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Nothing against the bass itself but like you said it's more geared for the practice at home, not too loud kind of bass. But for someone who is planning on playing gigs with the thing should just stick it out and pay the extra $150. Down the road you would've wished you did if you didn't. That's what always happened to me then I got wiser

Unless you're a cheap bastard like me . Again, I gigged with mine for a bit, yeah it wasn't brilliant but it did the job until I splashed out on a Fender. Just think it's a real solid bass on a budget, I'd spend the $150 on a better amp, one that might last a bit better than a 15w practise amp.
I'd disagree with the guys above and say get an RBX170. I started out on an RBX170 and actually it's a solid beginner bass. It was cheap, tone is nothing special but P/J makes it a bit versatile and best of all it's really comfortable to play as it sets up well for a low-priced bass. The poster said it's for bedroom practise through a small amp so I doubt tone is their main concern.

Ultimately, I don't really think you can go wrong with something along the lines of the RBX170 or a Squier.
Or possibly just a little more deluded?

He'll be back, I thought I'd got rid of this place but I couldn't resist coming back just to see how things are. Doesn't look like much has changed at all, except Dan being a mod, congrats.
Hey guys, just thought I'd say congrats to all of you on grades and stuff! Uni here we come!

And Jon, I'm not too far away from you, North West is best.
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all this warwickness has convinced me that a warwick is the way to go, especially after trying my mate's streamer std today

I'm going this way too, I used to hate the damn things as well .

Wish I could afford a Streamer but I'll probably end up getting an active ash Corvette 5 in ocean blue.
Encore (built by John Hornby Skewes company, hence the JHS) generally makes budget guitars and basses, I've got an old Encore Strat copy, they're alright for their small price tags but usually nothing to rave about.

The P-Bass could be ANYTHING.

Is there any way of you getting us pictures?
I would guess it's an 80's Squier HM bass made in Korea.

Edit: Does it look something like this?:

I'd get the Ashdown out of that lot, it's about as good as you'll get for that price range but it's still not fantastic, I'd say look for a used Ashdown MAG, loads seem to go for around that price and you'd be getting a much much better amp.
Starter pack ~ £200
Boss ODB3 £65 (sold for £30)
Behringer BX1200 £120 (woops)
MIA P-Bass £675
Crappy P-Bass copy £10
Russian Big Muff £45
Ashdown ABM Halfstack ~ £800
Fulltone Bass Drive £150

That all comes to £2065 but I've probably spent at least £150 extra on cables and straps too so overall I'd say roughly around £2200.
Even if this thing is good as far as a "do it yourself" course goes, it still won't beat having an actual teacher and getting down to some solid practise.
I have to see them!

I really regret not going to see them live when I had the chance 5 years ago. I saw Green Day instead.
I have to see them too, come down to London for the gig .

I saw Iron Maiden instead when I had the chance to go see Blink on the same tour you missed out on, wish I hadn't because I've seen Maiden again since.
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yay for blink-182 btw!

I'm so excited about this! Can't believe it's actually happening!
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ahh that's put me off it a bit because i'm not a fan of soapbar pickups i find them versatile but sterile as well and i like having some character in my bass.

i've just had a look at the lakland 55-02 and it seems to check all the boxes, versatile, 35", 5 strings, looks damn good anyone have one or played one?

Ahh ok, it doesn't sound bland but it does lack some character in comparison to a Fender or Lakland.

I've played a 55-01 which was a nice bass, didn't stand out as being anything special to me though but it wasn't what I was looking for.
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max can you give me a rundown on the trb1005 i'm not in a position to try it out because my local shops suck for stocking anything of value or playability

Feels like a great quality bass, and very comfortable to play. The string spacing felt a little tighter than a Jazz 5 but not as cramped as an Ibanez and the low B was nice and tight thanks to the 35" scale, fret access is also good, you can reach the end of the neck without too much hassle at all thanks to the cutaways, the heel is a little sharp though because of the 6 bolt joint. Hardware is solid but the plastic knobs feel a little cheap.

The body is alder with a maple cap and poplar laminate in between and the neck is maple with a rosewood (oh no!) fretboard. Nothing to complain about here, excellent quality stuff.

