haha.. I gotta get a huge chunk of maple and make something like this... ill just use all the scrap to make maple fretboards and sell them on ebay or something, I'd probably make back more than all the wood cost.
Haha, sure I'll send you the pics, I hope to have it done in the next week or so.. I cant wait to start playing this, then ill be able to give the schecter that i made a body for a break.

This is also a very comfortable guitar to play..
maybe tomorrow I'll go out and buy lacquer, I'm all out.. If they dont have creamy white im going with whatever white they have i just wanna get it done, color is no big concern. I just applied sanding sealer to the body, it looks good, tomorrow i might start priming and coloring it..
she plays great, i actually didn't have a full set of strings so i wont get to see how it really plays until i lacquer it up but the action is super low and there is no fret buzz at all so I'm pretty happy with it, it'll definitely be the guitar i play the most, its just so comfortable..
Sweet, thats pretty far away haha I'm actually in the US but i go up to the kingston area often.. Looks like a good project, why do you only want a "lightly figured" maple top?
maple smells really good when burnt! Indian rosewood smells absolutely terrible.. the one time i resawed that stuff it was terrible.. i really done mind the smell of spanish cedar too much actually, apparently zebrawood smells bad? I've resawed zebra wood several times and I've smelled nothing.
thats fine, no problem with that.. Its a good sketch man, where in ontario are you?
Hmm i have no idea, maybe it has to do with the density of the wood? it might be possible that it soaked up some glue while drying and changed the color of the wood? as long as its okay structurally you're fine, id just either give it a solid finish (the wood really isn't too attractive to me) or put some type of binding up the middle, like pearl or something..
i think I'm just gonna go with a 10 pack, i don't need 25 sets of strings and its not really any discount for buying 15 more sets..

40 for 10

85 for 25

i think..
didnt even notice the 3 humbuckers.. yea.. if your guitar has 3 humbuckers they are right up against each other from what I've seen.
thats weird.. i had no trouble gluing up my top, no line at all, id check your jointer blades out... haha spanish cedar smells absolutely terrible, kinda like bug spray, this curly stuff is weird though, it doesn't seem to smell AS bad and isn't as porous as the stuff you've got.. maybe it doesn't smell bad because I've been using so many woods that I've grown numb to the smells.
ahh so this is pretty much finished up, i just wired and strung it up, works good, i gotta get more strings though
haha, looks good, the headstock could use a bit of fine tuning though, im not sure what to suggest though... its a great start though..
no, I just strung it up and checked out the neck, its pretty sweet, its not wired or anything yet.. tomorrow ill start finishing it, I've done enough today..
oh wow, i just put the e string on, i set the action insanely low and no buzz at all, this is gonna be a player....

fretted neck, maybe ill string it up tonight..
tuner holes drilled i gonna fret it today and then prep it for paint..
I love bolt ons, I've done set neck bolt on and through neck, bolt on is my favorite..
haha, I have another FB exactly like it, Its the other side of the blank i cut this one from so the grain is exactly the same.
I had to go quite a few pages back in my photobucket to dig this up... but maybe youll wanna do something like this..

I personally like the hot rod truss rods, I know LP hates them for some reason though, not sure why.. You could definitely do a neckthrough, you just have to plan everything out from a profile view so you end up with decent action, youll need a neck angle.. I've never used ebony for fingerboards, always rosewood, I just like the look. Binding thickness is all a matter of opinion. I dont think you need to do the ferrules any different way if your recessing the bridge, Ive never recessed a TOM before though.
very nice wood.. cant wait to see this build.. that photoshop mockup you made looks great.

I used a cherry top on this guitar.. cherry is a fine wood to use for guitars, plenty hard..
theres already one up, look at the pic of the back of the guitar, you can see it on there..
I've always used Bosch routers, they work great in my opinion.. Ive noticed that on off switches are a trouble on routers I don't know why.
I really dont think i mentioned this at all to you guys.. What do you think about my recessed ferrules? basically i routed a 1x3 cavity in the back then recessed 1.25x3.5 inch cover in so that you cant see it.. the cover is press fit meaning if i want to take it off instead of unscrewing it i just take a needle or something and pry it out on one of the corners that i left a little gap for that purpose, nifty I think .. Also the cover lies flush with the body so you cant feel it
I just routed for the fender style jack, now the only thing left is maybe tuner holes? then ill slap some sealer on spray some primer on and get to finishing this thing up, I wanna play it!

In other news I got an acoustic guitar, I'm an idiot, I have too many guitars now(this is my only acoustic though). I'm starting to think i should've just built one.. I was looking around and I realized that you cant really get anything with solid sides and backs until you get to around 700-1000 dollars, Once i finish up these two projects(or however many I'm workin' on) thats next (Its been pushed back long enough now haha, 3 electrics ago i said it was time for my acoustic.)

I'm gonna post some pics of the new mockup, I'm bored..
Grainfiller is not an option as this is poplar, a very closed grained wood. clearcoats arent an option either, this wood is hideous on the back. I think im gonna go with some type of white/ cream paint.
haha thanks..

This is actually my ninth or tenth guitar, nothing special, just wasting some wood and spare parts i had lying around.

I cant wait to string it up and start playing it because I love strats, they are easy to play with my messed up wrists and because although i didn't spend too much time on this body I set everything up perfectly so that this can be a great player.
basically just thicknesses of polyurethane really. It's gonna end up with a nice thick coat of poly when this is finished.
Im gonna be painting it cream white.. i think itll looke good with the neck
heres a mockup with everything on it... the knobs arent in the right places because i didnt drill those holes yet.

control cavity is routed bridge holes drilled neck pocket routed etc
sealer i'snt necessary but to seal I usually use regular sanding sealer.
To lacquer you just grain fill (optional) seal the wood, and lacquer.
I haven't decided how I'm finishing the SG yet but I'm thinking true oil or clear lacquer
Spanish cedar smells sooo bad when cutting haha.. I actually like the mineral stain on the headstock, it gives it character.
I think i could do a guitar in a day if i had all the templates... It really wouldn't be that hard.