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Then you are doomed to failure.


amazing and i was thinking that i should wait until my mathexam to be doomed :p
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as opposed to sticking your thumb up your ass, take it a step farther. Open up your asshole (goatse-esque) and evelope the microphone in your anal cavity

we don't have a microphone...
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I was going to help you then i read your sig ¬_¬

Ninjas > all

g'day =]

for one of my campagneposters I made one that said that is was cooler than
pirates and ninjas :/ i wasn't really serious...
could actually work...
it's kinda the level i'm looking for
I'm in this youth movement (ksa)...
and just for fun their is some kind miss/mister election...
it's not the typical beauty pageant thing...
Just an act/talent/lil show/whatever you call it and some posters..

But here's the thing.. I need an act..
Before saturday....

(I wont sing, dance, strip or play guitar...
I have reasons for all of them..)

Someone who has an idea??
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Canada:nicest place in the whole world! /bias
Israel: ...Jews?



I have a eating disorder :/
It's kinda hard to stop
I've been trying to stop for over a year now ..
Pink Screwdriver...
Omg i'm different
15 year 11 months and 350 days...
with my almost ex-boyfriend....
I just wanted to have a new expirience...
Didn't even liked it... He liked it tough..
9 days later I ended up with this other dude...
Hmmmm... Don't really have good expiriences
with those kind of things... Since I only **** when I'm drunk
or drugged.... and I'm asexual....
It's just a funny concept... Wanted to do it once...
Did it.. Doesn't intrest me anymore..
I'm into origami now
I am.. but i'm going to break up soon....
I hate relationships
I want to go .... all my friends are
and i want to go to GMM and pukkelpop and dour and....
it's not really that new...
at least not where I live...
It's more about dnb (yeah Star Warz XL )
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Wow i really love this one...
I think i'm gonna print is
I will die when i'm 27
I already planned it...
upside down porn: ducktaped to the ceiling
while wearing those costumes from Clockwork Orange?
Today it's my bday, and I'm sitting at home, sick :s
Age: 15
Height: 1,66 m or 5ft4
Weight: 57.5 kg or 126 pounds
Aim: 48 kg or 105 pounds (or a body like jessica alba)

Method: i haven't started yet but this is what i'm going to do
-run 4 times a week
-leg and stomachmuscles excercises every evening
-less fat and sugar eating


I'm in ..
i'll post the rest later
Wait .... you have school right now? :p
I'm 15 and had a few ..
but i don't like relationsships :p
i prefer flings that i don't have to see again after that
haha, that was actually really amusing
7 haha they aren't going to eat me first
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Really? I've heard there are quite a few child molesters in "Fairytale Land".

nah.. killed them yesterday
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that's my name
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Awesome. Our bassist is too young? What's the relevance?

He looks too young :p he's only a year younger than me but yeah
Most people over here aren't in child molesting
i think...
I'm a chick IN a band...
and our singer(she's a girl too) ****s our drummer
and our bassist is too young
so .. not really any chicks hanging around the band except for my friends
Play drum 'n' bass ....
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Pirates and ninjas are both WAY overrated. Astronauts and cowboys ftw.

About the subgenres, there are a lot. Why do you need to know?

astronauts are twats and cowboys die on pills....
Pirates ftw!
(a paper :s)
Could someone give me a list with the subgenres of punk?
I want to know more about Effy!
I feel like dancing
nice piercing
The girl that goes secretly to parties and gets waisted/high/ends up with a boy she doesn't even knows the name of/... type of girl i think
do you have chocolat?
Hi, i'm Eva.
And what's your name?
Last time i bought condoms I was with some friends since the condoms were part of a birthdaypresent.
The shopkeeper asked me if they were mine and one of my friends said No, They are ours.
Then this other friend askes me: I hope you took those with flavours, you know i like those better.
The face of the shopkeeper was€1000000 worth :p
If I want to get to know someone I will most of the times go to someone I like for the looks.
But if someone comes with someone else, I don't really care