The sound is what you'd expect from a bass with a 3-band EQ and 2 soapbars, you can get pretty much anything out of it, it's versatile but still doesn't sound bland. The bass and treble controls are quite sensitive. With the bass control you can boost slightly and get a good boomy tone but you run out of headroom quite quickly. The treble mid-point is set quite high so even with the treble completely cut, this bass sounds quite bright, turning down the mids will darken the tone though. The mid control is great, you can turn it up to get a nice punch without it sounding too nasal. My only problem was that there was a little hiss with the treble turned all the way up but it wasn't major and a lot of other actives I've played do this.

Finally it looks fantastic. My favourite colour is the aquarium blue:

Definitely a great bass that I feel would give basses triple its price a run for their money.
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It really is a shame the Yamaha TRBs are slightly out of your range though

There's still the TRB1005, I'm looking into buying an active fiver at the moment and although it's half the price of what you're willing to pay Dan, I've liked it better than all the other basses I've tried including Laklands, Fenders and Warwicks.
Ahh yeah that's not such a good deal, apparently that's about £707 and even here in England they sold for less than that. Probably best to keep hunting.
Nope no Highway 1's. How much is shipping?
They were only used on the American Standard and are not even used on them any more. That's a good price for a new Precision, I'm guessing the shop is trying to get rid of the older model which is why it's pretty cheap.
I really wish I'd bought a Hartke or GK instead of my Ashdown cab so I'd say buy either Hartke or GK.
Should do, also if you have your EQ set extremely bassy that can cause it to clip too.
Anything by The Stranglers. Especially Nice n Sleazy, I love playing that song.

Edit: And Tam, I'm definitely with you on Magnificent Seven being the classic Clash bass line.
Definitely an Ashdown MAG.
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how old is your MIA, maple neck? I know the rosewood MIA's don't have it in some cases.

Ahh it's a 2005 rosewood one.
My MIA P-Bass doesn't have one. It's probably something to do with the truss rod, I'd guess it's easier to cut a strip in the back and access it that way but it might affect the tonal qualities of the neck so they don't do it on the higher end ones.
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I don't recommend Ashdown gear, they are well known for their reliability issues.

I believe this is a fairly old problem that has since been fixed. I know so many people with Ashdown stuff who have never had a problem with it and I've had nothing wrong with mine either.

TS, don't do the swap, I'd love a HRD .
10's a lot!

I'd take:
My Precision bass
Pedulla Rapture in peacock blue (good taste Dan)
Yamaha Nathan East sig in white
Warwick Streamer Stage II 5 string in blue oil finish
Fender Roscoe Beck sig
Fender MIA Jazz in lake placid blue
MM Stingray in transparent teal (still hate you md88 )
My teacher's Wal (MK 1 I think)
Lakland Decade
Sandberg California PM in surf green

All through my Ashdown head with a better cab.
Great stuff, I so nearly bought a Hartke head (I found they sounded a little compressed though) and I still may invest in one of their cabs.
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so how did you sneak in then?

And that's funny because...?

I may be having a complete sense of humour failure here but to me it just looks like he feels he doesn't need anything else in his signal chain .
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pfft i'm not driving all the way to surrey just to pick up a p bass. if it was a good bass then maybe but not for a p bass

Oh no you didn't!

They wouldn't let you in anyway, there's guards on the Surrey borders that stop commoners from entering .
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yeah it came 3 hours ago

i posted a thread about, with pics obviously


Ahh yeah I see the thread now.
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bring it to me, i got no problems drilling through a p bass

You can come collect it though I'm not going anywhere near Wales!
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This always cracked me up.

Why's that funny?
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Oh God. I just looked at the BTA400 on Ashdown's website and now I have serious G.A.S. It's a 400 watt all-tube!

And more solid than a tank too! Bet it weighs a ton though.

Dan the Hartke arrived?! Bet that sounds great!
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to each his own, have you thought about putting a bridge cover on your p bass? it would look sexy imo

I have yeah, I want to, just can't bring myself to drill the holes in her .
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fender p bass, black with a black pickguard, maple fretboard and a chrome bridge cover

Poor choice, I'll turn you eventually

For the thread, Pedulla Rapture but I'll probably never own one .
I'm all for the classics. I love my Ashdown to bits, can't wait to try out a BTA400 either!
Just changed my strings today but I was pretty strapped for cash so rather than my normal Elites I gambled and bought a set of Legacy strings for less than £8. I wasn't expecting much but these strings are seriously good for the money, they're not quite as full sounding as a set of Elites but for almost half the price, they're bright, good sounding steel strings and I'd definitely recommend these strings to anyone in the UK who is tight on money!