I would be pretty willing to agree with you thunder. I however just don't want two of the same sounds either and I wouldn't say those pickups are even close to perfect. They just happened to come in the other one when I bought it used. They are definitely too high output for me.
Hey guys, just picked up an ibanez rg prestige in mirage blue. Gorgeous guitar, however am slightly let down on the pickups. I was sending this guitar through my orange thunder verb 50. I play pretty scooped usually. I play in an alt rock/punk band similar to say anything or the menzingers that sometimes gets as heavy as every time I die. My fellow guitarist uses a very mid present tone on his bad cat. In order to compromise I ended up scooping my tone with my other guitar (Ibanez rg 420 with seymour duncan distortion mayhem set).

Now to the meat and potatoes. When I A/Bd these two guitars it was no contest. The 421 was much more present. Stayed completely out of the other frequencies ways while still being audible. However my new prestige just vanishes in a mix. So I'm looking for some great pickups to help this thing be more present without being so mid heavy it sounds like a cocked wah. I don't care if they are duncan, or dimarzio, or whatever. Just looking for some advice that I can check out some sound clips of. Need a great rhythmic crunch, good cleans, and nice leads. I don't like the high end fizzles so the Super bright pickups aren't my thing.

I love the guitar tones from linkin parks meteora, Polyphias muse, four year strongs self titled, and everytime i dies ex lives. Any help is super appreciated. Thanks in advance.
I've used the fuzz face, big muff, Fuzz Factory, Blue Box, and the hoof reaper. What one would you suggest?
Every fuzz I've used has sucked all of the attack and thump out of my tone. Is there something I'm missing?
Well first off I LOVE my tone now, that's the hard part. I've had a couple offers to trade for a jcm800 but I love the cleans of this amp. I play in a couple other bands too. One is like a sparkly math rock band so it's perfect for that. I really want this to be the amp that does everything. I normally have the master about halfway up it's pretty loud at that point. running the top boost channel on the high input with the volume about halfway there as well.

I love the chimey sound. Strummed chords sound perfect. So do my leads. But on the really tight chug parts it's just hard to get the aggression and punch out of this amp.

What pickup would you suggest? I'm not extremely stoked on my current choice either. I was looking at a set of alumitones or perhaps a tone zone. I also have always loved a JB but wouldn't a lower gain pickup get me further away from that punch in the face I'm looking for?

I also have a peavey windsor head. But that thing has always sounded like S*** to me.
Trying to get really big throaty sounds out of my ac30. Maybe tighten up the bass end a bit. I've been using a EHX soul food with my amp. But our other guitarist used it with his bad cat cougar 50 head the other day, and it literally sounded just like a soldano. So I sold mine to him on the spot haha. I'm considering either the Monarch or catalinbread dirty little secret. Any ideas? I play rhythm for and want something with chunk and aggression. Using an agile al 3100 with a super distortion in the bridge.
Hey guys! I play in a pop punk band . Lately I've been very unhappy with my tone. My signal chain is as follows. Agile al3010 w super distortion -> polytune, soul food, zoom g3, vox delay lab -> ac30 ->avatar 2x12 w v30 and g1275t

Okay my clean tone sounds amazing. I am using the soul food for drive and sometimes an orange or model on the zoom. But heres the thing. It's hard not to get ridiculous feedback. I can't get the chunk and sustain I want with my gain set low, but when I turn up the gain I get a really thin nasally feeding back tone. I want a gain tone A La the new four year strong stuff
Very tight, concise mids and lows. Are there any pedals that will help me do this? any tweaking with what I have that can help? Maybe a different drive pedal? An eq? I really want a larger than life thump out of my chugging but I want the clarity I have with the ac30. Very conflicted here. any help would be appreciated.
Hey guys, with the passing of BB king and since I've gotten into July Talk and just being an overall blues fan in general I'm really itching for a semi hollow.

Here comes the catch. My budget is under 1000, I want it new, I live in Charleston, WV, I play in a rock band, I play with an agile al3100 a prs se245 through some pedals into a vox ac30 and an avatar 2x12, and it has to, and I mean HAS TO be able to take a beating. I get very aggressive on stage and I need something as road worthy as my agile or prs. I was thinking of the epiphone sheraton II, or the Ibanez AS93. Are there any others I should consider? Are either of these two the right choice? Sound is very important but I think that any of the semi hollow hum bucker equipped guitars will give me a big fat round sound. So the main issues is durability. All help appreciated.
I recently got roped into the world of math/prog tappy shreddy clean rock and find myself wanting something a little more shreddy. I'm currently playing a washburn Idol, an agile AL3100, and a Dearmond through too many pedals into a vox ac30.

I really really like CHON and I saw that they play Ibanez guitars. It's a very strange translucent tone and I find myself GASing for it. They play RG's I know, but I'm partial to a S series. However I know literally nothing about an Ibanez. I did some reading and found that the S series is mahogany while the RG is a basswood body. The S series is super thin but with the RG being such a light wood it's probably roughly the same weight. The necks are the same and both can come with or without a EDGE term.

