Might sound like a weird question but do maintenance calories change? By that I mean, I'm currently bulking on 3200 and had around 0.5-1.0lb gain a week, 500 above what was my maintenance, but now I've hit a plateau for the past fortnight. Does this mean from now on that at my current weight and bf% that 3200 is my new maintenance?
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Out of interest, can you ellaborate on your maintanance calories, calorie intake, protein intake and workout routines? Since I'm not very certain what to do once I start cutting, which wont be quite yet but behind the corner anyhow.

For me to maintain is roughly 2800, so at the moment on average I'm hitting around 2300 to cut, protein-wise I'd say I average around 170, about a gram per lb bodyweight.

Routine I do at the moment I'm doing the "Showtime" workout but I try to add at least one powerlifting move in there, mainly because that's what I enjoy doing most.
Morning: 50g Oats and berries, 2 whole eggs and 2 egg whites
Mid-Morning: Wholegrain bread w/tinned mackerel
Lunch: 130g chicken, broccoli and 50-75g brown rice
Post Workout: Low fat Greek Yoghurt,2 scoops whey protein and berries
Dinner: 150g chicken/turkey w/ broccoli and green beans
Before bed: Cottage cheese.

Also green tea throughout the day + BCAAs, L-Glutamine and multi-vit
About 6 weeks into my current diet/plan, only dropped about 3kg which isn't too bad, lifting as more than I was before which is a relief. I'm lowering carbs past about 3pm, nothing processed and doing HIIT at the end of each workout. Any advice on dropping the extra few? I get that I'm not massive but I'd rather start a slow bulk from a good base.


No worries, mind taking a look at mine?

Did this in one take, wasn't taken *too* seriously, ignore the backing vocals, he was very insistent about being in the video, I didn't have the heart to say no. C4C! Appreciated!
My all time favourite song, and a great cover, which is high praise! Nice one dude
Pretty good man, I can see where people are coming from by saying it's pitchy (not that I can offer advice on fixing that), but overall it's good, the guitar playing is consistent through it all...Good work!
I did this in one take, and it shows, but it was just a bit of fun, more curious about people's opinions on the singing more than anything else since it's my first real attempt at it! Muchas gracias.

The name was NOT my choice...
Anyone in the UK know where to look for jeans with "obscure" sizes...I ask because at the moment I'm wearing 30W and 30L, and I need a tight belt to keep them up, but if I go for 28W then they're way too tight for my legs.

Basically, thin waist and thick legs.
How long does a dinosaur take to mature? I don't want to be waiting 10 years for this, I want it NOW.
When cutting, what's the best time to eat carbs? I keep seeing varying opinions on it, some saying not to have any after 5pm, some saying just to keep them to a minimum and I would prefer something definitive, I usually workout before lunch, if that helps.
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how much did they cost? been thinking about getting a pair like that

Around £50 I think, I've seen them as high as £80 and as low as £40 though...Inflation, eh?
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Well, I usually wear jeans (blue or light blue) combined with either a hoody and a t-shirt or a collared shirt. I know that sounds really unspecific, but it's the best I can do. I guess a kind of shoe that would go with anything would be good.
I am looking for something along the lines of a sneaker, though. I have nice leather shoes which I wear on formal occasions so I need something casual to wear on a daily basis. I'm not afraid to try others if suggested though.

Maybe? I like mine anyway
I like my women like I like my Scotch, 18 years old and kept in wooden barrels.
In terms of an all black suit, including black shirt, what colour tie would go? Black? I do have a silver tie clip and belt which offsets it being totally dark, but I'm still unsure.
I'm in the halfway stage between growing my hair or just getting it all cut off, opinions?

(Nothing too long, I couldn't handle anything past my jawline)

What's good for building the upper part of biceps? Like from a side view both my arms look fine but looking at them front-on, the insertion towards my shoulder is pretty thin.
Anchovy and jalapeno pizza. So good...So good.
Basically, the guy offers $1000 for recorded evidence of Chris Brown getting what he deserves.

