Haven't used or owned one personally, but a friend has and said he wished he got the double one.
100 Watt marshall amp head for sale, good condition works perfectly.

Looking for around £95, but open to offers.

Collection preferably (Midlands) but buyer can arrange a courier if they wanted.

Message me if you have any questions or offers.
- Bought an Eleven Rack.
- Save money / drink less
- Play guitar more,
Selling my Boss Metal Zone (MT-2)
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As far as the computer, practically anything out today will work. Running programs like Audacity or Wavepad don't take much power processing or graphically. I was stuck with a computer that was horrid for a little while. It was a single core rpocessor at like 1.8GHz, had 512MB of RAM, and it would seriously have a panic attack anytime I tried to even open up a browser. However, it could run Wavepad fine and latency-free. So, if you're going to buy a computer, you don't really even need to worry about it being okay for recording. The programs just aren't resource intensive.

Well yes and no,

For basic things like audacity and wavepad any computer will do.

But once you start using DAW's and lots of plugins to mix and record then a standard computer won't cut it.

My advice is to find your budget and just get the best specs you can find for that price. I mean the other day I was looking and found a 4.2GHZ (Four Core) 16GB Ram, 1TB hardrive etc... for about £280.
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You know, we have to pay that price because of high taxes in customs... it sucks, but, i have no other way...
Why do you say that about pickups? i thought they were good ones...

we don't pay that kind of price at all!

it's around £400 ( i think mine was less because i went into a store and got the price down a bit) - £389 from a uk dealer

also the pic ups are alright, not amazing but they are certainly good enough for most things.
yeah you can buy bass overdrive / distortion pedals.
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lol great coincidence!

Jumbo frets? What are those? (sorry im not american)
Is it too hard to change strings? i mean, i play in E, once I tune it that way, i shouldnt have to mess around with the tuning until i replace strings, right?
Palm muting technique could be re learnt :P

If you use the wammy bar too much, does the guitar lose its tuning?
Thx man!

i'm not american either! ha,

jumbo frets are just bigger frets basically, i prefer them personally.

it's not too hard, just find an online tutorial for the first time and you'll get used to it, yeah it's not good to mess around too much with tunings if its your first floyd rose or you'll mess it up (like i did, took ages to sort out ha)

and as long as you tighten the locking nuts properly it should stay intune, mine did and i abused the whammy bar in the first 6 months of having it, literally.
the screws themselves are staying in place and the allen key can move round, i pretty much figured it was stripped heads on the screws but the thing is i've already replace one set and it did the same pretty much straight away.
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Floyd style nuts and trems usually comes with multiple wrenches. Are you sure you have the correct one?

Quote by MrArarat
Kinda of noob here.

What's your opinion about this?
How hard is to change the cords?
Im using a Epi G400 right now, with a Line 6 HD 300 pedalboard... Which is the main difference between my epi and this guitar?
What should I check?


woah dude thats really weird, i went from a Epi G400 to a RG350 like 2 years ago (still got the G400).

A few differences that you will notice and have to get used to are:

Jumbo Frets on the Ibanez
Tremolo Bridge (getting used to being able to set it up and change strings)
And your palm muting technique will probably change because if you rest too hard on with a tremolo it will push the bridge down and alter the pitch slightly.

any questions just ask!
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Looking for suggestions to go into store and try out. Thanks all!

Go into your local mega guitar store (or the best you can get to) and just say you've got so much money and want to try things out, it's what i always tend to do...
Quote by roaddawg07
sounds like you have the wrong allen wrench.

i've been using the one that came with the guitar! :L
yeah get a LDC, much better sound and great for acoustic guitar!

I'd suggest a Rode NT2-A (only because i've used them before and know they are good) but there are plenty of options really.
So yeah i've had an ibanez with a trem on for a while now and i'm pretty sure the nuts for locking it in at the headstock aren't really tightening that much (not locking it properly) because when i go to tighten them the allen key slips and won't tighten any more. After playing around a bit with the trem it goes stupidly out of tune which kind of tells me it's not locked properly.

I've replaced them and the same thing again the allen key slips and won't tighten any more.

TL.DR : Locking nuts won't tighten / allen keys slip.

so whats going wrong? is it me trying to tighten it too much or poor quality locking nuts?
also, i have the M-Audio Fast Track Pro and i've never had a problem with sound quality or anything like that, so i would reccomend them.
Quote by whalepudding

EDOT: When it says "instrument input", does that mean I'll be able to plug a guitar straight into it, like with a Line 6 interface?