I'll probably grab a prestige of which ever series I end up choosing so: For a clean neck pickup to slightly boosted Fmajor open tuning sound which one of these guitars do you guys think would be better suited and why?
Hey guys, My names Cole and I am really starting to hit a wall with playing. I now have two records under my belt but still feel as though I'm not a great player. I can play and write our songs, however when it comes to improvising and shredding I'm just not that great at it. Basically I was listening to the band Their/They're/There specifically the song: travelers insurance. I can't even comprehend that kind of speed and dexterity, But I want to. I want to be able to play and compose beautiful things like that. What scales should I be practicing? What modes should I be practicing? I know it's strange but I guess I just don't know what I should be practicing. Any and all tips are appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

-Cole Fleming
Also thank you so much to everybody who has made suggestions I'm going to try all of these at the next practice!
Our bassist runs through a 500 watt head through a 6x10 it sounds amazing and punchy. In fact I would say that the very few times when he's playing roots in the same rhythm I'm playing. It feels like we're the biggest sound ever.
Blizzard. Thanks for the input my friend. We do have very different styles. I play very heavy strings and have extremely heavy agressive hands while he prefers lighter strings and has a light touch. That being said we are never playing the same thing. So it's not like we're trying to match up just right. We're trying to complement each other while also maintaining a solid level of volume. If our drummer can't hear us that's a problem. But if we can't hear our drummer that's also a problem. So it's a very fine line we walk with trying to stay audible and yet not make everyone fight to be heard or send a crowd of people home with a headache. Also it's a hard thing to do to try to get tones from our amps that we like and also aren't stepping all over the others frequency band. In a live setting where would you stick the rhythm? Low mid? Or higher mid? Which would be the lead?
Hey guys I had band practice last week and everything seemed to immediately go wrong. My tone and our lead guitarists tone just seem to complerely want to fight each other. I'm running my washburn wi26 into my ac30 and for dirt I'm running a soul food. He's running his fender strat into a egnater tweaker 40 then into a v30 loaded open back avatar cab. We've had this problem for a while where it seems like my tone is either unable to be heard. But if I turn the volume up even a notch I'm completely burrying our lead. His volume is nearly dimed and mine is like a quarter of the way up. My ac30 is jumped the normal channel is about half way up and so is the top boost channel. My treble is at 10 oclock and my bass is at 2 oclock. Then master is about a quarter of the way up. So I decided last practice I would try to be heard. I turned the treble up to 3 oclock and I burried everyone clashing with the cymbals and the guitar. So I rolled the treble down a bit and turned my master down and then I was way too quiet. I just want a punchy aagressive rhythm that sets well in our mix is that too much to ask? Any tips on how to get a food sound for our pop punkesque band would be appreciated. Thanks in advance

YES!!! I absolutely love this pedal. It's ran through my ac30 and it truly has become my main tone! It can do everything from a boost all the way up to all the gain I will ever need! Has a great tone. Also everyone I've let play through it has loved it. In fact while recording our album our producer bought one on ebay the same day that he tried it. When he went to record his album with his producer. He bought one the same day as well. It's everything from blues to pop punk and maybe even some heavier stuff. Has a nice mid boost and sounds amazing with every amp I've tried it on. Snag it!!
I love earthquaker stuff. Maybe that pedal was busted. It just felt like I had the gain maxed just to get some breakup from a clean classic 30.
I already run one of their organizers so I wouldn't mind more pedals from them.
That Oxford pedal sounds amazing!!! I'm just trying to decide if I should buy that or revisit the monarch just I guess.
I had the monarch for a couple months back when I was playing a classic 30. I never liked it. Always seemed sort of underwhelming? It felt like it didn't have loads of power? In fact so much so that I thought mine was broken and sent it to Akron for repairs. He sent it back saying it worked perfectly. What's that Oxford pedal like?
I'll have to listen to that double drive as soon as I get home!

I've owned multiple tube screamers and tube screamer clones. Not really the tone I'm going for.
Hey guys, been using my ac30 for a while now and am absolutely loving it. I keep it set to where if I play normal it's crystal clean. But picking hard gives me a nice tube breakup. Then use my soul food for extreme overdrive. Only problem is the soul food gets a little muddy and is just too thumpy sounding.
I've been thinking about getting an or15 to run alongside my ac30 for all my dirt needs because I love the or circuit. But the ac30 's clean is much better and take pedals amazingly.
So my question is what pedals can I use with my ac30 to get that rude obnoxious angry grit without being too thumpy?
budget is 200 for just the bridge.

I'm aiming for something very warm and aggressive. But I've been having a problem with my guitars clashing with the cymbals so maybe something low middy?
I play in this band

I just bought a G&l asat tribute deluxe, and the pickups are a tad stale. Thought about throwing a JB in the bridge. But unsure how it would sound with the mahogany/maple.

