i just put the body blank in the vacuum its lookin pretty good, I'm just gonna oil it.
its quite simple actually, i get out my protractor measure a 2 degree (or whatever i need) angle. I extend this angle 18 inches. I find the rise over 18 inches for the 2 degree angle. hen this is done i take two pieces of wood that are planed flat. I take the rise of the 2 degree angle over 18 inches and make a base for my rails out of scrap body cut offs and other scrap wood. i staple one piece of woood that is the same thickness as the body to one end of the rails and another that is the thickness of the rise over 18 inches to the other ends of the rails. this gives me rails going don at a 2 degree angle and i just hand route the bottom of the already routed pocket and clean it up with chisels.

Of course you only have to go through that one time for every angle because you can just make an mdf template thats cut to a 2 degree angle or whatever once you have the rails set up.

sorry if that made no sense. its a little late and i didnt feel like drawing a diagram, ill get to that tomorrow.
90 dollars for enough boards to make around 15 tops so yea 6$ the figure is absolutely incredible, i love it. Curly spanish cedar like this is pretty rare from what I understand.
its pretty easy to do it on the body. I just make angled rails and angle out the pocket with my router on the rails.. its pretty easy to make the rails.

pics of the wood.
I may have come across as rude by saying this idea is pointless.. Im sorry.

I really like the idea i was just suggesting an alternative method that would accomplish the same thing with better results most likely...

looks good by the way..
hehe, less than 90 dollars for enough curly spanish cedar to make 15 or more tops (this stuff is absolutely incredible, i wouldnt sell it to someone i dont know for less than 75-100 a top.)

The top is gonna be carved and bound with black plastic, the back will be painted white.

pics of the blanks in a few minutes..
I have to do one of these, I haven't been posting recently but these threads seem pretty cool..

so here's what its gonna be.


Curly Spanish Cedar Top
Poplar Back
Rosewood fretboard
maple neck
hardware taken off of some crappy neckthrough i built a while back.
i think the hardware is gfs

Wood costs
Curly Spanish Cedar top 6$
Poplar back 10$
Rosewood Fretboard 2$
maple neck: unknown maybe 2$?
Bridge 10$
HBs 50$
Tuners 20$
electronics 10$
misc hardware 15$
Truss 15$


pics to come when resawing is done.
this idea is kind of pointless.. if you want the tuning on the body why not just put standard tuners on the body recessed in the back that are accessible from the back.. tuners are can cost as little as 20 dollars usd, your tuning system wont be much cheaper.
I've heard good things about grizzly saws, I however have no experience with them, i'm laguna man
I use a router, rasps, files, band saw, jointer, planer, spokeshave, scrapers, drill press, fret slotting miter box, fret saw, a million clamps and a fret hammer to make my necks. I have no idea how long it takes me but I'm guessing like 3-4 hours actual working time from rough lumber? thats if I'm only making 1 at a time though, I'm sure if I made like 5 at the same time it would take like 2 hours each maybe?
nuthinbuttrubl8 if you set up a website that you can order from youd definitely get a lot more business (from me atleast haha...)
ill probably go up to 2000 with my sand paper then 4000 with my abralon. Then buff it up and try it out.
I actually have abralon pads, I dont use them for some reason though, i just use sandpaper, its worked good for me.

I don't use the upper frets anyway haha, but they'll be fine. The body is fine, really comfortable thats what I built it for. I painted it white for the contrast, I happy with how it looks. For what this build is I'm happy with it.
everything went on great, just have to fix up the lower horn that i bumped while the paint was wet and its all good, its an easy fix though...

theres a carved top tutorial i did if your interested in carved tops..
Who would go to madagascar haha.. but that would be really cool haha.
I use my dremel for inlays and to cut off fret ends close to the board.. doesnt get too much use..
I just started with the clearing process... I'll definitely have this done for next week.. should be good.
the knob is on the pickguard haha..
I hear rosewood is really easy to bend.. I'd try that maybe, but its kinda pricey.. You could also try some mahogany, cheaper than rosewood.. or some maple, cheaper then mahogany..
although you may barely notice the difference from the primer, this is championship white..

alright i have to ask what is NBT8? EDIT: Oh haha..


I hope the day comes when I can no longer compliment people because they'll quote my compliment on ebay
Its not really a schecter haha..

I just sanded the back and resprayed primer.. looks great.. i might spray some white tonight..
actually to be honest the home made ferrules make me like it even more the add character , they are hideous though I just put them on for temporary and forgot about buying the new ones.. one of these days

I actually bought this one from wood craft... its not excatly the same but its a realllly good file, definitely worth it..
heh I know what I did, the primer was a little thin and my spray gun was a little messed up, but its all good now.. I love the blue guitar too! it doesnt get the justice it deserves though, the neck pocket ferrules are trash ( i made them out of 5/8th inch steel rod) and the pickup rings are bad.. its also missing a top string ferrules and the bottom string ferrules are also pretty bad.. Ill eventually fix it up though, that was a spare parts build as well.. i ripped the parts off of a used righty schecter 006 deluxe

I got a run on the back! I was very disappointed with myself... so I am gonna wait until tomorrow to sand that out or if it dries enough by tonight Ill do it at like 8ish and spray another primer then some white and post pics of course..
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So I go to order and they say that they don't have the back and side sets that I want, so I was wondering if Red Cedar would work for the back and sides. I have about 40 ft of it and it's quarter sawn, the only thing is that it is only 5'' wide, so would it work to glue 4 pieces together for the back?

I also have access to aspen and poplar. Has anyone ever used either of these?

For backs and sides i think harder woods are generally used.. like walnut maple rosewood mahogany, etc.. soft woods like western red cedar and sitka spruce are used for tops.
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alot alot alot alot of jigs.

know whats funny? most people are held back from acoustics for exactly that reason, I on the other hand, built every jig, I spent hours and hours making these jigs a year ago, but havent even started the acoustic radius dishes are hard to make, trust me!
good idea, you can still see what your routing, its a very nice base.. the slotting mitre box is nice, i use that..
mines gonna be maple. I definitely would not keep it. i doubt I'd do it though, it sounds like something id say id do but never get around to haha..
^ YES! that stewmac base is incredible, definitely worth the price tag, VERY solid..
I'm building an sg with curly spanish cedar top curly maple back and walnut to seperate the two. It also has prs bird inlays maple neck and rosewood fretboard for under 1k (probably gonna sell it for 900-1000).. Its all a matter of how much people are willing to pay, and the quality of your work... My work is pretty good, I make solid instruments.. but i realize that its probably not as good as perry's work therefore I sell guitars for 1/3rd of the price (maybe not exactly 1/3rd of the price but significantly less)..
I was thinking maybe pearl, down the center, or something like that.. where did you get your strat templates from or did you do them youself, if i had a good template set I'd sell bodies on ebay. All of my stuff is custom now so nothing is interchangeable...
Ehh I do agree with that, even though you don't see the cavities at all with the mounting rings, drill press cavities are hideous haha..

while thinking about how i was going to fix up my old builds i realized that this guitar just sucked, i think I'm going to kill it and use its parts for a new guitar, possibly something crazy, or possibly just a curly spanish cedar topped, poplar backed schecter 006, who knows..