Not sure with that specific model (because i cba to look it up :P ) but i'm pretty sure nearly all audio interfaces have instrument input, so you can plug your guitar straight in and use VST amps and what not.
oh yeah didn't think about the area of a guitar lead!

and cheers
looks good man!

not sure if the switches on the side would be a nuisance though.
If you do find anything, let me know!

ha, but in all seriousness i doubt it you can find anything like it, why not save up and get a midi pick up and use virtual instruments?
£25 + P&P for the metal zone?
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Sinking Charlie is a Finnish Metalcore group who released their 3-song Shelter EP today, February 10.

We'd like you to join and listen to our fresh tunes online.

Stay tuned for a music video that's about to get done, more info on that later.

Sinking Charlie

soundss goood man
yeahh, don't drink too much.

Try to have some stage presence as well but to let it interfere too much with your actual playing, and the main thing really is have fun.

Also, my first gig (well real gig that wasn't a school performance) went really well even though i was really nervous, getting praise from people that you don't know is pretty cool and makes you feel good about your playing.
A good (and relatively cheap) audio interface to look at is the M-Audio Fast track pro.

Really good and with the laptop (which isn't too good) i'm running on i hardly get any lag (or latency) issues.
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Bit cheesy, but if you like it then keep it


It's what you like to be fair.
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We have to like your page before hearing your songs. I'm not gonna like your page without knowing what you sound like, so get that changed for your own benefit.

didn't actually know that it was set to that, thanks for letting me know.
Hello, i am in a band zero divide! we need more likes and stuff on facebook and would love for people to check out our music.

I will do like for like if people want
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tldr; How much time should we expect to be in a studio for? is three days too short to record five songs? What is pushing it?

It all depends on loads of things really,

do you all know your parts inside out?
how good is your drummer at keeping time?

stuff like that, also it depends how you set out your time and if you are productive enough.
they tried to make me go to rehab, i said no, no, no.

I guess I should of really.
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It's supposed to glow at least a little bit.

The AVT's valve doesn't really do anything.

yeah i thought so, and yeah i knew that before i bought the thing, it was an alright amp for price (second hand)
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...28...29...30 DONE. I came as fast as I could. I hope you didn't miss me Alot

Oh and he says he's sorry for ruining your gig and holding up your vocalist and bassist. They played really well for him.

that is genius....
So yeah I have a Marshall AVT100 (which has a valve pre-amp on it) I decided to take it just out of curiosity and when i played i realised that the valve doesn't actually "glow".

Is it meant to glow at all? see i'm not too sure because i'm pretty sure they are meant to :S

P.S i know very little about the actual electronics of amps so it is probably a stupid question.
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Back when I was in a band. We played shows once a week for about 8ish months straight. Half of those shows "sucked" in terms of crowd and our playing, but they were still fun to us.

yeah i know what you mean man, my old band was very similar.

Gigs in front of the other bands and bar staff, but it was always good fun.
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Ouch, that is pretty rough. Nobody could sing, even a little bit, to at least limp the songs along?

naa not really, the other guitarist usually does a little backing vocals but can't sing and play too well, neither can I.
Soo my band was meant to play a gig tonight and it snowed ALOT. Me, the other guitarist and the drummer all got there but the bassist and vocalist couldn't make it.

So we played as a three piece and it was terrible, it was a laugh and all that but we played so badly trying to fill in the bass parts and the empty parts of the songs where there were meant to be vocals.

We skipped about 3 tracks and played one of the tracks twice (the second time was in clean swing-jazz style :P)

Luckily hardly anyone was there because of the snow, but yeah :L

anything happened to you?
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They agreed and then left to go try on prom dresses.

Your brother wears a dress aswell?

have sex with his gf?
tell your mom and make him grounded on prom night?

why not just go to the film with your friends?
So my band are using a studio we have access to and we are recording drums tomorrow, any useful tips?

at the moment we have just been using programmed drums (superior drummer) which sound good but it's not real and we want our actual drummers playing on the tracks.

the current demos are on our Facebook page if you are kind enough to give us a listen

this is my band check us out and tell me what you think
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Bring in a solo around 2:25. It's got a good groove, groove metal solos can be so sexy.
Maybe with a bit of Wah if you like that kind of thing.

yeah man i'm liking the idea of the wah solo...

we have a track which we recorded and alot of people think we need a solo some where in the track... the track is "Depth Of Insanity" and can be listend to on our facebook...

my band has a few demos up on our fb page,

let me know what you guys think.

p.s what do you think of the quality of the tracks for a demo?