Any thoughts?

P.S. I play through a vox ac30. So midrange is ever present.
Currently running my washburn through a polytune> soul food> dyno drive> organizer> vox delay lab> vox ac30.

What are some of your favorite quirky pedals under 250 and why should I buy them?
I'm going to cleveland on business this weekend, I have never been and would like to go to some really good music shops. Anybody have any advice? Or just on fun stuff to do I'm general. I play guitar and am a vegan, bring on the ideas!!!
*facepalm* how this ended up in the gear section I have no clue, my bad.
Dearmond 72c in transparent black flame with gold tone pickups

Scooped it up in almost new condition for 165. Sounds very gretschy and is hollow on the sides it seems.

How did I do?
I've gotten a lot of great used gear under 500. I'm quite happy with what I have now, and with the ability to now buy expensive boutique stuff, it's nice to not forget that 500 bucks is a great amount of money to get you a great amp spambot
@spambot it was a 70's found it in Springfield misourri!
Hey guys! It's been a while since I've seen a thread like this, and I was thinking about it today after spending 6 hours with my tweaker 40 and finally getting some of what I consider to be the best tones I've heard out of it.

I realized I bought this amp brand new for 400 bucks. What a steal that was, add my pedal board in the mix and today I got a dozen use able tones out of it. I was nearly ready to spend 3x as much for a new amp before realizing what a gem this was. And it got me thinking, I've bought and sold more sub 500 dollar amps in the past 2 years than I know what to do with. So I'm going to list a couple of my favorites then hand the reigns off and hear what you guys think.

New or used my favorite sub 500 buck amps are.
Egnater tweaker
Vox ac15
Peavey classic 30
Peavey Windsor (before it exploded)
Orange tiny terror
Fender bassman
Fender ramparts

What's yours?
@surjer that would actually be unbelievably awesome! I would definitely love to do that, you think he would be okay with it?
What about a single rec? 100 watts is a lot more than I need.
Completely different than what I expected from dan... that's awesome though his tone is such a clean yet heavy tone. I wonder about those blacktop teles now, I need a new guitar, my main washburn is actually starting to fall in half, the wood is splitting right under the jack on it.

Nope the 6505 is long gone, I got out of metal a while back. Would a dual rec really be the way to go? That would truly be nicely under my budget so.... hmmm I just have no clue this is scary.
Hey guys I'm going to try to answer some more questions to offer some help. I like early to mid 2000s pop punk primarily, my favorite pop punk acts are old fall out boy, four year strong, old all time low, the wonder years, this time next year etc. However my favorite tones in pop punk are four year strong/all time low. Hands down the most powerful and large sounding ones.

I have only played through the newer 2000 and when I did it was too jangly and shrill sounding for me. But if I could hunt down an older one I would definitely try it.

The only thing I don't like about the rectos is how specific they are, they do that recto sound flawlessly, but cleans/mid gain is lacking which I use a lot. That's my same problem with 6505s

I'm going to drive the 3 hours to Columbus to check out some stuff at a guitar center in a couple weekends I guess. I really want an amp with great clean, and a huge drive sound. From there I can always add pedals to flavor, and as I do a lot of studio work, and have a rather diverse love for all music I would like a very versatile amp that I know will never disapoint.

Also if there is something that is end all beat all in the 1500-2000 dollar range, I can always spring for it, but I'd rather spend 1200.
I guess I'm a just pull the trigger on a rockerverb.
@thestig1214 don't lanes get kind of fizzy in higher gain? Just what I've heard, never played one.
I don't like dsl100s last time I heard them they felt very thin and fragile.
My cab is not oversized, it is partial open back, and has a vintage 30 and a g12t-75. I love the cab a lot haha

I've never tried a xxx but I've never been a huge fan of peaveys. Isn't that mister satrianis old sig? I will have to check it out.

I like jcm800s, one of my favorite crunch tones, but I need smooth glassy clean abilities out of an amp too. I've tried a few marshalls, including the 900, but the 800 is the only one I vibe with. I think maybe I like American sounds more? I may be wrong.
Hey guys, I'm currently playing in this band my current rig is a Washburn idol into a poly tune, a soul food, a flashback, then an egnater tweaker 40, which runs into a avatar 2x12 cab.

Basically I love this egnater, but, I find it lacking on dirty sounds, I play rhythm and just want that big junk. Every time I hit a sustained D I just want people to feel it. So basically my question is what amp would best get me there. I'm not the biggest fan of Marshalls. I feel their top end is too jangly. I like the dual recs okay. I like rockerverbs, but I've wanted one for so long that now I'm kind of disenchanted. So what do you guys suggest?

Also should I get a new amp or just keep this one and build a nice pedal board with the 1200?
Im tempted to aggree with you jel. It's the amp that I've wanted since I was 14 so I truly don't believe I will ever sell it. Now will the OB combo lend its self to pop punk? I play rhythm in this band