Yea I just gotta order some neck bolts, I forgot to do that a few days ago now I'll have to wait a couple days but in the mean time I could do some finishing I guess
I'm gonna give this one an oil finish just because I've used lacquer on every other guitar I've built
Here is my opinion on parts. You get what you pay for. I've seen tons of stewmac bashing and i really don't understand why. Their website is easy to navigate, their customer service is great to deal with, their prices are low on most things and all of their hardware is high quality. guitarfetish is decent, but once again you get what you pay for, Their chroming is low quality and their gold hardware dulls after only a short period of use. I've been pleased with their customer service as well though, Whenever I've dealt with them they've been easy and understanding.
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Like it, Lovin the black binding. Its not done enough IMO

Definitely not done enough, I personally hate the BWBW lams, I like either one single black or white or binding with abalone purfling

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lol, dont you have to have a business first to be put out of it? lol

lol.. I just do this as a hobby as well. I've only ever sold one guitar. I plan on selling more but I'm not gonna go out of my way to get a commission, If someone asked however, I would build.
heh I know, i didn't have any regular knobs so I just threw those things on, those are not the final knobs. I might put on some rosewood knobs. or something similar.

these show the carve better
To me the hardware isn't a big deal on this one. I have so many guitars for myself to play that this is no big deal. I'm more concerned with the actual body neck combo than I am the hardware. I can build this guitar with any hardware I want, Trem, TOM, stringthrough hard tail, non string through. It's all just a personal preference thing and its the choice of whoever wants the guitar. I personally think it would look good with a tom. my next version is gonna be right handed nickel hardware TOM grover tuners same electronic configuration.
Welll, I do have an extra gotoh trem but i definitely want a hard tail on this, I think a reasonable alternative would be a nice string through hard tail once im done with the 100gbp build.
I really have no problem with this thread, I don't understand why people get so angry at people that falsely label customizations builds. The only thing that I don't like about this is people that use parts they already had and don't put what they paid for those parts in the budget.
Not on this one, this is what it is and wont be changed unless i'm unhappy with something (It really is just the model ill be using to work out any flaws) I will be building several of these right handed to sell though in the coming months.
thanks man, I think i'm gonna go work on the nut and then i think this is finished up minus the neck bolts which i still haven't ordered
ahhhh thats good i bought quite a bit of that for fingerboards, about 24 boards worth of bolivian.. its 18-22 a board foot if i recall..
pau ferro, isnt that just bolivian rosewood? I cant remember.. If I could get some relatively cheap ebony I'd use that (20-30 a board foot.)
^i think that lacquering maple boards is definitely the better option, I personally dont use maple on anything for myself atleast. I think rosewood is much more attractive and stronger.
Ummm, I'm under the impression that all maple boards must be lacquered to keep them from dirtying up. I'm sure the lemon oil wouldn't hurt anything but it certainly wouldn't be doing any good if its lacquered.

I drilled my holes for the pots.
^wait, do you think that flamed maple is actually done by people? all figured woods are natural man..
I really like the body shape too, its really nice but i do get bored with it after a while. It's weird though when I was in my stage of building these the first time around I liked the look of them but never really could build a very good player because i just wasn't experienced enough. So i never really have played one of these guitars for too long because i like my white strat, green strat, and blue 006 more. Right now when I play electric I use my white strat most of the time because it plays the best by far.
This one is looking better than any of them though. It has a great fret job and everything is lined up perfectly.

Anyone can build a guitar for as cheap as I can and as easily as I can. If you have access to a shop with big tools and a decent lumber yard you're in good shape.

But now I'm going to work on my second model of this guitar and see if I can sell it because I'm not completely satisfied with my sg (It's a great guitar though) and I'd like to get one sold relatively soon.
I did some fretwork and drilled the headstock holes. I also worked on the back of the neck.

People pay so much for builds. I'm using high quality components from stewmac and high quality woods and its costing me 350 roughly to build a guitar.
i know exactly how I'd do that carve, i really think that would be an easy one to do. All id do was mark the areas that are supposed to be at the lowest point of the carve and route them to their level and then take the carving tool to do the rough out and then go over it with my power sander and then id be finished. it really wouldnt take long. If you want i could give you more details on how id do it. I really think my method is safer than the angle grinder. and just as quick.
Yep, the hardware is all chrome.

almost done just have to get a neck plate or neck ferrules and screws, i might carve the pocket a little,
I honestly don't see how it would make much of a difference if a body was made out of 1 or 100 pieces of wood to the average person. Just go with a two piece body, easy to do and still looks good.
^just redo it. necks really don't take long to make, and trust me, you will not get around to it for a LONG time if you put it off now. I'd say an oil finish is fine, but don't do it because you want to save time, do it because you like the look.
Minus the neck and a little bit of finish sanding on the body this thing is pretty much done. It's a pretty nice looking guitar and I feel like it's going to be another nice player. I will most likely be finishing up my sg after this but I'm not sure. I might just build another one of these except for righty and then put it up for sale, I'm just not sure. Specs will be different though obviously.

Overall though, I am extremely pleased with the design. I feel like I've come close to having it perfect. It is a thin guitar around the edges, which is cool. Very light weight as well. I think this will be my main model once again.
I've done it with a bandsaw every time, then I used a spindle sander to clean it up. other options are router, and jigsaw. the router requires a template bit with a top and bottom bearing most likely.
It doesn't matter if its bearing wait or not, the fact is it will crack and split.
why did you orient the grain like that on the left side of the guitar. you cant glue endgrain, is not stable enough
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He didn't do the routs.

But I agree; why'd you cut anything of the main body instead of just sculpting the horns?

I know he didnt cut the routes, my question is why are they so bad on a factory guitar.
That is really wierd, the quality of those routes are terrible, I'm confused. The shapes not bad though I like it i just don't think theirs gonna be enough space between the jack and the edge of the guitar.
hmmm, I think I'm gonna do the neck today, I don't have much left to do. I already routed for the control cavity and did the tummy cut yesterday. Today I'm gonna drill the holes for the pots and work on the neck. This is coming close to being finished.l
Yeaa, thats why I recommended my method, if its not as complicated as it looked in the pictures then im sure its fine. The thing about my method is you can route them faster.
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Well, no harder than having to cut a new top section for each radius, with your method.

Both work fine.

actually cutting the radii into mdf is quite simple, it requires a router (being used like a compass) and takes about 10 minutes to do all of the radii you want.
haha its not really THAT orange, its partially because of the flash.
mmmmmmm This is a nice feeling carve now and the binding is looking good.

I make my own blocks with a simple jig I made. I make 11" blocks but I could make as long of a block as I want. I have pretty much all of the radii