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The American media's obsession with this baby sickens me. Thousands of people fought and died in a war for independence just so we wouldn't have to give two shits about what some English Nobel had in her Uterus.

This is probably the worst thing to happen to the founding father's vision since a black man became president.

Your ancestors fought that 'war' because they didn't want to pay their taxes. Also, technically she's a commoner. Just saying...
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Once upon a midnight dreary, while I porn-surfed, weak and weary, over many a strange and spurious site of ' hot xxx galore'. While I clicked my fav'rite bookmark, suddenly there came a warning, and my heart was filled with mourning, mourning for my dear amour, " 'Tis not possible!", I muttered, " Give me back my free hardcore!"..... quoth the server, 404

Give that man a medal!
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lol @ Scotland being ruled by another state.

Looks left*

Looks right*

Sing along everybody...

The National Anthem of the Netherlands.

William of Nassau am I, of Germanic descent;

True to the fatherland I remain until death.

Prince of Orange am I, free and fearless.

To the King of Spain I have always given honour.

You were saying?
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I've wanted to for a while. I finally got around to purchasing it. I hope it's as crazy, interesting, and messed up as it sounds.

My nickname for it is the Big Book of Evil. That should give you some idea
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What kind of journalism? Unless it's cool stuff like being a war correspondent I think a degree in that is kind of superfluous.

It's very difficult to get a job - any job - as a journalist without a degree. You'd pretty much have to be Jesus.
Wishlist for New Star Wars Movie.

-No Tatooine
-No Child actors
-Darth Nihilus

That's what I want.
So I watched Now and Then, Here and There last night. I watched Grave of the Fireflies the night before. Today I'm eating Jack Daniels flavored ice cream.
The Road and Blood Meridian by Cormac McCarthy is kinda happy.

If you're Satan.
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@sakura may I ask which Welsh novel is on your shelf? He's one of my favez

Of course, it's Filth. I read Trainspotting last year and really enjoyed it so I thought I might read some more of his work so I went out and Filth's the first novel by him I could find in a bookshop. It's actually quite a funny story, for some reason about half the people on the module had no idea what any of it meant because of the Scots.
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Dang, I have like 6 books to get through this summer.

I raise you 6 books and raise you my entire middle shelf :

(the bottom shelf is a reference and poetry shelf, and the top shelf is stuff that I really like... yeah.)
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Which shit, sharia law or right wing politics?

Personally, I hope he meant Fight Club.
We never had 'traditional' Sharia Law Courts Dread (as Slack posted above), the right wing simply wanted it so that they could never be put in place. Which they couldn't anyway... To quote Aaron Sorkin 'The UK follows Sharia Law about as much as it does the rules of Fight Club.'
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Seeing as every Poetry thread here is inactive as far as I can tell, I figured it'd be alright to post in here.

Can anybody recommend me good, modern English poetry? I like existentialism, and everything that's usually associated with it. I'm not really a fan of lighthearted poetry, I want my poetry to be dark, sweeping, grand and most of all thought-provoking. So, yeah.

I'm really enjoying Leonard Cohen's Book of Longing. Not sure how existential or dark it is, but it is very good.
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the movie just felt pointless to me, the second part really disappointed me, and the main character from the second part doesn't have anything to do with the rest of the movie, and the third part was really only about 5 mins long and the rest of it was just a montage of the rest of the film. That part could have done some expanding, it really felt like they spent more effort on making the scenery amazing and halfassed the story.

I really felt it had no point.

If I'm going to be honest with you (and, since this is a forum, spambots, fellow posters, lurkers, NSA, GCHQ and Santa Claus) I kinda feel the same way. The movie is sorta like James Joyce's The Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man or (to a lesser extent) Ulysses in that whilst there's stuff happening in the narrative James Joyce/Makoto Shinkai didn't really think it important compared to the style of the novel/film. There's plenty of style in the way that Joyce writes and Shinkai directs but there's no substance; you could literally summarize 5 Centimeters per Second as 'vaguely emotional shit that you won't really care about happens; have a look at this pretty background.'

Don't get me wrong, I could look at these backgrounds until the end of time...

