I think I know what's wrong with the vocals. It seems to me that u aren't confident about ur voice, making it sound kinda weak. Respect 4 putting it on UG though

I also got out of the habit of anchoring recenty
anyway, if I remember well michael angelo batio did it without anchoring in his speed kills dvd...
but it depends on what you feel the most comf with i guess.
I have the crybaby, it's one of the best, buyable wahs, feels good when you play with it :P
Quote by MaAal_MaAan
This thought has crossed my mind many a time; are Anthrax underrated?

i really think that they are. They have such good songs such as I Am The Law, Madhouse, Safe Home, Only, Be All End All, What Doesn't Die and many more.

My only minor complaint is that the volume and sound quality of some songs arent all that great, but the music and vocals/lyrics themselves are great.


That an ugly guitar