I'd do it for free.

“For legal reasons I will say this is partially a joke, and partially a way to bring some measure of pain and discomfort (non-physical) to a terrible, vicious human being who deserves far worse, HOWEVER, if you were to hit him and then email me video proof of that beating, I would absolutely, one hundred percent guaranteed send you a thousand dollars. You know, that money I already owed you, or something."

Seemingly unrelated, CM Punk (pro wrestler) got into a Twitter beef with Chris Brown and released a video calling him out. Though, this is a pro wrestler, so the authenticity is dubious at best.

The guy who punched him seemed a lot more drunk...
Well he says something along the lines of 'I can't believe you convinced ulfric to speak with the imperials, waste of time...'

When I go into the palace after killing the Ice Wraith, they are both talking about the Jagged Crown, but I can't open any dialogue options with either of them to pursue that quest, Galmar keeps talking as if I have already organised the treaty and Ulfric just tells me to talk to Galmar about starting the Jagged Crown quest.

I'm just praying that a patch sorts this out because I'm on 100+ hours right now.
So, game breaking bug:


When trying to negotiate the truce between the civil war sides in the main mission, when I go to Ulfric, he tells me to go kill the Ice Wraith, and his butt-buddy lieutenant tells me how surprised he is that I go Ulfric to agree to the treaty (I didn't), then when I kill the Ice Wraith, Ulfric tells me to talk to his mate, and he just keeps on with the surprise at me securing the treaty. So now both the civil war AND the main quest are locked out for me.

This is why I should be playing on PC :/
Minor potential spoiler: Out of curiosity, and without trying to spoil it TOO much, does completing the Dark Brotherhood missions have any effect on the civil war story?
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Which pieces? Some have special requirements, some simply can't be upgraded to that level. [minor spoiler]Nightingale armor, for example, requires Void Salts for upgrading instead of ingots or leather.[/minor spoiler]

It was a few of the lower end armors, Iron helmets, leather armor, that sort of thing, easy enough to sell on.
I've gotten my smithing up to 100, but various pieces of armor can't be upgraded to "legendary", instead it says I have insufficient skill, do I need ALL the perks for the smithing to do this, even if it's not Daedric, Dwarven or whatever else?
I wonder how you'll cope with real problems later in life.
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WTF is a shoulder press.

It's very commonly known as a shoulder press
Tried Jack3d for the first time today, amazing workout but the afterbuzz I've got now is insane, I feel like I've done a line of coke.
Hey guys, wondering if I can get some help on something:

I've got a new TV (LG 32LK450U), which supposedly runs full 1080p HD, but when I try to change my PS3's resolution to this, the screen turns black for 30 seconds, then goes back to whatever it was. I've tried all 3 HDMI ports and 2 separate cables. Any ideas?
Can anyone recommend any good books on Olympic Lifting?
Can anyone recommend any good books on Olympic Lifting?
Without reading 6+ pages, they wanted to beat you up, and you know this for a fact, without them ACTUALLY beating you up?
When bulking, is there such a thing as too many calories per meal? At the moment I'm aiming for 3600cal per day and I'm looking to gradually increase it.
Need some help with bit-torrents, I've tried changing the ports, but no matter how many seeds are available, it never sources more than 60, and my download speed is never more than 10 kB/s.
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I've already looked at that place, like DW it's a trek to get there from where I live (not directly in Poole) due to buses and such. Also their membership is £100 a month, yeah they offer a lot for that money but the fact is I don't have that kind of cash .

Fair enough, £100 is a bit much!
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Just been having a look at gym's near where I live, absolutely nothing that offers good free weight facilities, literally all the gym's nearby are geared towards cardio or machines. Guess I'll just have to put up with my gym having no squat rack, only 1 Olympic bar and tiny area for free weights...

Just out of curiosity, is there any gym anywhere in the country that doesn't just focus on cardio and exercise machines?

Uh, if you are actually based in Poole, it took me 5 minutes to find "The Conditioning Centre" on Google.