha..

As I just basically finished this build, and was reminded of this thread by reading LP's post I think I'll post the finished pics in this thread.
sounds good, mine is pretty easy though if you have a bandsaw.. I can make necks real fast.
I'm tired, but I started to assemble the guitar. this is it until tomorrow when i string it up solder etc.

pickups arent screwed in encase you were wondering.
heh thanks,

I HOPE I can get this thing finished up tomorrow.. I don't know though, you never know what might come up to ruin those plans. If not tomorrow it's gonna be within a couple days id imagine. I'm really anxious to get this thing done.
that would probably work, I'm no expert at this. Those tools might work more accurately though.
That is a bad break, there isnt much surface area to glue it together. Where do you people find these broken headstock guitars on ebay! I can never find them..

That would not be an easy clamp it up and wood fill.. That break would require a lot of work.
there is a tool for this.. It basically measures the distance of the top of your blade from the table.. you just wanna make sure its the same distance at every part of the blade. Their are also other knife setting tools you can buy.. look into it.


EDIT again:

might be worth a try?
I used all gotoh stuff and stewmac hardware and I got everything for under 300$ The wood probably is about 20-30$ on top of that... i have no idea.
haha what are you spending 900$ on? what are your plans for this?
This one is gonna get sold after the competition if I enter it.. I don't want another guitar haha..
heh I probably wont enter this one but I may if I have this finished by the 31st. It should be a pretty busy month.

Carved curly maple top
Mahogany back
Danish oil
Maple neck
Rosewood fretboard
Nickel hardware
I guess haha I was just saying you don't have to make a big deal of setting up a guitar. I would make sure your neck is straight though.. a quick visual inspection might not be a bad idea either.
I don't think your going to have to worry about any of those things unless they are noticeable... I couldnt imagine cracks and chips on a brand new guitar.
haven't started my wolfgang yet.
If I finish my wolfgang by then I'll enter.
I dont know why you'd need to take it to a tech. All you have to do is set the action and set the intonation. It is really easy just google it.. I'm sure your frets are level etc.

back and sides are oiled up and the heel is done.
Yea that's definitely how I feel, I'm glad you like it. I think i went a little over the top on my SG build which is why I'm putting that on hold and building a wolfgang now to sell.

The three way isn't cove cutter recessed, its just recessed using a forstner bit, it looks better that way I think.
I think if you painted it it would look nicer. Good work man, I like it.
cove cutter bit, It was the first time I attempted that, I figured since this guitar was for me I might as well try that out.. only problem was the thickness of the top, it wasn't thick enough. If I would've made a thicker top it would've been much nicer.
haha i remember that austinor thing... its fine though, if i saw brown stuff all over the pocket id say something about it too haha