Relient K is the best punk rock band. Period.
As Cities Burn is amazing. Go listen to their song "Empire."
The #2 ranked user on this website, Pencom, has an Ovation. Other than that, I don't know anything about them.
My band (New Dawn) is kind of new. We're still working on our first songs and all of that stuff.
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Had a lot of travel today (and yesterday) so I've managed to listen to the first 4 hours of Chris Heros new shoot. It's fun stuff, I can listen to Hero talk for hours as evidenced by the fact I watched his entire pre-WWE shoot. There's no real dirt on anyone and everyone is "awesome" but it's a good listen, nice insights into what actually goes in at NXT and how involved Triple H is. These stories almost make me like him, and then he pops up on TV and I just forget about ever doing that.

People who watch WWE have no life; it's so cheesy. With the time that you use watching WWE, you could be listening to Classical Music or other valuable genres, spending time with your dog and/or cat, reading, writing, studying, exercising, playing sports with friends, playing Monopoly, practicing your musical instrument(s), reading your Bible (if you're a Christian like me), etc.
It's a waste of time; there is no value that comes out of watching worthless television shows about men throwing each other across a boxing ring while they pretend to be hurt.
Pro Wrestling?! That stuff is fake garbage. Real Wresting is what you should watch instead. Even though I don't like it that much, I can see why people like it; and, it's much better than that televised bogus phony rubbish.
Well, it looks like the second has a cut-away, and first does not; so, it depends on what music you play, and if you play on stage often or just pick up a guitar and play.
I have no idea what guitar that is. It looks pretty cool, though.