Thanks alot LP

heh, I was just testing a little bit of dye in the bottom of my neck pocket, i figured it was a nice place to test it. What I was testing the dye for I can not say until someone notices.
Another update, I recieved my parts and shaped my heel, next update will have the neck and the body joined, and the whole thing done I'm hoping. I'm excited to get this thing done.
Wow nice, I wouldn't do much with it, steinberger headless bridge systems are pretty cool. I dont know much about them though.. looks like there isn't much to be done.
They have it at home depot I believe. It's "Watco Danish Oil" Its just plain finishing wax applied and then buffed. This was sanded to 4000 using abralon pads.
Danish oil and wax=pretty nice finish

I dont see a problem with veneers. If you dont want a 1/2 inch top to affect the tone of your guitar then why not just use a veneer for looks. Some times veneers are just the right thing to use.

theres a headstock veneer i did on one of my first builds, it was kind of complicated, I didn't even bind it... That guitar is getting destroyed soon though, it's not a good player. It's funny how much better you get at building after your first couple builds.
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What are they then?

pretty self explanatory really.. I've never used them before but I'm sure i eventually will..
Yeaa definitely, oh well as long as it works I guess haha.
^why didnt you just make a new fretboard?
nice clean work man, this is looking good!
heh same here I definitely do more building than I do playing..
next update will just be closeups of the heel and that will be maybe a day or two, whenever the stuff comes. Then I'll post pics of the oiled guitar, then I'll post pics of the fully assembled guitar... I cant wait to use this neck, its feeling nice.

Heh, I couldn't record anything, I suck at guitar.
This is gonna be finished up within the week easily, right when I get my neck mounting hardware I'll mount the neck oil up the back and then string it up.
I don't see why anyone would do this.. I know from experience that this is just a pain! I actually am a lefty but my first guitar was righty. If you reverse a guitar knobs get in the way of your playing, trust me its just a pain.
Wolfgang shape
Nickel hardware
Carved top
Stop tail
grover tuners
curly maple top
mahogany back
maple neck
rosewood fretboard
green dye on the top
one strip of thick white binding.
I think Ill do the same truss adjustment with the pinwheel.

Edit: I'm also a fan of green finishes.
Yes lol, it's for this. I'm pretty set on the wolfgang shape, I think it looks pretty cool. I'm thinking maybe a 1.75inch mahogany body with a .5inch carved maple top now sounds good. I really like that headstock too.. the little carve in it looks pretty cool.
Tru Oil or Lacquer, I'm not sure yet.
you could shift it over a little bit and make it so that the ferrule is just covering the end of the hole. you wouldn't have to do any new paint and you'd have a ferrule.
wow lol impressive.
I was just saying the rest of the refinish looks really good so its a shame to let one thing be anything less than perfect
Yeaa it would be a little bit of work, you'd only really have to repaint the neck pocket area though. I just think that the screw directly in the wood looks a little shoddy.. Maybe you could just use a ferrule for that one screw, I don't know.
This is lookin nice. Ill be waiting to see this one finished off.
just a suggestion..

Fill those neck mounting holes and go with ferrules, your back is painted a solid color anyway. Other than that this looks very good! good work.
True but I just dont like 5 pc binding, it seems too old fashioned to me. trust me this will look good with one solid thick black stripe.

EDIT: I've never seen an Ormsby or anyone for that matter do 5 ply binding and I've seen several price tags that are far above 1000
Heh, you never know it might not be sold 6 months in the future.
Okay so I'm pretty set on the peavey wolfgang now with the 3/4th inch curly maple top and mahogany body. All nickel gotoh hardware. A TOM bridge with a stoptail. It'll look pretty sweet I think. I think I'll start right when I'm finished my 100gbp build.
ahh yeaa a peavey wolfgang with a deep carve sounds NICE to me.
Did he? whats that model called?
ehh i want a tom bridge, how do you think thatd look with a TOM
The name is bindings haha. I just want one cream strip.
Yea i know but I'm looking to sell it for around $1000. I don't know if people would be willing to pay $1000 for a plain old Les Paul.

EDIT: thats not a gibson haha
Either my Strat shape or Les Paul but I'm open to anything.
Hey I'll be making a new right handed guitar that I'm gonna be selling to whoever wants to buy it. I just want some suggestions for what you think will sell easily. Whatever it is I want it to have a 2 piece mahogany body and a .75 inch curly maple top with a DEEP carve. Nickel hardware and an oil finish on this one. Other than that its wide open, I just want something that will be easy to sell and that I can complete on my time, I want no deadline which is why I'm not gonna be making anything "unsellable." I wont be selling it before I finish it.

Where would i get green acrylic binding, that would be the sweetest guitar ever. White and green is such an amazing color combo.
Awesome man, I am a big walnut fan, I'm really liking this. I gotta do an RG one of these days, all of mine are strats. I just want a plain white lacquered RG with a green perloid pickguard. possible some type of binding.
i know but I'm at 100gbp now, its fine though this is a decent quality bridge, just not very good looking. I might change the saddle springs to chrome ones, the black ones are part of the problem.
It still can and will be string through body. This is a 100gbp build and I can only spend 100gbp. After the contest is done I'll most likely install a new bridge unless I really like this one for some reason.
Yeaa I know im gonna have to change that bridge out to a string through. i think thisll be done soon though.
I ordered my neck screws a jack and ebony knobs because i didn't feel like making them.
God, this reminds me of what I should be doing.. I know how to and have every jig imaginable radius dishes go bar deck molds side bending press heat blankets etc, but i just forgot about building it last year. I gotta get on this eventually. I even have a set of mahogany sides bent haha.