But a beautiful sky does not a great movie make.
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The first part of the movie was good, then the second half,
I kept thinking, "uh... what's the point of this?" since they build up that girl's confession scene, and then all of a sudden she bitches out and says "nevermind" and then went back to not doing anything with her life, also she doesn't show up in part 3. Then the third part, the guy gets a text message from his friend from the first scene saying "I'm getting married" then he quits his job and it goes into a montage of the film, THE END

I got this empty feeling through the whole movie like I missed out on something, there didn't feel like the film had any closure.

I'm not sure there was supposed to be any closure to be honest. The way that I tend to look at it is

The protagonist hadn't really gotten over his childhood crush yet but had made some headway. Him quitting his job was just a signifier that he could move on from the past if he wanted to.

The shot where he thinks he sees her but by the train has gone she's gone too and he just continued on gave me this impression.
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Oh god, I hated that movie, it has fantastic scenery porn, but nothing happens in the movie.

It is very much a movie about contemplating one's navel. If you want a Makoto Shinkai film with actual events try The Place Promised in Our Early Days. It's just as scenery pornish, but stuff happens.

Haven't seen any Miazaki films myself, but I might watch From Up on Poppy Hill in a little while if I get 300 more words written.
I think the scene when we see Robb Stark's body with Grey Wind's head sewn on is even more upsetting than the Red Wedding was. It just emphasizes how twisted and evil Walder Frey's men really are.

Even Sandor is like 'that's inhuman.'
Oh, I forgot Dinkydaisy and her really horny dog.
Ihatechildren anyone?
Carmel's (benevolent) reign of terror over the pit?
Pit of Destiny?
Not doing a history degree, but I've always enjoyed history. My favorite areas are:

Classical Period (Romans, Etruscans, Greek City States, Phoenician Colonies)
Medieval Latvian history
Russian 18-19th Century
Edwardian Era Britain
Cold War (particularly in relation to matters of Intelligence)
If not Idris Elba I wouldn't mind Robert Carlyle being the Doctor, but it'd never happen.
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Which subject in Economics? Most undergrad textbooks are very abstract books in Micro and Macro economics. Might as well buy an "economics for dummies" book, as that will cover more of the subject, and probably has more relevant subjects for your field of work (taxation and all that jizz).

I'd imagine it's microeconomics. I'm not looking to understand the entire world's Economy (although I have the utmost respect to people who do). I just want to understand how individuals and companies could be lying about their accounts.

Also, great avatar.
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Just put this on my wall:

EDIT: Idris Elba could play a wonderful Doctor if he's willing to put the time in.
This thread is truly worthy of your username TS.

Cats are better.
This thread is truly worthy of your username TS.

Cats are better.
Hello chaps, spiffing day isn't it? Anyway, enough of this British twiddle, I was wondering if any of you could recommend some very basic, very for-beginners books on Economics? I want to do an MA Investigative Journalism after I've graduated and the department that I'm looking at suggests that you at least have your head (or leg, I suppose) around Economics.

In terms of literature at the moment I'm reading Man in the Dark by Paul Auster. It's... alright, I suppose. And I'm also going through Dangerous Visions for a series of reviews on my blog.
Prince Charles, Ray Park, Simon Pegg and Neil Gaiman.
I am insanely excited for The Man of Steel

So last night I read Notes From The Underground in one sitting whilst stark-bollock naked. Felt pretty ****ing rad if I'm going to be honest with you all.
I only display the flag of my father's world.

I've read the Bible and the Qu'ran(Koran) and now I really want to read the Tao Te Ching. At the moment I'm reading The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman and Eat the Rich by PJ O'Rourke. I'm enjoying them both immensely - despite the fact that I disagree with Mr O'Rourke's politics.
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My mother is a fish.

Nothing else to say ladies and gentlemen. Erk wins.
Student, hoping to break into Journalism/Professional Writer.
In this metaphor is heterosexuality 'that Harvard thing'?
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Absolutely, but also

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The West Wing is mostly about the economy
I like King of the Hill... I mean, I know it's not real or really representative but it's still good television.
Hunter Stockton
Olenna Tyrell is awesome
Makin' the spider her bitch n' shit