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I'm currently listening to Borknagars debut album, I completely forgot how good it is. Perfect blend of rawness and melody.

Borknagar is complete aces!
I just got a new laptop running Vista. So i tried installing itunes but once I download it and try to install it, it says "the publisher cannot be verifed, do you still want to run this program?" I hit run and then it nothing happens after that. Does anyone know why this is happening or knows how to install it?
Okay how do I take off all the music from my itouch and not put any on? When I o o he music tab in the device it says it's all full bit doesn't show what songs or artists are on it
I'm sure I'm asking a stupid question here but I recently switched to an itouch (former zune user) but iTunes seemed to try all my 80+gigs of music on to my 8 gig itouch and I can't seem to figure out how to take any music off of it...
I feel super dumb haha but when I click on the device on iTunes and go under music nothing shows up besides how much space I've used up. help will be appreciated!
If only if only hahaha
Found a collection of Pink and yellow capsule imprinted Barr 323 25 it's been some time since I've experimented with pills and I'm guessing these are mine since I found them in my room But I can't remember the doses I should take? I think I used them for anxiety and as a catalyst for other opiates. Help?
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Break it down and leave it out. Its winter around here so it probably wouldn't take more than a couple hours, tops.

When you say break it down do you mean grind it or just put it in smaller portions? Cause I just broke it up into about three separate pieces and left it out in my shop and I was wondering how long it would take.
Hey, haven't logged on in here for awhile but I just came into, maybe about a dimes worth that had been picked a little while ago, it's still sticky and I'm guessing it was picked within the week or so. I'm wondering if I should dry it (or how to go about drying it fast without losing a lot of potency) help would be much apreciated cause I would like to smoke it as soon as possible haha
haha I love milk, I drink like a quart of it a day XD and okay, I've done some research online and haven't found anything about it, so I thought I would ask the people here
Maybe, so you guys all say it's okay? cCause I've taken for granted how much milk I drink haha
hahaha that's exactly what I was thinking, I don't know why I couldn't drink milk
Well my piercer did and my friends said that drinking milk can increase infection cause of like yeast or something? Same goes with beer and such, like I can eat dairy but milk is the main thing.
Okay I got my lip pierced this monday and not drinking milk is really killing me!! How long do I have to go without it, or any sory of dairy product?
Sooo I've decided to get my lip pierced finally at 16mm. Problem is my mom wants my senior pictures without it and I'd rather make her happy about it. I told her I could take it out when I take the picture (she doesn't mind all my ear rings) but she said she doesn't want a hole in my lip when it's taken. Do you think it will even be noticable without intense inspection of the picture? I'll probably get my pictures taken in June or July so it's not much of a wait but I'd like to do it now if possible haha. So does anybody know?
Smoke some weed... if you're not into that excercise, not right before bed though
so I have 12's in my ear lobes (rings), I think my destination is to get them to 8's, so to stretch them out do I just get the weighted rings? Or how do I go about stretching them out?
Hey, so my lady friend wants me to pierce my lip, so I say jokingly fine, you have to do it cause I don't wanna pay for it. She actually said okay. So, how safe is that to do with an inexperienced person. I usually go to my tatoo stylist but I'm to broke and this could be possibly a good story haha. So should I let her do it if I make sure everything is completely sterile? And two, should I be good and drunk? haha
I think my best ever was like 4:48 that was when I was running everyday for track... whatever I'm a sprinter anyways haha
Hmmm "Don't be a bitch" works with most things haha and "**** the world" always makes me feel better

EDIT: Oh and "Sometimes you just gotta grab life by the ass and **** it"

These are more mottos but whatever can be advice haha.
People always think I'm stoned and one of the biggest stoners at the school... oh wait I am haha
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You cant have sex with a guitar..

....or could you?

You can when you put your balls in the soundhole and strum yourself to ecstasy!
I'm doing this **** too, I feel your pain man. Can't help you though, thats probably why I have a C- in that class
I laughed, people in the pit need to get off there highhorses this is proof people need to lighten up
It's like 20f in washington, c'mon snow get here!!!
I like marb reds the best and for menthol just plain camel menthol. I recently just invested in about 6 oz. of tobacco and a roller and have made around 50 so far. It's not to bad, but I tried putting filters on them and it sucked so I left them off. I get a buzz way better now, but they don't taste as good. Any brands of tobacco you can buy that anyone reccomends?
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ooooh i didnt think of an impreza.

yeah and jeeps ****ing suck
my friend has one and it gets like 10 mpg

in todays day and age we dont need freaking jeeps.
who the **** even off roads anymore? seriously
thats why all the ****ing polar bears are dying because nobody wants to sacrifice their suvs that they dont use for something more economic.

thays why i love gojira.. good band

Jeeps ****ing own souls! You can do anything to them, indestructable, unless you're a ****ing retard that doesn't know anything mechanical! They do get ****ty gas mileage but it doens't matter at all, get a job, it's fine. And I offroad a ****ton, best thing to do is go out for a week with your buds drinking beers and mobbing with your friends. Ricers=faggots and people will make fun of you
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Hookahs are sweet but you can only legally smoke them outdoors here, and its balls cold this time of year. So our hookah sits unused for now.

And hookah is worse for you than cigarettes. It has less of the bad stuff in it, but you inhale a waaay bigger volume of smoke.

They are waaay safer actually. It has less tar and nicotine, and you may inhale it a ton more, but the only danger in that is burning lung tissue, so when smoke is filtered through the water it cools it, which is why you can inhale it more, so I'm fairly certain it's the safest way to smoke... tobacco that is
The one band you will ever need to listen to is Infected Mushroom... guarnteed to open your mind and make you feel awesome! I reccomend the Vicious Delicious album
Well, if he is much shorter you can always just borrow his boots and such and just rent a board that fits. That way you'll save a bit of money by not having to rent boots. For gear, it's pretty much all personal preference, and depending what style of riding you wanna be doing. I myself prefer saloman or burton boots, which have been pretty reliable for me in the past, but they can cost quite a bit; especially with some of the new features they have brought to the market. Same with bindings, flo bindings are pretty awesome, however they are very expensive, and you'll probably have to replace them after a few years. But bindings aren't too important.
I've been snowboarding for a good 10 years, but to be honest I wouldn't even spend money on gear right now. Head up to the mountain a few times and just rent, who knows you may find out that you like skiing better or snowboarding, no sense in buying gear you may never use. Plus, once you're sure what you wanna do you can spend more money on actually DECENT gear. It's not the big of the deal with the price as long as you're not growing I.E boots, bindings, board.
Oh and whoever was saying that height has nothing to do with your board is VERY misinformed. It has to do with almost everything, the longer the board/skiis the faster you will be able to go, and the shorter the board the more control you will have but with less speed. The person talking about weight is probably looking at wakeboarding because thats how you determine what you want with a wakeboard. Anywho, hope that helps some, if you have any questions feel free to ask.
I need mo' money
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zomg i r leik totalyz randumz! lolololol

Zomg ur LIek ToTTALly FAgz
I'm in the mood for some randomness

Share your best lines or your oddest stories
I've now heard everything! Someone PM me this I wanna see if it's for real
I want one bad! Not only do you get to blow away everything, you get a second life as well!
Oh wow, someone has an opinion and has to tell us about it. Seriously, people like different music then you, shut the hell up you intolerant bastard
Does anyone know what gear chuck used? I'm trying to get a sound similar to him like in Symbolic and Sound. I'm talking about amps and pedals mostly, I can figure out the EQ on my own haha
Who cares, you will not be arrested for streaming a video dude, go for it